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Top 8 Free Undress AI Tools of 2024



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Undress AI tools use artificial intelligence to digitally alter images of individuals to appear as if they are undressed. These apps can transform clothed images of an individual into undressed versions by removing clothes from the image using text prompts.

Digital Artists and Photographers are utilizing this undressing AI technology on a large scale to generate high-quality naked images in different poses, backgrounds, and more. In this article, we will look at the top 8 free undress AI apps that you can use to generate an undressed version of your image. 

Top 8 Free Undress AI Tools of 2024

1. Soulgen AI

Soulgen AI art generator is one of the best undress AI tools. Its advanced AI technology can undress a girl by removing clothes from her body. To undress your image on Soulgen, users must start by navigating to the official site of Soulgen AI and registering using their valid email. Next, you have to click on the “Edit” option and choose “Edit Image.” 

Now, upload your image online and select the clothing areas from it. Under the “Enter prompt” section, add a text explaining your undressing requirements and choose the number of images. Once you’ve done this, click on the “Create” option, and Soulgen AI will instantly process your request and remove clothing from your standard image. 

Key Features: 

  • Soulgen AI offers a simple and intuitive interface that everyone can access without technical expertise. 
  • Users can specify their changes using text prompts in the Edit option. 
  • Users cannot only undress but also extend their images using this platform. 


Soulgen AI offers two pricing plans. A one-month plan for $9.99 and a twelve-month plan for $69.99. 

2. Promptchan AI

Promptchan AI is one of the best undress AI apps for removing clothes from pictures. It uses Deepfake Technology to make very clear undressed images.

First, go to the Promptchan AI website to make an undressed image and sign up with your email. Then click on “Edit” and upload an image. The image should be AI-generated or artwork, not show real people, because that’s against Promptchan AI’s rules.

Next, use the site’s tool to highlight the clothes you want to remove in your picture. You can also choose how you want the final picture and quality to look. Then, in the prompt section, write a little about what you want your undressed image to look like. After you’re done, click on “Edit” again, and Promptchan AI will create the image you asked for in a few seconds.

Key Features: 

  • This tool offers various styles such as Anime, Cinematic, Art, and more. 
  • It contains a simple and easy-to-access interface. 
  • Promptchan AI contains a prompt section where users can specify their undressing requirements. 


Plus Plan Premium Plan Pro Plan 
$9.59/month $15.19/month $21.59/month

3. Undress VIP

Undress VIP is an excellent free undress AI platform for users to generate undress photos instantly. This platform combines clothes removal and graphic designing abilities to help undress any image seamlessly. 

Undress VIP is a Telegram bot that allows users to download the Telegram app on their Android or iOS devices. Once you have installed Telegram on your device, search for “Undress VIP” and join the channel to access the free service. 

Upload any photo to the channel and select your desired style. Undress VIP will instantly remove the clothes from your photo while maintaining accuracy. Undress VIP is one of this list’s best undress AI tools. It can easily remove clothing from your images and quickly generate desired outcomes. 

Key Features: 

  • Users can access this platform for free. 
  • Quick undress AI image generations. 
  • This tool takes essential measures towards the privacy and safety of its users. 
  • It contains a user-friendly interface that helps generate an immersive experience for all its users. 


  • $1.90 for 5 points. 
  • $3.90 for 15 points. 
  • $5.90 for 30 points. 
  • $12.90 for 120 points. 

4. Candy AI

Candy AI is an AI-powered tool for individuals to generate undressed AI images of girls in just a few simple steps. This tool allows users to generate desired images of girls in Real and Anime styles. Candy AI offers a simple interface that everyone can easily utilize regardless of their technical expertise. It also offers excellent customization options for users to explore their creativity and imagination without any restrictions. 

Key Features: 

  • Excellent customization options. 
  • Simple and user-friendly interface. 
  • Users can generate undressed AI images using textual prompts.


The premium subscription plan of Candy AI starts at $12.99/month. 

5. Undress.App

Undress.App is an AI-powered tool through which users can effortlessly undress any image in just a few clicks. This platform has been trained using thousands of clothed and undressed images this way, it can accurately render how to undress an image and generate believable results. 

