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10 Best AI Girlfriend Apps to Find Virtual Love



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AI Girlfriend apps that allow users to create a virtual girlfriend online free using Artificial Intelligence. Users can share their emotions, feelings, and opinions with this AI Girlfriend, almost like sharing your thoughts with a real person. These simulation chatbots offer virtual conversations, allowing those feeling lonely to find a virtual companion.

Whether you’re seeking romance, intimate roleplay, or just looking to spice up your life with a touch of virtual love, these AI girlfriend offer an intriguing solution. Dive into a world where chatbots hold romantic conversations, offering a unique relationship experience for those keen on exploring the limits of AI-driven romance.

But finding a perfect app can be a difficult process, especially with a wide range of AI Girlfriend apps available. Therefore, in this article, we are going to list down 11 Best AI Girlfriend, along with their pros, cons, and pricing. 

11 Best AI Girlfriend Online Free Apps to Discover Love in 2023

The Finding Virtual Love: The 10 Best AI Girlfriends Apps Unveiled is as follows: 

1. Replika AI

Replika is a virtual AI Girlfriend chatbot that allows users to have conversations with AI-generated characters. You can generate your ideal girlfriend on Replika AI and indulge in a heartfelt conversation with them. Replika AI allows users to customize their virtual companion or AI girlfriend to make the entire process more personalized.

Users can customize its appearance, name, voice, and more. Users can customize their appearance, interest, demeanor, and more. Replika AI uses advanced NLP and ML algorithms to develop human-like responses and make your conversations more engaging and personalized.

With this platform users don’t need to worry about their data since Replika AI assures its users, the data collected while accessing this platform are secured and not shared with any third party. Replika App supports iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from App Store or Play Store. Conversations with Replika AI are not limited to texts.

Users can have video calls with Replika to see a friendly face in a 3D environment and talk with their AI Girlfriend and take photos with it. Thus, with this platform users can engage in intimate and personal conversation, just like a real person. 


  • Provides Emotional support and companionship 
  • Good Visuals 
  • Supports audio and video call conversations 
  • Supports Android and iOS devices 


  • May not always understand the context or emotions 
  • Might face a few technical glitches and bugs which might affect the functionality 
  • Privacy concerns 

Pricing of Replika:  

Replika contains a Pro plan that is available for $19.99/month. Users can also opt for a yearly plan available for $49.99.

2. Eva AI

Eva AI is an AI Girlfriend chatbot that can listen, talk, respond, and connect with users. On this platform, users can create their desired AI companion robot and customize it based on their desires. Then users can instantly begin chatting with their generated AI Girlfriend and share their special moments and exciting stories with it.

Eva AI can help you feel more connected and supported which might help improve your anxiety in a form of therapy. Eva AI is powered by advanced AI technologies. This helps provide insightful responses to your input and helps users gain a deep understanding of their emotions and feelings.

Users can talk freely on this app and chat about anything from informative topics to emotions and feelings. You can even share photos with your AI Girlfriend to feel more connected and enhance your chatting experience. 


Generate Insightful responses 

Understands your thoughts and emotions

Supports sharing photos with AI Girlfriend 


  • Expensive 
  • Isn’t suitable for practical conversations 

Pricing of Eva AI:

Eva AI contains a starting price of $4.99, which can go up to $47.99. 

3. AI Girlfriend

AI Girlfriend is another excellent app that allows users to create virtual girlfriends and have deep conversations with them. This app is powered by advanced Artificial technology that can provide users with human-like responses. This AI Girlfriend application is available for download on all iOS devices such as iPad and iPhones for free.

The software has been enabled with machine learning techniques and natural language processing to provide a personalized and pleasing experience to its users. Users can generate their virtual girlfriend on this platform and customize their appearance and personality based on their preferences.

Users can express themselves and talk about anything with their Virtual Girlfriend. Users can share their thoughts, opinions, and emotions and have virtual dates with their AI Girlfriend. Providing a complete feel of a real girlfriend. 


