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30+ Best Stable Diffusion Prompts for Generating Great Images



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Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image generating tool that helps you create amazing images. Stable Diffusion can create images with the use of short descriptions or prompts.

Stable Diffusion is capable of generating a variety of images such as digital art, painting, and more. But, to create different kinds of images users need to use suitable prompts and keywords.

Thus in this article, we will be listing down 30+ Best Stable Diffusion Prompts for Generating great images.

10 Best Stable Diffusion prompts for painting

1. Gothic Painting Palace

To generate an astonishing dark, atmospheric scene involving a castle as the main subject, you need to use “Gothic” art style. To add more feel to the image you can include more details such as tree branches, clouds, a river, and the look of a full moon to set the vibe and tone of the image.

The extra details of the image are important thus, ensure you are adding this information in your prompt and not focusing on the subject or art style. Here’s how you can enter this prompt.

Prompt: “Gothic painting of an antique palace at dusk, with a river, clouds, tree branches and full moon.”

2. Renaissance Astronaut Portrait

To create a Renaissance Astronaut you need to write a prompt combining two different periods “Renaissance art” and “modern space exploration.”

Also, you need to explain the background elements and more details in your image such as a reflective helmet, and add sharpness and depth. Here’s how you can enter your prompt:

Prompt: Renaissance-style illustration of an astronaut in space, reflective helmet, astronaut suit, and starry background.

3. Pop in Abstract Colors

You need to use the art style “Abstract” when you want to transform concepts like Pop into art. Since the art form is Abstract you need neon colors to set the tone of the painting and use erratic shapes. You need to write a prompt like this:

“Abstract painting showcasing Pop sound, using erratic shapes and neon colors”

4. The Confluence of Pop Art

You can use the art form “Pop Art” if you want an image showcasing classical art with modern technology such as Smartphones. To add the feel of the image, mention classic art pieces appearing in the image.

Prompt: “Pop Art painting of a smartphone with classic art elements showcasing on the screen.”

5. Impression of a Japanese Serenity

To create an image with a Japanese garden, you need to select an art movement called “Impressionism” that can help complement the subject of your painting. You also need to enter more elements such as a koi pond, small rocks, and a bridge to complete the painting.

Prompt: “Impressionist landscape of a Japanese garden in autumn, with a bridge over a koi pond.”

6. The Surreal Floating Island

To create a fantasy movie-like scene, you need to use the art style “Surrealism” which can give a fantasy or virtual reality kind of vibe to your painting. You need to add essential details to your painting such as “Clock gears,” “Island,” and “mythical creatures” to make your painting more appealing.

Prompt: Surrealist painting of a floating island with Massive clock gears and populated with mythical creatures.

7. The Robotic Baroque Battle

Combine “Futuristic Robots” and “Baroque” to generate a unique style fight scene. Also choose elements that reflect the grandeur and complexity of the image generated. 

Prompt: “Baroque-style fight scene with futuristic robots and a massive golden palace in the background.”

8. Cubist Bustling Market

If you want to create a painting in a crowded environment such as “Market place” then you pick the art movement “Cubism” which can showcase a variety of perspectives in the painting. You need also to determine the kind of elements you want to include in the painting such as the stalls, people, and more.

Prompt: “Cubist Painting of a city market with different viewpoints of people and stalls.”

9. The Romantic Stormy Voyage

Images that showcase emotions and scenes of natural calamities such as storms to add a bit of artistic vibe. So, you need to use the art style “Romanticism” in your painting.

Along with that, you need to add dramatic elements to your painting to make the image more appealing. You can add heavy waves or dramatic lighting.

Romanticism painting of a ship sailing in a storm sea, with heavy waves and dramatic lighting.

10. The Botanist in Art Nouveau

Nouveau is an art style known for its floral motifs and you should combine it with subjects like botany. In such paintings, you should focus on the character and the surroundings to make sure the entire painting is in composition and complements each other. 

