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13+ Best AI Headshot Generators to Create Professional Headshots



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Looking for an AI Headshot Generator to make your profile more appealing? We have got you covered! Explore and Discover top AI headshot generators for creating excellent headshots for yourself. 

Best AI Headshot Generators

In today’s world, it’s really important to have a professional and well-maintained profile on sites like Linkedin. Having a well-executed professional headshot can help create a strong impression among recruiters, improve your online presence, and open several opportunities for you.

However, having a professional shoot done just for headshots can be quite expensive and time-consuming. But thanks to AI headshot generators users can create stunning headshots at home using their laptop.

In this article, we will list down the top 13+ Best AI Headshot Generators to create professional AI headshots. 

13+ best AI headshot generators

The Top 13+ AI Headshot generators are as follows

1. Artbreeder

Artbreeder is an AI-powered Headshot generator. This tool allows users to create high-resolution headshots by uploading their existing images and choosing a style.

Users can also use an existing Artbreeder image and generate stunning AI headshots. 

The best part about this tool is that users can modify various facial features on this platform using intuitive sliders.

Users can control and customize various parameters such as ethnicity, hair, eyes, expression, and more. Once your headshot is created users can download it in JPG or PNG image format. 


  • Supports JPG and PNG 
  • Provides various customization options 
  • Generates high-resolution headshots 


  • Difficult Interface 
  • Limited features in the free plan 

Pricing of Artbreeder:  

Starter Plan Advanced Plan Champion Plan 
$8.99/month $18.99/month $38.99/month 

2. NightCafe Profile Picture Maker

NightCafe is an AI art-generating tool that allows users to generate high-quality headshots and profile pictures within minutes.

This tool can generate stunning AI headshots with the help of advanced AI technology.

Users need to upload their existing images or selfies on the platform along with a text prompt explaining their requirements. 

NightCafe will then generate stunning AI headshots and profile pictures for you within minutes. The Explore section of NightCafe contains various images and headshots generated by other creators. Users can access this section to gain further inspiration. 


  • Allow users to provide text prompts 
  • Easy to access 
  • Simple and intuitive interface 


  • Isn’t suitable for generating professional AI headshots 

Pricing of NightCafe: 

  • AI Beginner ( $5.99USD/month )
  • AI Hobbyist ( $9.99USD/month )
  • AI Enthusiast ( $19.99USD/month )
  • AI Artist ( $49.99USD/month )

3. is an ai professional headshot generator tool that can create high-quality headshot images. This tool is powered by advanced AI technologies that can transform your existing images or selfies into professional headshots. 

To generate your AI headshots, users need to upload several photographs or selfies of themselves with their faces visible perfectly. Then you need to pick the style that suits your personality. will analyze your images and transform them into professional high-quality headshots that you can use on your business profile.

This is a user-friendly AI headshot generator that allows users to customize their headshots based on their personal style. is a great option for generating corporate AI headshots using casual images. 


  • Can generate high-quality headshots
  • Allow users to custom their generated headshots 
  • Easy to use 


  • At time generate inaccurate outputs

Pricing of 

  • Basic Plan – $25/month 
  • Premium Plan – $55/month 
  • Professional Plan – $155/month 
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom

4. Aragon

Aragon is another excellent AI Headshot generator powered by some of the leading AI researchers from Microsoft and Google.

This tool can create custom AI models based on your uploaded images to provide a personalized experience.

To generate your professional headshots on Aragon, users need to provide a minimum of 12 images of yourself showcasing your face clearly.

Once you have uploaded your images, Argon will work through its magic and generate custom AI headshots for you within 90 minutes. After this, you can review the generated headshots and download your favorite ones.

Aragon can generate AI headshots in a resolution of 1024×1824 pixels which is perfect for social media platforms and websites. 


  • Provides full commercial license and ownership of the generated headshots  
  • Generates headshots in 1024×1824 pixels
  • Variety of styles 
  • Simple and intuitive interface 


  • Doesn’t provide a free trial 
  • Requires a minimum of 12 images for headshot generation 

Pricing of Aragon: 

Aragon offers three different pricing plans: 

Starter Plan Basic Plan Premium Plan 
$29 $39 $69 
40 high-quality headshots 80 high-quality headshots 200 high-quality headshots 

5. Remini

Remini is another AI-powered app that can transform your selfies into professional-quality headshots.

