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EVA AI is an AI roleplaying chatbot that allows users to create their desired AI virtual companion and chat with them instantly. 

About EVA AI 

EVA AI previously known as “Journey AI” is a deep AI roleplay chat assistant. This tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to generate human-like conversations.

EVA AI listens, responds, and connects with users emotionally and helps improve their mental health. With this chatbot users have natural conversations, talk about their feelings, and emotions, and share special moments of their lives.

Users can also create their own virtual companion AI chatbot. Users can customize their Virtual AI Girlfriend/Boyfriend by choosing a name, gender, and appearance on EVA AI. 

This way users can feel more connected while talking to the AI chatbot. Apart from chat, users can also send and receive voice mails, however, this feature is only limited to subscribed users.

To create an even deeper and more connected relationship, EVA AI introduced a photo-responsive feature. Through this users can share images with the app and similarly receive image responses through their virtual companion.

The best part about this AI chatbot is that it allows NSFW chats, so if you are feeling lonely or want to explore your intimate desires. Then you can effortlessly share all your thoughts and imagination with EVA AI without any limitations. 

EVA AI Features

  1. Voice AI conversations 

EVA AI allows its premium users to connect with their AI virtual companions using audio messages and having Voice conversations with them. This helps create a much deeper connection between the virtual bot and humans and enhances the overall experience of users. 

  1. Photo Responsive 

EVA AI capabilities aren’t limited to chat and audio messages, instead, users can send images online to their virtual soulmate, friend, or girlfriend. With these features, users can generate a deeper connection by sharing their thoughts, ideas, and imagination with their AI Girlfriend/boyfriend. 

  1. Customization options

EVA AI allows users to customize their virtual companion to create their desired AI Girlfriend/boyfriend. Users can customize various aspects of the AI chatbot such as its name, gender, appearance, personality traits, and more. 

EVA AI – Use Cases 

Emotional Support 

AI Roleplay tools like EVA AI can help provide emotional support by talking and listening to your thoughts and feelings. Not only does EVA AI listen to your emotions but also provides beneficial and comforting responses that can improve your mood and make users cheerful. 

Improve conversation skills 

EVA AI allows users to have unlimited conversations with an AI Girlfriend, friend, and more by generating human-like responses. This can help users overcome shyness and become more confident in conversations and improve their skills. This way users can improve their social skills. 

Virtual Relationship experience 

EVA AI can help users understand and experience virtual relationships and explore various dynamics without actually being with a human. This way users can experience the talking, caring, and sharing stages of a relationship effortlessly. This can be beneficial in improving your relationship skills by roleplaying different dynamics.  

How to use EVA AI 

Here’s how you can use EVA AI: 

  • The first thing you need to do is Download the official app of EVA AI on your Android and iOS devices
  • For this, open the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone type “EVA AI” and search 
  • Click on the app and “Install” EVA AI on your phone  
  • Now, Open the app and sign up on EVA AI by providing your email and creating a strong password 
  • Choose the gender of your virtual companion (Female or Male)
  • Next, provide a name to your AI chatbot of your choice and determine the age 
  • After this, you need to select an ethnicity 
  • Lastly, you need to pick a personality such as Flirty or Friendly 
  • Now, you need to provide some information about yourself such as your Name, Age, and Pronouns
  • That’s it your AI virtual companion is now ready and you can start talking to your AI Girlfriend/Boyfriend  

Pricing of EVA AI: 

EVA AI is available for free download. However, users need to purchase neurons to access premium features. 100 neurons are available for $4.99. 

EVA AI Alternatives (Free & Paid) 

EVA AI is an impressive AI chatbot and here are some of the alternatives of EVA AI: 

  1. Kajiwoto AI 

Kajiwoto AI is a personal AI friend companion through which users can communicate and express their thoughts and feelings. Users can generate their own personal chat rooms to chat with their AI in private or in groups along with their friends. Users can also create their own virtual AI companion and customize its appearance to make the process more personalized. 

Pricing of Kajiwoto AI: 

Available for Free, Paid plans begin at $7.32/month for more AI model choices. 

  1. ChatFAI

ChaiFAI is an advanced AI-powered web app that allows users to chat with their favorite characters from TV shows, Movies, Books, and more. The AI-powered technology in ChaiFAI can generate conversations that look completely real by bringing your desired characters to life. The best part about this tool is it securely stores your conversations ensuring the generated conversations are completely safe.

Pricing of ChaiFAI: 

Free, Paid plan available for $8.25/month.  

  1. Chai AI

Chai AI is another leading AI chatbot available through web applications and mobile apps. This tool offers a wide range of pre-existing AI chatbots and allows users to interact with their favorite AI characters. By allowing users to access the Chat AIs from all across the globe. Apart from this, Chai AI also allows users to build and deploy their own personal AI chatbot by utilizing the Chaipy Python library. 

Pricing of Chai AI: 

Chai AI is available for free download on your mobile apps, the premium plan of this AI chatbot begins at $13.99. 

  1. Botify AI

Botify AI is a unique AI chat service that allows users to generate their own custom digital friends by adjusting their appearance and personality. With this tool, users can create AI characters of celebrities, fictional characters, and much more.

Users can indulge in fun and engaging conversations with their AI bot and talk about almost any topic of their choice. Users can download the official app of Botify AI on their smartphones and start generating their favorite AI characters.

Pricing of Botify AI: 

Free, Paid plans begin at $7.99. 


Is EVA AI Safe? 

Yes, EVA AI is safe to use. Its privacy and security measures ensure the information provided on the app is stored securely without sharing it with any third party. 

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