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OnlyRizz AI is a fun and exciting AI-powered platform that allows users to engage in NSFW conversations and generate high-quality visuals online. 

About OnlyRizz AI 

OnlyRizz AI is an NSFW (Not Safe For Work) chatbot that allows users to engage in intimate and adult-oriented conversations with a wide range of AI characters.

With this platform, users can receive Hot texts, Videos, Audio, and Images of an AI Girl to make the conversation process more personalized. OnlyRizz AI also allows users to create images of their desired AI Girl by choosing its ethnicity, body type, age, clothing, environment, and more.

Users can dive into fun and intimate conversations with a variety of AI Girls, engage in role-plays, or simply hang out with the AI Girls and have fun and enjoy conversations with them.

This platform uses strong Security protocols to ensure the chats between the users and AI Girl are private and safe so users can enjoy their time on OnlyRizz without any concerns.

OnlyRizz AI Key Features

1. Image Generation: Users can create customized AI images of their Dream GF on OnlyRizz. Users can customize their Body Type, Ethnicity, Clothing, Age, Facial Expressions, Skin Type, and more. 

2. AI Chat & Roleplay: OnlyRizz allows users to have fun and intimate conversations online. Users can also engage in exciting roleplays with their virtual girlfriends without any restrictions.

3. Multiple AI Model: OnlyRizz provides a wide range of model options along with a short introduction about the character so users can choose their desired AI model. Some of the AI model options available are MILF, Chill, Girlfriend, Nympho, Shy, Gamer, Submissive, and more.  

4. Active AI Community Image Feed: This platform contains a Community Image Feed that provides a wide range of NSFW image options available that can be browsed by the users. Users can also gain inspiration from this community feed for their own virtual girlfriend. 

OnlyRizz AI Use Cases 

1. NSFW Conversations: This platform allows users to have adult-oriented conversations, thus allowing users to explore their fantasies and desires without any restrictions. Users can select their preferred AI model from available options such as Submissive, MILF, Secretary, Girlfriend, etc based on their description and indulge in intimate conversations with them. 

2. Roleplay: Users can engage in unique roleplay with their virtual girlfriends on OnlyRizz AI by indulging in different scenarios, storylines, situations, fantasies, and more. This way users can have fun and get entertained by engaging in a simulated conversation. 

3. High-quality visuals: OnlyRizz can also be utilized for the generation of high-quality NSFW images. Users can create their own virtual girlfriends online by customizing their looks, clothing, poses, and much more to create their desired image. Users can also take inspiration for NSFW images from its Community Image Feed.

How to Use OnlyRizz AI?

OnlyRizz AI is a great platform for NSFW conversations online with a wide range of AI models. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use OnlyRizz AI: 

1. Navigate to OnlyRizz AI’s official website using this URL 

2. Click on the “Sign Up” option on the right corner 

3. Enter your Email and Password or Continue with Google 

4. Now your OnlyRizz AI account is ready

5. A wide range of AI model options will be available on your screen along with a short description 

6. Select your desired AI model and tap on “Chat Now” to begin a conversation with the AI character 

7. Users can also create their own AI character by clicking on the “Create Girl” option from the left-sidebar 

8. Now you need to customize your AI Girl by choosing the Body Type, Ethnicity, Age, Facial Expressions, Skin Type, and more body features

9. Next, you need to select the clothing style of your AI Girl such as Nudity, Clothing, Features, and Accessories

10. Lastly, you need to select an Environment, Camera Angle, and Time 

11. Once done, click on the “Generate” option and within a few seconds OnlyRizz AI will generate your AI Girl based on your preferences 

Pricing of OnlyRizz AI 

OnlyRizz AI provides a free trial option through which users generate 5 images and receive up to 10 messages. To access more images and messages users need to subscribe to its premium plans available below:

Budget Rizz Basic Rizz Pro Rizz Master Rizz 
$3.90/month $9.90/month $19.90/month $69.69/month 
Create 2 unique girlfriends Create 5 unique girlfriends Create 20 unique girlfriends Create 75 unique girlfriends 
Receive up to 250 messages Receive up to 750 messages Receive up to 2000 messages Receive up to 10,000 messages 

Alternatives of OnlyRizz AI (Free & Paid)

1. Janitor AI

Janitor AI is an excellent alternative to OnlyRizz AI. This AI-powered platform allows users to engage in NSFW conversations and create their desired AI virtual girlfriends online.

This platform ensures smooth conversations between the AI chatbot and the users using its advanced AI algorithm. Similar to OnlyRizz AI, this platform also contains a wide range of AI model options along with a short description that helps understand the personality of the AI model.

Pricing of Janitor AI: 

Janitor AI is available for free. The premium feature option requires a payment of $5 credit. 

2. CrushOn AI 

CrushOn AI is another great alternative to OnlyRizz AI as users can create unique and impressive AI characters on this platform based on their preferences and engage in unfiltered conversations with them.

This tool contains numerous AI characters such as Anime, Celebrities, Video Game characters, and much more. Users can also develop their desired AI character on this platform by customizing its appearance, personality, tags, character photo, and more. 

Pricing of CrushOn AI: 

CrushOn AI offers a free plan with limited features. However, to access the advanced features of CrushOn AI users need to subscribe to it’s premium plan starting from $4.9/month. 

3. is the ultimate AI sexting platform, where users can effortlessly engage in fun and intimate conversations with the AI model without any restriction.

This platform is especially desired for adult audiences through which users can explore their desires and fantasies using the AI chatbot. This platform provides two AI chatbot options, “Sofia” and “James” for both male and female audiences. 

Pricing of is available for free and can be accessed by anyone once users have signed up on the platform. 


Is there a free version of OnlyRizz AI? 

Yes, OnlyRizz AI offers a free trial through which users can generate 5 images, and receive 10 messages, and 1 voice message for free. To access more images and messages users need to purchase its paid plans starting from $3.90/month.

Is it safe to use OnlyRizz AI? 

Yes, OnlyRizz AI is a safe platform that prioritizes user safety and ensures a secure environment for its users using advanced encryption techniques.

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