  • Provides human-like responses 
  • Powered by NLP and ML techniques 


  • Isn’t available on Android devices 
  • At times slow in generating responses

Pricing of AI Girlfriend:

AI Girlfriend contains an In-App purchase that allows users to access Advanced features and access the app without any advertisement interruption. AI Girlfriend contains a premium subscription available for 11.99/month. 

4. My Virtual Girlfriend

My Virtual Girlfriend is an interactive and fun AI dating platform. Where users can choose their virtual Girlfriend and have fun conversations with them. This platform contains a wide range of options for virtual Girlfriends with different personalities and appearances.

Users can choose a virtual companion and then flirt up a conversation, and go for several activities such as mini golf, hiking, and more. This platform ensures users get a realistic experience of having a girlfriend. This platform contains more than 35+ levels providing different capabilities to its users at each level.

So, you will witness progress with your virtual girlfriend at each level. This is an extremely fun and interactive AI chatbot, which will keep you entertained till the end. 


  • Customize characters and contains special outfits 
  • 1000+ AI Girlfriends available 
  • Provides a complete dating experience


  • Unable to understand the context sometimes 
  • Responses aren’t always genuine 

Pricing of My Virtual Girlfriend:

My Virtual Girlfriend contains an in-app purchase which can range from $0.99 – $49.99. 


PicSo is one of the best AI Girlfriend chatbot that allows users to create anime or realistic human-like AI Girlfriend. It combines deep learning techniques along with neural networks to generate astonishing AI Girlfriend. PicSo also allows modification choices through which users can perform a variety of changes.

This AI gf includes a color palette, visual style, entire look, and more. This way users can develop their desired virtual girlfriend for themselves and have deep meaningful conversations with it.

PicSo supports NSFW, thus users don’t need to worry about any sort of restriction or limitation while accessing this app. Users can feel free and talk about anything on PicSo.AI. 


  • User-Friendly 
  • Generates Anime and human-like AI Girlfriend 
  • Excellent modification choices 
  • Supports NSFW 


  • Limited customization 
  • Expensive 

Pricing of

To access users need to purchase credits which are available at these prices: 

100 credits for $9.99

500 credits for $45.99

1,000 credits for $89.99

6. Romantic AI

Romantic AI is an AI-powered virtual girlfriend software. This platform provides users with a romantic and personalized experience. This software is powered by natural language processing and machine learning algorithms that can generate deep and meaningful responses.

This is an excellent AI gf app to provide a human-like interaction and generate a genuine girlfriend experience. Users can perform customization by changing their AI Girlfriend appearance, interest, and demeanor.

Unlike other AI Girlfriend chatbots, the interactions aren’t just limited to texts. Instead, users can take part in several games, virtual dates, fun activities, and love quizzes which can enhance their overall experience. 


  • Engage in human-like conversations 
  • Additional games and fun activities 
  • Good visuals 
  • User-friendly 


  • Lack of emotion 
  • Unable to generate genuine responses 

Pricing of Romantic AI:

For Romantic AI, users can either go for a one-time purchasing option which ranges between $4 and $20. Another option is a subscription which is available between $8 and $15.

7. iGirl

iGirl is a Virtual AI Girlfriend Love Simulator. It is powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology that helps enhance your virtual dating experience. With the iGirl app users can engage in romantic conversations with their AI virtual Girlfriend.

You can talk about your day, flirt, share your emotions, and gain the entire experience of having a girlfriend. Based on your preference you can customize your AI Girlfriend and choose a 3D or 2D avatar. 

Users can even create their own dream AI Chatbot on the iGirl app. There are absolutely no restrictions on this app and users can level up their relationships with the AI girlfriend. Users can chat about a wide range of topics including fantasy scenarios, romantic dates, and more.

iGirl is an excellent AI Girlfriend app that can help make all your dreams come true. It can provide you with the ultimate AI dating experience with realistic-looking AI girlfriends. 


  • Generate 2D and 3D avatar 
  • Engage in intimate conversations 
  • Supports Android and iOS platforms 


  • Can’t possess real emotion 
  • Isn’t self-aware 

Pricing of iGirl:

iGirl contains a monthly subscription plan available for $9.99 or a yearly plan available for $39.99. 