It app contains a simple and intuitive interface through which you can generate AI Headshots of yourself within minutes.

Users need to upload 12 images of themselves that can display their faces perfectly, selfies can work as well. After this, you need to select a model of your choice and click on ‘Generate.’ 

Remini will then process your uploaded images and generate stunning high-quality headshots of yourself. Not only can Remini generate excellent headshots but also Restore old photos, Enhance the face, Adjust color tones, Enhance the background, and more.

The Additional features offered by Remini make it one of the best AI headshot generators in the market. 


  • Generate high-quality headshots 
  • Allow users to enhance the face and background of their images 
  • Restore old images 


  • Cannot work on images with low-resolution 
  • Requires 12 images to generate AI headshots  

Pricing of Remini: 

Remini app contains in-app purchasing that begins from $9.99. 

6. Headshot AI

Headshot AI is one of the best AI Headshot Generator that can generate professional headshots with an Artist’s touch. All the headshots generated by this tool are professionally curated and touched up by the artist before being delivered to you.

To generate your headshot on this tool users need to provide 12 chest-up existing images, 3 side profiles, and 5 close-up images. 

Users can upload their existing images from any device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It’s better to avoid using images with any sunglasses or headwear.

This will help generate realistic-looking headshots for you. Which you can use on various professional spaces such as your LinkedIn account, CV, profile, and more.

If you are looking for a headshot generator that can produce natural-looking headshots instead of fake or fictional-looking headshots of yourself, then Headshot AI is a great choice. 


  • Support JPG, PNG, WebP, and HEIC
  • User-friendly and efficient 
  • Various customization option 


  • At times the quality of the generated headshot might not match traditional photography 
  • Inaccurate results at times 

Pricing of Headshot AI: 

Professional Package Executive Package 

7. Hotpot

Hotpot contains an easy-to-use AI headshot generator that can transform your normal images into professional headshots, AI selfies, and glamor shots.

Headshot is capable of learning users’ faces and generating amazing images of users in different scenes and clothing. Unlike other headshot generators users don’t need to provide 10 to 30 images to generate their headshots.

Instead, 5 images of yourself are enough for Hotpot to produce stunning AI headshots. Overall, Hotpot is a great AI headshot generator for creating headshots for your website, Linkedin, social media accounts, and more. 


  • Simple interface 
  • Generate images in different clothing and scenes
  • Only requires 5 images to generate your AI Headshots 


  • Doesn’t contain a monthly subscription 
  • Processing can sometimes take longer 

Pricing of Hotpot: 

The pricing system of Hotpot varies depending on how many headshots you want to generate. Here are the pricing of hotpot as per images: 

  • 40 images – $10
  • 80 images – $15 
  • 160 images – $20
  • 800 images – $800 


Dreamwave AI is a perfect AI headshot generator for natural-looking headshots. This tool can produce high-quality AI headshots within a time span of an hour. Users need to simply upload a minimum of 8 images of themselves.

Dreamwave will begin processing your uploaded images and transform them into professional headshots. The proprietary technology of Dreamwave can help generate AI headshots with high resolution that appear to look just like you. 

This tool especially ensures the generated headshots don’t appear like it’s being created by an AI. Dreamwave ensures the most realistic outcomes which can be further used on your CV, website, and more.

This tool also provides customization options to its users through which users can access unlimited scenes, outfits, hairstyles, and more for a more personalized experience. 


  • Generates natural-looking headshots 
  • Only requires 8 existing images 
  • Provides various customization options such as hairstyle, unlimited scenes, outfits, etc
  • Good Speed 


  • Limited functionality 

Pricing of 

The pricing of starts from $39 for 40 AI headshot generation. 

9. StudioShot

StudioShot is a unique virtual photography studio that can transform your existing images into stunning headshots using advanced AI technology.

