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Seduced AI is an NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Image generating tool that allows users to generate sexual and adult-oriented content using text prompts. 

About Seduced AI

Seduced AI is one of the leading NSFW AI Image generators in the market. This tool allows users to create NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content without restrictions. Seduced AI strictly focuses on intimate and adult-oriented content. Thus, users can create stunning NSFW AI images using a variety of fetishes. 

A wide range of AI models is available on Seduced AI and the ability to create a new AI image with excellent customization options. Users can customize the AI image by specifying the characters, nationality, clothes, environment, style, effects, and more.

With Seduced AI, users can effortlessly generate NSFW content without any prior expertise or the use of any powerful technology. Users must enter and select their desired AI model character and specify their needs. Within seconds, Seduced AI will generate your AI image.

The simplified option is available for beginners, allowing users to access basic features. Meanwhile, users need to access the advanced version of seduced AI for premium features. 

Seduced AI Features

  1. Good Customization options 

Seduced AI contains various customization options for users to generate their desired adult-oriented images. Users can adjust their NSFW image by customizing the AI model, style, hair color, body type, clothing, and more.  

  1. Private Image generation 

Seduced AI allows a “Make Private” option through which users can generate NSFW images in private form without it being accessible to other users. However, this feature is only available for pro and platinum users. 

  1. Aspect Ratio 

This tool allows users to select the Aspect ratio of their NSFW image such as Square, Horizontal, and more. 

How to use Seduced AI

Here is how you can use Seduced AI: 

  • Start by navigating to the Seduced AI official site using this URL 
  • After visiting the site, users need to click on the “Join” option at the right corner and sign up using their Google account or email address.
  • Click on the “Generate New” option. 
  • Choose an AI Model of your preference and then select your desired characters. 
  • Now, you must customize your character by specifying its characteristics such as hair color, appearance, nationality, etc. 
  • Under the “Other” input box specify additional details of your AI image 
  • Now, choose the Aspect ratio of your image and determine the number of images under “Variations.” 
  • Click on “Generate” and your NSFW AI image will be generated 

Seduced AI – Use Cases 

NSFW Content generation 

Most websites don’t allow NSFW content generation due to privacy and security issues. However, Seduced AI allows users to explore their creativity and generate AI content without any censorship issues. 

Personal Use 

Seduced AI allows users to create intimate AI images and artworks in various styles and for users’ personal use and pleasure. With this tool, users can explore and unleash their imagination regardless of where their fascination is situated. Users can get creative and generate adult-oriented content using simple texts. 

Exploration of Fantasies

Seduced AI allows users to explore their wild fantasies, stories, sexuality, and imagination by generating NSFW content without any restrictions. 

Pricing of Seduced AI: 

Basic Plan Pro Plan Platinum Plan 
$0.33/day billed $10/month$0.83/day billed $25/month$1.67/day billed $50/month

Seduced AI Alternatives (Free & Paid) 

  • DeepNude
  • SexyAI 
  • Promptchan AI


Is there a free version of Seduced AI? 

Yes, Seduced AI does offer a free version through which users can generate high-quality NSFW images. However, users need to first sign up on the official site of Seduced AI. 

Is Seduced AI Safe?

Yes, Seduced AI is a safe NSFW content-generating tool that allows users above the age of 18 to generate sexual and adult-oriented images. 

Is it legal to use Seduced AI? 

Yes, it is legal to use Seduced AI. However, it’s important to maintain guidelines created by the website and avoid generating any AI NSFW Images related to minors involved, murder, non-consensual deepfakes, and more. Violating any of the guidelines set by Seduced AI can result in the permanent termination of the account. 

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