“Art Nouveau painting of a male botanist surrounded by exotic plants and flowers in a greenhouse.”

10 Best Stable Diffusion Prompts for Photography

1. Rainy London Nights

For such photography, you need to begin your prompt with the mood which is “Rainy Night” and the location which is “London” to give context.  You can add “Black and White” style to make your image more intense along with flash lighting. 

Prompt: “Black and white Street photography of a rainy night in London, reflections on a wet pavement.”

2. The Fashion of Vacant Places

To create a unique visual combine two contrasting elements such as high-fashion and a vacant warehouse. To set the tone of the photography add lighting, and provide details on the clothing style.

Prompt: “High-fashion photography in Chic city-style outfits in a vacant industrial warehouse, with dramatic lighting.”

3. Rainbow Dewdrops

Begin with stating the type of photography like “Macro” and specify your Subject “Dewdrops on rose petals.” Enter more details by describing the environment of your image by adding elements like a rainbow scene and afternoon sunlight.

Prompt: “Macro photography of dewdrops on rose petals, with afternoon sunlight creating rainbows.”

4. Aerial Autumn River

Specify your photography type “Aerial” along with the main subject of your image “winding river.” Describe the surrounding like “Fall verdure” and also set the tone by using vibrant to convey color.

Prompt: “Aerial photography of a winding river through fall forests, with vibrant blue and orange foliage.”

5. Roller-Staker’s Urban Flight

Specify the subject of your image “Roller skating” along with the action “High Jump.” Describe the background components such as “Graffiti walls” and high shutter speed to have an urban-like feel to your image.

Prompt: “Urban portrait of a roller-skating in high-jump, cartoon graffiti wall background, with medium shutter speed.”

6. Underwater Coral Reefs

You need to start by mentioning the environment “Underwater and coral reed.” Enter extra details describing your image such as “Scuba diver and Marine life.”

Prompt: “Underwater photography of a coral reef, with a scuba diver for scale.”

7. Ancient Transit in France

Enter the photography style “ancient” and describe your location “train station in France.” Specify the surroundings of your image such as passengers and luggage bags to set the atmosphere.

Prompt: “Ancient-style travel photography of a train station in Italy, with passengers and luggage bags.”

8. Star Trails over Mountains

Describe the technical aspect of your photography like “Long-exposure” along with mentioning the feels like “Rainy Night.” Add your subject “Starry sky and mountain range.” To add depth to your photo add further details such as “light trails” to make your background more appealing.   

Prompt: “Long-exposure night photography of a starry sky over mountains, with light trails.”

 9. Marketplace Colors of Marrakech

Enter the style “Documentary” and place your photograph “Marketplace in Mercato di Rialto.” To set the background of the image enter extra elements such as “Spices, textiles.” 

Prompt: “Documentary-style photography of the marketplace in Mercato di Rialto, with textiles, vegetables, and spices.”

10. Elegance on a Plate

Enter the style “Food Photography” and describe the subject of the meal on the plate “Sushi.” Now add the technical aspect such as shallow depth to make your image look more appealing. Bring richness to your image by adding presentation details “Elegant plating” and lighting.

Prompt: “Food photography of a sushi meal, with shallow depth of field, elegant plating, and warm lighting.”

10 Best Stable Diffusion prompts for Digital Art

1. Neon-Soaked Cyberpunk City

Begin with setting the theme of your digital art “Cyberpunk.” Now describe the environment you want: “Cityscape with skyscrapers.” To set the tone of the digital art, add a few elements such as “Flying cars, bikes, and neon signs.”

Prompt: “Cyberpunk cityscape with skyscrapers, flying bikes, and neon lights.”

2. Monster’s Stormy Perch

Set the genre of your digital art “Fantasy” and enter the subject “Monster.” Describe the environment of your digital art by adding elements such as “Stormy sky and lightning,” this will set the tone and bring drama to your art. 

