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Candy AI is an exciting AI-powered platform that allows users to generate their desired AI companion and have conversations with them. 

About Candy AI

Candy AI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to Create a Virtual Girlfriend based on their preferences and engage in fun conversations with them. This tool contains a wide range of AI models in both Realistic and Anime styles.

You can create your dream companion on this platform and customize its appearance, personality, hobbies, voice, and more you have the entire control. The best part about this tool is that users can engage in fun and exciting conversations with AI models and talk about anything and everything. 

This platform contains a wide range of AI models with their own distinct personalities and backgrounds. Allowing users to select their desired AI characters based on their background, appearance, and personality and start a chat with them.

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Users can even request their AI companion to indulge in a roleplay with them and explore various scenarios and storylines with them. These AI-generated companions offer human-like conversations giving users a realistic experience of having a chat with their virtual companion. 

Candy AI Key Features 

Candy AI contains numerous features that can enhance your experience of generating virtual companions and chatting with them. Some of the popular features of Candy AI are as follows:

1. Role-Play: Users can ask their virtual AI companion to engage in role-play and act as their favorite character, athlete, celebrity, etc. This feature helps enhance your experience on this platform and have a fun and exciting time by imitating different scenarios and storylines. 

2. Wide range of AI characters: This AI tool provides a massive range of AI models along with a short description of the character for its users to chat with. It provides both Realistic and Anime styled AI models that users can select based on their preferences. 

3. Good Customization Options: Candy AI allows users to generate their desired AI companion by providing complete customizing control to its users. Based on your preference, you can select Ethnicity, Eye color, Age, Hairstyle, Body Type, Personality, Voice, and much more. 

4. Image Generation: This platform allows users to ask for images of their virtual companions while having conversations. Users can request a picture in various scenarios such as a picture of you in a club, park, beach, balcony, etc, and within a few seconds, your AI companion will send you an image. 

5. Audio Messages: Users can take their conversations to the next level on Candy AI by accessing the voice messages of their virtual companion. However, for this feature users need to subscribe to the premium plan of Candy AI. 

Candy AI Pros & Cons:


  • Immersive personalized conversation
  • User-friendly Interface 
  • Detailed character backgrounds
  • A diverse range of AI models 
  • Adaptive role-play features


  • Limited character personalities
  • No voice chat feature
  • Mobile App not available 
  • Lacks language translation capabilities

Candy AI Use Cases 

1. Engaging Conversations 

One of the primary use cases of Candy AI is interactive and engaging conversations with virtual AI companions. This platform provides a wide range of AI model options that users can select from and indulge in fun and exciting conversations.

This platform also enhances users’ chatting experience through adaptive role-plays by engaging in different storylines and scenarios based on the user’s input.

2. Entertainment 

Users can unleash their imaginations and desires and talk about a wide range of topics on the Candy AI platform.

With this platform, users can experience various scenarios and storylines and get entertained along with creating their own personalized AI virtual companion. 

3. Exploring AI technology

Through this platform, users can explore the capabilities and benefits of AI technology using its interactive dialogues and role-plays that can enhance users’ chatting experience. 

How to Use Candy AI?

Candy AI allows users to dive into fun and engaging conversations with their AI companions and even allows users to create their own AI Girlfriend using simple methods.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Candy AI:

1. Visit the official site of Candy AI using this URL 

2. Click on “Register”

3. You can either “Sign Up with Google” or Enter your Email and Password separately 

4. Personalize your AI Experience by providing your Nickname and Gender and confirm you are above 18 to continue 

5. Once registered, you can start exploring the AI characters available on Candy AI 

6. Each and every character includes a short description and age to help you select the most suitable companion 

7. Users need to simply tap on a character and the chat interface will appear on your scene and users can start chatting

Create a character on Candy AI 

1. To create your own AI character on Candy AI by selecting the “Create” option from the left-sidebar

2. Choose your style: Realistic or Anime

3. Choose an Ethnicity: Caucasian, Latina, Asian, Arab, Black/Afro

4. Select an age and eye color from the available options 

5. Choose a hairstyle and hair color in the next option and then select a body type 

6. Now, you need to select a personality and voice based on your preference 

7. The next step is to select an occupation, hobbies, relationship, and clothing 

8. Once done, a summary of your choices will display on your screen, to generate your AI character click on “Bring my AI to life” 

9. That’s it, your personalized AI character is ready

10. You can change the name of your AI and start chatting  

Pricing of Candy AI 

Candy AI contains a monthly and a yearly plan through which users can create their own AI characters, send unlimited text messages, Remove image blur, access voice messages, and more.

Candy AI’s monthly plan costs $19.99 but with a 70% discount, this plan is currently available for $9.99/month. The yearly premium plan on the other hand costs $239.88 but with discount is currently available at $69.99/month. 

Alternatives of Candy AI (Free & Paid) 

1. Janitor AI 

Janitor AI is a great alternative option to Candy AI as this platform allows users to engage in fun and entertaining conversations with numerous AI models. It contains various model options such as Anime, Male, Female, Game, and more.

Similar to Candy AI, Janitor AI also contains a brief introduction of the character, along with a few tags that help users determine whether the character is suitable for them or not.

Users can also create personalized characters on this platform and indulge in fun and exciting conversations with them. 

Pricing of Janitor AI: 

Janitor AI contains a pro plan starting from $9.99/month. 

2. Replika AI

Replika AI is a popular AI chatbot that allows users to create virtual AI companions and engage in fun and exciting conversations with them. It is an AI-powered platform that combines neural networks and scripted dialogue content to generate human-like responses for its users.

This tool even allows users to select a 3D avatar of their choice. Its premium users can also send out voice messages and perform video calls on Replika to have a more personalized experience.  

Pricing of Replika AI: 

Replika AI offers a free plan through which users can interact with AI characters with limited features. To access additional features like audio messages, video calls, and more users need to subscribe to its premium plan starting at $14.99. 

3. Kajiwoto AI

Kajiwoto AI is an excellent AI tool that allows users to create personalized AI virtual companions. Users can share their thoughts, emotions, and feelings with their AI bot through this tool.

In this platform, users can even set up private or group chat rooms for themselves and their friends to enjoy and indulge in fun conversations. This tool allows users to unleash their creativity and generate unique AI companions with advanced customization options. 

Pricing of Kajiwoto AI: 

Kajiwoto AI offers a Free version with limited features, while premium plans start at just $7.32 per month.


Is there a free version of Candy AI? 

Yes, Candy AI offers a free version through which users can chat and create a limited number of AI companions. However, to chat with an unlimited number of AI Girlfriends and access additional features such as voice messages, fast response, etc users need to subscribe to its premium plan starting from $9.99/month. 

Is Candy AI Safe? 

Yes, Candy AI is a safe platform that takes its data privacy very seriously. This platform utilizes encryption that ensures the users’ data collected are protected and stored securely to maintain the privacy of their users.

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