Google Bard Ai Sign Up – Create Your Account Now & Access it!

In this article, we have shared straightforward way to Google Bard Sign Up process. You will also Learn how to access google bard. Google said that users can sign up for the waitlist to use Bard, a tool that assists in creating essay drafts, planning baby showers, and finding culinary inspirations based on ingredients available. … Read more

Google Bard Now Better At Math & Logic By Using PaLM, Google Says

Google Bard Now Better At Math & Logic By Using PaLM, Google Says

Google’s AI chatbot Bard has introduced new improvements and understanding of Math and logic by using a new language model PaLM (Pathways Language Madel) which has 540 billion parameters and is quite similar to OpenAI’s GPT-3. With PaLM, Bard is able to power conversational AI chatbots such as ChatGPT.  With the new language model, Bard … Read more

Is Bard Trained on ChatGPT Data? Here’s What Google said

Is Bard Trained on ChatGPT Data

Google’s advanced AI chatbot Bard AI has been accused of using ChatGPT data to train its AI model. The allegations came to light when the former Google AI researcher shared his concerns regarding the usage of rival ChatGPT data and the possibility of chatbots generating responses that might turn out similar.  Although Google has denied … Read more

Why is Google AI called Bard? What does it stand for?

“Bard” stands for Poet, referring to famous English literature William Shakespeare, Bard of Avalon. It directs Bard’s creative abilities to generate authentic and unique content. It contains geek roots which work well for Google’s convention of names.  Bard is an Artificial intelligence chat service by Google. Bard utilizes the LaMDA language model to help understand … Read more

Which Countries Google Bard available in?

In which countries Google Bard available in?

Let’s find out What countries is Google Bard available in? After the release of Open AI’s ChatGPT, several tech giants are working to develop similar chatbots or use ChatGPT to develop more efficient systems. Google AI has created Google Bard, a generative artificial intelligence bot to compete with ChatGPT. The bot is powered by a … Read more

Can Turnitin detect Google Bard?

As we all know, everyone has started using AI-based content generator tools and the question that arises is Can Turnitin detect content generated using Google Bard?  Nowadays, people have been debating about the regular use of AI-based writing tools such as Google Bard. But Can plagiarism detection software like Turnitin be able to detect it?  … Read more

Google Bard Vs Bing Chat: Who’s Winning AI Chatbot War?

Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing have taken the AI chatbot market by storm. With Bard enabling waitlist for UK and US users to Bing Chat confirming the availability of the new GPT-4, both AI chatbots have been creating a huge name in the industry.   For now, Bing ChatGPT seems to have taken the lead, but … Read more

Google Bard Release Date and Launch Details

The latest conversational chatbot by Google, Bard, has been one of the most anticipated chatbots in the market. Bard has been compared to OpenAI’s infamous ChatGPT, as both are conversation chatbots. But unlike ChatGPT, Bard does have an additional advantage, as it can access information from the web. This has raised questions regarding Google Bard … Read more

Now You Can Access Google Bard AI Chatbot, It is Public

Now You Can Access Google Bard AI Chatbot, It is Public

Google has recently made its ChatGPT-inspired tool, Bard, available to the public. Although it is still in an early experimental phase, those residing in the United States and the UK can access it by signing up on and joining the waitlist. They describe Bard as an “early experiment” that allows people to collaborate with … Read more

Google Bard Demo: What went wrong with Google’s AI Chatbot

Google’s Bard AI was one of the most anticipated AI chatbots in the market. However, the very first demo of this AI chatbot turned into a failure when it made a factual error and delivered an incorrect answer to one of the questions.   Google’s parent company even faced a decline of $100 billion in market … Read more