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I'm Managing Partner at gPress, a marketing, publishing, research and education consultancy. Also a Senior Contributor Previously, I held senior marketing and research management positions at NORC, DEC and EMC. Most recently, I was Senior Director, Thought Leadership Marketing at EMC, where I launched the Big Data conversation with the “How Much Information?” study (2000 with UC Berkeley) and the Digital Universe study (2007 with IDC).

Average Screen Time for Adults Statistics 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions to switch to online learning, working, and living. An average adult user spends 6 hours and 58 minutes online scrolling through social media apps or streaming digital content. Many users spend 3 hours and 42 minutes on a smartphone. The pandemic has fallen behind and the citizens are opening … Read more

Top AI Startups Statistics 2024

AI Startups have played a significant role in transforming how businesses and startups operate, from healthcare to sales to software development. The AI Industry is also estimated to reach a milestone of $738.80 billion by 2030. The rise of AI has forced the world to adapt to the new change and introduce automated tools in … Read more

Top 10 Free NSFW AI Art Generators with No Restrictions 2024

This article discusses the top NSFW AI art generators for creating NSFW images. These platforms enable users to Enter a prompt and choose the style, filters, and poses as per their requirements. These can range from anime images to ultra-realistic graphic illustrations, offering the ability to create art without traditional boundaries. NSFW means not safe … Read more