“Fantasy illustration of a monster perched on a mountain, with stormy sky and golden lighting”

3. Reflections of Earth

Enter the setting of your digital art “Space” with the Subject “Astronaut.” After this, you need to add details to create more perspective to your art such as the reflection of the moon in the helmet”. 

Prompt: “Digital painting of an astronaut in space, with the reflection of the moon in a helmet visor.”

4. After The Fall

Enter digital art style “Concept art” along with setting “post-world war.” Set the tone of the art with elements like destroyed houses and overgrown vegetation. To add a narrative include a character.  

Prompt: “Concept art for a post-world war world with broken houses, overgrown vegetation, and a lone man.”

5. Retro Gaming Nostalgia

Enter the art style “Pixel” and a nostalgia reference such as “5-bit video game character.” Add action such as “walking” along with “retro platformer level” to create a dramatic scene.

Prompt: “Pixel art of a 5-bit video game character walking through a retro platformer level”

6. Medieval Village Life

For this artwork you need to enter your “Isometric” as your digital art form. Describe the surroundings by adding “Medieval village.” To set up the entire image, specify elements “Thatched roofs” along with “townsfolk.”

Prompt: “Isometric digital art of a Medieval village with thatched roofs and a townsfolk.”

7. Ninja and the Mystical

Choose Digital art “Manga” and add characters like “Ninja warrior and mystical creature.” Now describe the surroundings or action “Duel” to create drama in the artwork.

Prompt: “Manga-style illustration of a ninja warrior in a duel against a mythical creature.”

8. The Inventor’s Steampunk Workshop

Describe your genre “Steampunk” and specify your setting by adding “inventor’s workshop.” Enter more elements such as “gears, steam engines, and other machines” to create complexity in your artwork.

Prompt: “Steampunk digital art of a car workshop, with machines, steam engines, and gears.”

9. Minimalistic Geometry

Enter the style “Minimalistic” with the main subject “abstract geometric pattern.” Specify your color preference “Analogous color palette.”

Prompt: “A minimalistic digital art of an abstract geometric pattern with an Analogous color palette.”

10. Alien Flora and Fauna

Enter the theme “Sci-fi” and specify the surrounding “alien horizontal”. Enter other elements such as creatures to add depth to the artwork.

Prompt: “Sci-fi digital painting of an alien horizontal with otherworld creatures and distant planets.   

How Do I Improve My Stable Diffusion Prompts?

To generate amazing images from Stable Diffusion, you need to provide detailed and clear prompts. Often people aren’t aware of what exactly they are looking for, which is fine too as you can always start with a simple prompt.

For example, “A cute cat” then you can try experimenting with more details like “A cute cat with glasses.” 

Start adding more elements to your prompt to get your desired outcome. You add elements such as color tone, style, background, lighting setup, and more. This way you can customize and enhance the image more towards your preferences.

For example, “A cute cat with glasses, working on a laptop.” With Stable Diffusion, you can experiment with different elements and use your imagination to create your desired image.

Thus, you can improve your Stable Diffusion Prompts by adding more details and understanding what you want.  You can either learn to use one of Top Stable Diffusion Prompts Generators or learn How to Write Stable Diffusion Prompts.

Does the order of prompts matter in Stable Diffusion?

Yes, the order of the prompts does play a major role in Stable Diffusion. You must enter the details of the most crucial elements such as the “Subject” of your image first followed by other essential elements.

The “beginning words” of your prompts are “most important” and contain heavyweight compared to words that are at the back of your prompt. Thus, you need to be careful with the order of your prompts to get the best results.

Below we have mentioned ways on how you can create an impactful prompt:

  • Determine the type of artwork you are looking for such as 3D render, oil painting, or photography.
  • Write down the “Subject” of your image meaning what you want to see in the image. The Subject is the main attraction of your image, thus you need to describe it in detail.
  • Enter extra details such as Background, Style, lightning, and more about your image. Ensure you add every element you want on the background to make your image more appealing.
  • Another thing you can do is add the resolution and aspect ratio of your image to get your desired images.

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