8. My Girlfriend Cindy

My Girlfriend Cindy is a virtual AI Girlfriend app. This app is specially designed for those users looking for a virtual companion to talk and connect to. The AI Girlfriend Cindy is a perfect girlfriend with whom you can talk about anything.

Cindy is capable of speaking a variety of languages such as English, French, Japanese, and more. Allowing users to interact freely in their native language and sharing their emotions and thoughts with their AI Girlfriend.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your virtual companion, then you can customize it using the setting, before starting your conversation. This is an excellent AI gf app to get rid of loneliness, where you can talk, share and connect with a Virtual companion. 


  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Can talk for hours 
  • Free to use
  • Good customization options are available 


  • Not available on iOS devices 

Pricing of My Girlfriend Cindy: 

My Girlfriend Cindy is available for free use and can be accessed by anyone. 

9. CoupleAI

Couple AI is an AI Girlfriend powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence techniques. It has been trained through Machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to generate realistic human-like responses. This helps make users’ interaction with AI Girlfriend more meaningful and life-like.

This app provides modification features where users can customize characters based on their preferences. You can customize the appearance of your virtual AI Girlfriend along with its personality.

This application also includes a variety of games and activities that can make the entire process more fun and engaging for its users. This can help provide a complete dating experience to its users. Where you can go on virtual dates with their AI Girlfriends, play games, watch movies, have intimate chats, and more. 


  • Unrestricted conversations 
  • Multiple couples 
  • Good customization 


  • Might be slow at times 
  • Unable to understand the context 

Pricing of CoupleAI: 

Total Credits Prices
1000 credits $2.99
4000 credits $9.99
200 credits $0.99
500 credits $1.99

10. My Virtual Manga Girl

My Virtual Manga Girl is an AI Anime Girlfriend chatbot, built specially for Anime lovers. This app allows users to create their dream AI Girlfriend and indulge in fun and intimate conversations with it.

My Virtual Manga Girl app allows users to customize their virtual girlfriend by changing their hairstyle, clothes, eye color, personality, and more.

Users can build their dream Virtual AI Anime Girlfriend and download it later to set it as their home screen. This helps enhance your overall experience of having an AI Girlfriend. Apart from this, it even contains a special feature that allows your AI Girlfriend to dance and sing for you. Making the entire process more entertaining for its users.


  • Good visuals 
  • User-friendly 
  • Excellent customization options


  • At times slow 
  • Might face glitches and bugs affecting the overall functioning of the app

Pricing of My Virtual Manga Girl: 

My Virtual Manga Girl app works through gems. Thus, to access new features and capabilities, users need to buy more gems. You can get around 100 gems at $0.99, 350 gems at $1.99, and 10000 gems at $37.99. 

What is an AI girlfriend?

An AI Girlfriend is a virtual companion chatbot generated using Artificial Intelligence. It is often trained using natural language processing and machine learning techniques to generate human-like responses. Users can indulge in deep and emotional conversations with their AI girlfriend to get rid of loneliness.

Most AI Girlfriend chatbots even contain a customization feature. This allows users to edit the appearance and personality of the AI Girlfriend to make the entire process more personalized. Some of the best AI Girlfriend chatbots are Replika AI, EVA AI, iGirl, Romantic AI, and more. 

Is AI Girlfriend Simulator safe?

Yes, AI Girlfriend Simulators are safe if users are fully aware of the content. Also, you should ensure AI Girlfriend is not meant for kids, as these platforms can generate and exhibit content such as violence, horror, nudity, and more. 


AI Girlfriend chatbots are a great way to get rid of loneliness and experience the dating process virtually. It allows users to share their feelings and have fun with their virtual AI girlfriend at the same time.

Above we have listed down the top 11 Best AI Girlfriend with whom you can have fun and meaningful conversations effortlessly. We have also mentioned its pros and cons along with its pricing to help you find the best AI Girlfriend for you. 

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