The best part about StudioShot is that its generated headshots are sent to the photography team for final touch-ups and review.

Thus, users don’t need to worry about the generated outcomes appearing to be “fake looking.” StudioShot offers multiple professional styles such as Real Estate, LinkedIn, Executive, and more along with a wide range of color palette options. 

StudioShot contains a simple interface and users need to upload around 10-20 existing images or selfies showcasing their face clearly. StudioShot will also ask for further details such as your hair color, eye color, and more.

Once you fill out everything, users need to make the purchase and within 2 days your results will be emailed to you. 


  • Final touch-ups are done by the photography team 
  • Easy to access 
  • Generates natural-looking headshots


  • Takes 2 days to generate your headshots
  • Requires 10 to 20 images 
  • Doesn’t provide a free trial 

Pricing of StudioShot: 

StudioShot provides a premium plan starting at $29.25 per person. 

10. Fotor

Fotor contains an in-built AI headshot generator through which users can generate professional headshots and profile pictures instantly.

This free ai headshot generator utilizes powerful algorithms to generate high-quality AI headshots for your resume, business profiles, social media, and more.

To generate an AI headshot on Fotor users need to upload multiple existing images of selfies or yourself and select the style you are looking for. 

Users can also enter text descriptions alongside their images to provide specific details or requirements. After this, Fotor will process your uploaded images and generate excellent AI headshots based on your selected style.

This helps generate a more personalized headshot. The versatility and headshot quality make Fotor a great AI headshot generator choice for professional usage. 


  • Provides free trial 
  • Allow users to use generated Headshots for commercial usage 
  • Users can provide specific requirements using text prompts 


  • Only provides five free credits 
  • Isn’t accessible without signing up 

Pricing of Fotor: 

Fotor provides two premium plans: 

  1. Pro: $3.33 per month.
  2. Pro Plus: $7.49 per month.

11. HeadshotPro

HeadshotPro is one of the best AI Headshot Generator to generate high-quality corporate headshots. This tool utilizes advanced facial recognition technology to generate professional AI profile pictures or headshots in minutes.

HeadshotPro is extremely easy to use, users need to simply upload their existing images or selfies. Then you need to select a preferred headshot style such as formal, traditional, modern, and more. 

The advanced AI technology will then analyze your requirements and images and generate more than 120 headshots within a few minutes.

Apart from this, HeadshotPro also allows users to further customize their generated headshots that fit their personality and brand.

Users can then download their generated AI headshots and use them on various locations such as resumes, CVs, websites, etc.  


  • Allow users to select different backgrounds 
  • Provides numerous clothing options 


  • Requires users to upload 20 images 
  • Is capable of generating inaccurate headshots at times

Pricing of HeadshotPro: 

  • The Small Plan is available for $29 per person.
  • Normal Plan is available for $39 per team. 
  • Premium is available for $59

12. ProfilePicture AI

ProfilePicture AI is a unique AI headshot and profile picture generator that can create stunning AI headshots in multiple styles.

This tool utilizes artificial intelligence technology to transform your uploaded images into stunning profile pictures.

To access this tool, users need to upload 10 close-up images, 5 chest-ups, 3 side profiles, and 3 full-body shots of themselves. After this, users need to select their preferred headshot style, there are more than 375 styles available to choose from.

Once done, ProfilePictureAI will generate high-quality AI headshots, which can be downloaded by users on various image formats such as JPG, PNG, HEIC, and WebP. 


  • More than 375 styles are available 
  • Can generate high-quality headshots 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Supports JPG, PNG, WebP, and HEIC image format 


  • Not suitable to use as a ai professional headshot generator 

Pricing of ProfilePicture AI: 

Small Plan XL Plan All Plan 
$6.40$11.80 $19.80 
12 styles available 35 styles available Unlimited styles available 

13. Try it on AI

Try it on AI is another good choice for generating professional headshots or portraits of yourself with a higher caliber. This tool allows users to access the platform using access links without the need for a password.

To generate AI headshots on this tool users need to select their gender and upload around 10 to 20 existing images of themselves. 

