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CrushOn AI – How to Use, Price and Alternatives 



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CrushOn AI is an AI platform that allows users to have fun and engaging conversations with a wide range of AI characters. 

About CrushOn AI 

CrushOn AI is an NSFW chatbot that allows users to dive into NSFW Character AI chats without any limitations. This tool allows users to express their thoughts and desires with the AI virtual partner in a fun and engaging manner. On CrushOn AI users can have unfiltered conversations with their favorite AI characters from numerous categories. The best part about CrushOn AI is that it contains a wide range of AI characters such as celebrities, anime, YouTubers, video game characters, and more.  

Apart from this, users can also create their own custom-made character on CrushOn and then indulge in fun conversations with their own AI character. Users can provide a name, character photo, greetings, tags, personality, and much more to generate their personalized AI character. This platform ensures users are able to express their emotions and desires effortlessly without any fear of privacy.  

CrushOn AI Features

  1. Personalized Characters 

CrushOn allows users to create their desired AI character from scratch by entering their desired name, character photo, greetings, introduction, visibility, and more. Apart from this users can also drag and drop images to generate their AI character and indulge in fun and engaging conversations with them. 

  1. Multiple AI characters 

CrushOn AI contains a wide range of AI character options that users can explore and chat with. Users can explore top trending AI characters, Anime characters, Celebrities, YouTubers, and much more. Users can access two AI characters at once and generate fun and exciting conversations with them at the same time. 

  1. NSFW conversations 

This tool allows users to express their desires and fantasies online with their favorite AI characters. Users can generate intimate and sexual conversations on CrushOn AI without any restrictions. 

CrushOn AI – Use Cases 

Emotional Support 

CrushOn AI can help provide emotional support to its users and help improve their mental health by allowing users to share their deep feelings, struggles, thoughts, and more with their virtual AI companion. CrushOn is powered by advanced AI technology that can help provide beneficial responses that can help improve users’ mental health. 

Interactive experience 

In this platform, users can have fun and engage in conversations with a wider range of AI characters. CrushOn even allows users to create their own AI chatbot with whom users can share their desires and emotions effortlessly. Users can perform various customization on their AI chatbot to create a more personalized and interactive experience. 

NSFW content 

Another excellent use case of CrushOn AI is its ability to allow users to engage in NSFW content without any limitations. This platform allows users to explore their sexuality and express their fantasies and desires without any privacy and security concerns. CrushOn AI helps generate a secure environment for its users through which users can generate NSFW-generated content effortlessly. 

How to use CrushOn:

To use CrushOn users need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Firstly users need to visit the CrushOn AI official platform using this link 
  • Sign in to the platform by providing your details such as email 
  • On the home section, explore various characters available through different categories 
  • Select your favorite character and start having fun and engaging conversations with the AI character 
  • To generate their own virtual AI character, users need to click on “Create a Character” 
  • In the next step, users can either drag and drop their image file here or generate an AI character from scratch 
  • Now, users need to enter a name, character photo, greetings, introduction, visibility, and more. 
  • Once you have filled out all the essential details click on “Create and Chat” and your AI character will be created. 

Pricing of CrushOn AI: 

Standard Premium Deluxe 
$4.9/month $7.9/month $29.9/month 

CrushOn AI Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Alternatives of CrushOn AI are as follows: 

  1. ChatFAI

ChatFAI is a popular conversational platform that encourages unrestricted interactions with AI characters. Users have the option to enable NSFW (Not Safe For Work) conversations through the menu panel. ChatFAI also includes a memory system that tracks conversations for a more personalized experience. It’s a great platform for casual conversations with AI characters.

Pricing of ChaiFAI: 

The Basic plan of ChaiFAI is available for $9/month. 

  1. Kuki

Kuki is an AI-powered chat service that provides dynamic and unfiltered conversations. Users can engage in NSFW discussions without limitations. Kuki’s conversational style aims to make users feel like they’re talking to a human, enhancing the overall experience. It’s a suitable choice for those seeking NSFW conversations.

Pricing of Kuki: 

Kuki contains a service plan available for $75/month. 

  1. Tavern AI

Tavern AI is an AI chatbot platform that allows users to generate custom-made AI bots for NSFW conversations. Users can generate conversations on a wide range of intimate and sexual topics without restrictions. Users can customize their chatbot’s personality, making conversations more fun and exciting. The platform offers an easy-to-use interface for generating inputs and receiving responses. It’s essential to exercise caution and ethical responsibility when using platforms that allow NSFW content. Respect for guidelines, legal boundaries, and the well-being of all users is crucial for a safe and respectful online environment.

Pricing of Tavern AI: 

Tavern AI is a free AI chatbot. 


Is there a free version of CrushOn? 

Yes, CrushOn AI allows users to have fun and engaging conversations with their desired AI characters for free without any registration. However, if you want to generate your own AI character then users need to sign up on CrushOn AI’s platform.  

Is CrushOn Safe?

Yes, CrushOn AI is a safe and secure platform that allows users to generate sexual and intimate conversations with their favorite AI characters online while maintaining users’ privacy and making the chats private. 

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