Undress App is extremely easy to use, all you need to do is visit the platform and register safely and anonymously. Upload your photo online of a person standing at a normal angle and choose a generation mode.

That’s it. The Undress App will now begin analyzing your image and instantly remove clothes from your standard image to generate your desired results. The best part about this platform is that it takes essential measures to ensure the safety and privacy of users. Therefore, it doesn’t save or share your data with any third party.

Key Features:

  • Users can decide the resolution of their content on this platform. 
  • Undress also allows users to select a body type and age of their choice. 
  • This platform provides excellent privacy and safety measures that ensure your data is completely safe and not shared with any third party. 


Free, paid plans begin at $11.99/month. 

6. is an Artificial intelligence platform that can remove clothing from your standard photographs using a Telegram bot. This Undress AI tool can generate high-quality AI-undressed images in just a few clicks. 

To access this platform, users must launch Telegram on their Android or iOS devices. Next, you must search for “” in the search bar and join the channel. This telegram bot is highly known for its fast generation and its intuitive interface helps provide an immersive experience to all its users.

This tool takes essential measures towards the safety and privacy of the user, ensures it doesn’t have any user data, and provides a safe and secure environment to all its users. 

Key Features: 

  • Users can access this platform on their smartphones by downloading Telegram from their iOS or Android device and joining channel. 
  • It offers good security measures and doesn’t store any user data. 
  • It contains a simple interface that can be utilized by anyone. 


  • Basic Subscription: $2.92/month
  • Standard Subscription: $7.50/month
  • Pro Subscription: $15.83/month

7. Nudify Online

Nudify Online is another excellent tool that utilizes advanced AI technology to efficiently remove clothing from standard images and transform them into undressed AI images. This tool offers an intuitive interface through which users can specify their demands and requirements by selecting various filters such as Body Type, Age, Resolution, and more. 

To access this platform, users need to simply sign in to the official website of Nudify Online using their email and upload their images online. Next, you need to paint the clothed area of your image choose the body type, age, and type of image, and click on “Generate.” Nudify Online will instantly analyze your image and transform it into an undressed image within seconds. 

Key Features: 

  • This platform allows users to select the body type and age to customize their image and generate their desired results.
  • It provides an intuitive interface that everyone can easily access. 


Basic Plan Standard Plan Pro Plan 
$23.99/month $37.99/month $59.99/month

8. X-Pictures Undress

XPictures is a free AI undress platform that offers an “Undress” feature. This feature allows individuals to effortlessly eliminate clothing from their images in just a few simple steps. It is a user-friendly platform that can easily transform standard images into undressed AI images without the need for any technical knowledge. 

To use this platform, users must simply visit the XPictures website and register using a valid email. Next, you need to tap on the “Undress” option and upload your image online. Now, you must draw on those areas you wish to undress or change and select presets (optional). Once you have followed these steps, click “Generate” and create your undressed image. 

Key Features: 

  • It offers a user-friendly interface. 
  • It utilizes advanced AI technology to transform the images into undressed images. 


Free, the premium plan begins at $19.50/month. 

Is Undress AI safe?

Yes, Undress AI is safe when it comes to data protection. However, these platforms raise concerns regarding ethics, privacy, and legal implications. Therefore, it is important to use these platforms safely and have the individual’s consent before using their image on these undressed AI platforms. 

Does Undress AI keep photos? Do they delete them?

Most undress AI platforms temporarily store the images users share on the service to generate the undressed outcome. Once the results requested by the users are created and shared with the user, the stored data is instantly removed by the platform. Therefore, no undress AI doesn’t keep your photos; they delete your data once the platform generates the requested outcome. 

Is Undress AI Legal?

The legality of undress AI depends on your country and location. Most locations consider the generation of undressed images unethical and illegal. Therefore, users need to check the laws set by the country before accessing an undressed AI platform to avoid any legal consequences. 


Undressed AI tools are one of today’s most advanced artificial intelligence creations. These platforms can eliminate clothes from your images and create an undressed version of the uploaded photo in just a few simple clicks. However, using these tools responsibly with proper consent and permission of the individual’s image is important as it can cause various implications such as privacy concerns, ethical issues, and legal consequences.