The tool will then analyze your provided images and within a few hours, Try it on AI will generate stunning AI headshots for you. This tool also provides an extra human touch on the platform, by adding touch-ups with human editors available for $10. Overall, Try It on AI is a decent AI headshot generator. 


  • Generate AI headshots within a few hours 
  • Easy to access 
  • Allow users to access the platform without a password


  • Generated headshots are not always perfect 
  • Only allow customization for orders with 20+ credit purchase 
  • Requires 10 images 

Pricing of Try it on AI: 

The pricing of Try It on AI begins at $17 for 100 images. 

14. Secta AI

Secta AI is an AI headshot generator that requires users to upload 25 images and generates 100+ professional and high-quality headshots in less than an hour.

This tool contains a variety of style options for professional and casual headshots such as indoor, outdoor, color splash, and much more. 

To access Secta AI, users need to upload 25 usable images that showcase their clear faces, users can even upload selfies of themselves. Then you can select their preferred headshot or profile picture style and click on ‘Generate’.

The advanced AI technology will analyze your images and create stunning AI headshots based on your selected headshot style.

The headshots are delivered through a private gallery where users can save and export their generated AI headshots. 


  • Customizable features
  • Can generate 100+ AI headshots
  • Time-Saving 
  • Cost-effective 


  • Results might not always be perfect 

Pricing of Secta AI: 

Secta AI has a premium plan available for $99 which is currently available at a discount rate of $49. 

15. PFPMaker

PFPMaker is a leading AI Headshot Generator that can create studio-quality headshots for you within a few minutes.

PFPMaker utilizes custom Stable Diffusion technology to generate stunning AI headshots and profile pictures in HD quality.

To use PFPMaker, users need to upload multiple existing images or selfies of themselves showcasing a clear face from different angles.

After this, users need to select an AI headshot style of their preference. The advanced AI technology will generate 100+ stunning AI headshots and profile pictures for you within 60 minutes. 

Users can then download their headshots and use them on their social media accounts, CVs, websites, and more. The best part about PFPMaker is its ability to generate headshots in different designs and styles.

This tool can generate AI headshots for both personal and professional use which truly sets this tool apart from other headshot generators. 


  • Good customization option 
  • SD/HD quality Headshot Generators
  • Supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, and HEIC image format 


  • Takes 60 minutes to generate your AI headshots 

Pricing of PEPMaker: 

The premium plan of PEPMaker begins at $9. 

What is an AI headshot generator?

AI Headshot Generator is a tool that utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to transform your casual images and selfies into professional AI headshots.

These AI headshot generators allow users to generate AI headshots in multiple styles which can be utilized in professional and personal spaces.

Users need to simply upload 10 to 20 existing images or selfies of themselves and choose a headshot style. Within a few minutes AI headshot generator will transform your images into stunning AI headshots based on your selected style.

This tool combines advanced AI technology with a user-friendly interface to generate stunning AI headshots. 

How do AI headshot generators work?

AI headshot generators utilize advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to generate high-quality AI headshots using your uploaded photos or selfies.

This AI technology helps transform your casual images into professional AI headshots which can be utilized on your profile, CV, and other professional spaces. 

How to Create LinkedIn Headshots Using AI

Here’s how you can create LinkedIn headshots using AI: 

1. Select a good AI Headshot generator such as Artbreeder, ProPhotos, Hotpot, etc 

2. Sign in using your email 

3. Click on “Generate AI Headshot” 

4. Upload your images or selfies that showcase your clear face without any sunglasses or headgear

5. Choose a Headshot style

6. Click on “Generate” 

Your AI headshot will be generated within a few minutes by the AI headshot generator. Users can download and utilize the generated headshot on their LinkedIn profile, website, etc. 

Are AI-Generated Headshots Suitable for Professional Use?

Yes, AI-generated headshots are suitable for professional use. Most AI headshot generators can create realistic and natural-looking AI headshots that are suitable for professional profiles, CVs, websites, and more. 

Are there any free AI headshot generators?

Yes, several AI headshot generators allow users to generate AI headshots for free such as Fotor,, Aragon, and more.

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