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What is Nudify-Her and its Alternatives 


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Nudify-Her is a combination of Art and Photoshop technology and digitally transforms your images into explicit content in different forms such as Deepfake videos, Nudified images, X-rays, and more. In this article, we are going to provide a Nudify-Her review highlighting its features, capabilities, how to use Nudify-Her, pricing, and more to give you a better idea of this AI-powered platform. So, let’s begin. 

There has been a rise in digital adult content creation platforms in the past few years. The advanced capabilities of Artificial intelligence have produced a large number of AI adult content generation tools in the market that can be utilized by users for both professional and personal use. 

About Nudify-Her

Nudify-Her is an AI-powered platform that specializes in nude photo manipulation and smut retouching. With this professional Photoshop studio users can generate customized nude images, faceswaps, naked X-rays, and more in the highest resolution. This tool utilizes advanced AI technology and Photoshop capabilities to generate users’ desired outcomes. 

To generate adult content on Nudify-Her, users need to contact the platform via their official email address and specify their instructions along with the distribution of appropriate images. The platform will then revert with the first edit in 24 hours. This platform takes good privacy measures to ensure users feel safe and secure while accessing the tool and deletes all the data provided by users once the final output is distributed. 

Nudify-Her Features: 

  • Deepfake videos: Nudify-Her can generate high-quality deepfake videos by face swapping by combining the capabilities of AI and Photoshop to fit the imagination and fantasies of an individual. 
  • AI-powered nude image generation: Users can transform their ordinary photos into accurate nude images on Nudify-Her based on their preferences. 
  • Good privacy measures: Nudify-Her ensures users’ safety and takes essential privacy measures so users can have a secure experience on this platform.

How to use Nudify-Her:

Nudify-Her has a different approach when it comes to generating a deepfake video, nude image generation, X-Ray, or anything else. Unlike other platforms, users don’t need to upload their content on the website or official app, instead contact the provider directly through their available contact details. Below we have mentioned a step-by-step guide on how to use Nudify-Her:

  • The first step is to visit the official website of Nudify-Her using this URL 
  • The next step is scrolling down the Nudify-Her website and contacting the platform via the provided email address. 
  • Provide your requests with proper specifications mentioned, users can also include any doubts or questions regarding the process, price, etc. 
  • Then include the photographs and videos depending on your request and include all the essential details on how the final product should turn out. 
  • Once you have out the materials and instructions you will receive a confirmation mail from Nudify-Her regarding your order and a quote will be provided. Along with discussions of the payment and methods.
  • After this, you will receive your final product by Nudify-Her, which can usually take 24 hours. Review the product thoroughly and communicate with the provider for any changes or redos. 


The pricing plans of Nudify-Her vary depending on your request which are mentioned below: 

  • To generate a nude image users need to pay $5 through which users can receive 10 variations of the same image. 
  • While the price for a face swap is $8 although the cost could rise in case of specific requests.
  • Video Deepfake costs $20 for a duration of 1 minute. 
  • X-Ray generation is available for $10

Nudify-Her Alternatives (Free & Paid)

There is a wide range of Nudify-her alternatives available through which users can generate high-resolution nude photos seamlessly. Below we have mentioned the top 5 best alternatives of Nudify-Her through which users can generate a nude image:

1. Nudify.Online is an undressing AI photo generator that can create the highest accuracy of deep fake nudes of individuals in just a few clicks. This tool is powered by advanced AI technology that can detect clothing areas from users’ images and instantly generate naked versions of the photograph in different resolutions. Users can access this platform via the official website or join the telegram bot to access the undress service. This tool also allows users to explore their creative side by producing AI photographs in different types such as Bikini, Anime, Forest, Barbie, and more. 


The starting price of the 1-month plan on is available at $23.99/month. Users can get additional discounts on this platform by purchasing a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan. 


Another great alternative option to Nudify-Her is This is an AI-driven tool that provides undressing services and removes clothes from users’ existing photographs transforming them into deepnude with excellent accuracy. This tool is available as a telegram bot as well as a web application and can be accessed by users based on their preferences. Users can generate their deepnude photos on this platform in different resolutions such as standard, high-quality, etc depending on their subscription level. 


The Basic plan of is available at $5.49/month.

3. Soulgen AI

Soulgen AI is another impressive AI platform through which users can generate high-quality nude images using text prompts. This platform allows users to explore their imagination and desires without any restrictions and produce new AI images as well as transform regular images into nude images through its advanced “Edit” option. Soulgen AI offers an intuitive interface through which users can generate deepnude images in just a few clicks. The best part about this platform is that users can access Soulgen through its web application or download the official app on their Android or iOS device for more comfortable usage. 


The 1-month plan of Soulgen AI is available at $12.99, while the 12-month plan is available at $90.99. 

4. Promptchan AI

Promptchan AI is another excellent image-generating platform that specializes in adult content creation. This tool allows users to produce high-quality uncensored images in numerous styles and poses using text prompts. Apart from this, users can also convert their existing images into deepnude on promptchan AI via its advanced “Edit” tool. The stand-out quality of this tool is customization options which allow users to truly explore their creativity and imagination without any limitations. 


The premium plan of Promptchan AI begins at $9.59/month. Apart from this, users can also purchase gems on this platform at a starting rate of $3.19 for 50 Gems. 

5. is a unique AI deepnude platform through which users can see anybody naked for free. This tool allows users to remove clothes from individuals’ images and generate accurate deepnudes by painting over the clothes. In addition, users can also set the body type and age trait on this platform to produce their desired deepnude image. is a trustworthy platform that allows users to explore the platform by signing up anonymously and keeping their identity safe and secure.


A free plan is available through which users can generate undressed images with medium quality. For high-quality image generation, users need to subscribe to a premium plan starting at $11.99/month. 


Is there a free version of Nudify-Her?

No, users need to pay a certain price to generate content on Nudify-Her. Each content such as face swap, image nudifying, X-Ray, and more contains a specific price that needs to be paid by the user for the content creation. 

Is it legal to use Nudify-Her?

Yes, it is legal to use Nudify-Her, however, it’s important that users access this platform responsibly and avoid using images of any individual without their consent as it can raise ethical and legal troubles. 

Is Nudify-Her Safe?

Yes, Nudify-Her is a safe platform and it doesn’t store any data provided by the users and ensures removal of the photos distributed by the users to maintain their privacy.

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