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Chai AI – Is this a Character.AI Alternate?



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Chai AI is an AI chat service powered by cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology. It allows users to have fun conversations with AI bots and build their own AI bots on the platform.

This platform contains a wide range of AI chatbots available such as therapists, friends, mentors, and more. Allowing users to select an AI bot depending on their mood and preference.

Chai AI

Chai AI also contains an NSFW Toggle, which allows users to access NSFW content by simply enabling the toggle on Chai AI. In this article, we will take a look at Chai AI Best Character AI Alternate, its features, how to use the Chai App, is it safe, and more.  

What is Chai AI?

Chai AI is a two-way AI conversation platform powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. This tool is capable of generating human-like responses and allows users to select an AI chatbot simply by swiping. It offers a wide range of AI chatbots such as a friend, mentor, therapist, and more. is the office website of chai ai.

Unlike other AI chatbots, Chai AI contains an NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Toggle. Which allows users to enable or disable the NSFW toggle easily depending on their choice.

This is an excellent initiative taken by Chai AI to ensure users can enjoy NSFW content while ensuring the safety of other users. This makes Chai AI the best character AI alternative that allows users to access NSFW content while chatting with the AI characters. 

Chai AI supports Android and iOS devices and the official app can be downloaded by users through Play Store or App Store. Users can send up to 100 messages on Chai App for free without subscribing to the premium plan.

However, to send more than 100 messages users need to subscribe to Chai AI’s premium plan available for $13.99/month. 

Features of the Chai AI App

Here are the top features offered by Chai App: 

1. User-friendly Interface

The Chai app includes a simple and convenient interface. That allows users to share their thoughts and feelings with AI chatbots easily and receive human-like responses.

The conversational interface makes it easier for users to share and indulge in conversations and enhances users’ experience in Chai AI App. Users can easily select the AI bot they want to talk to and skip the ones they don’t want. 

2. Personalized Streams

Chai App is capable of understanding your preferences using artificial intelligence. This helps Chai develop appropriate recommendations to provide a personalized chat experience.  

3. Bot development

Chai App allows users to create and deploy chatbots via It also allows users to track their performance using the global leaderboard.  

4. In-App purchasing

Chai App contains in-app purchasing options. This allows users to access unlimited messages along with additional features and capabilities.

5. Community Engagement

Users can join the Chai App community on Reddit and Linkedin. 

How to Use the Chai AI App

To use the Chai App, you need to follow below-mentioned below: 

1. The first step is to Download the Chai App on your Android or iOS devices via Google Play Store or Apple App Store

2. Create an account on Chai App by providing all the required information such as Email and password

3. Swipe through the AI chatbot and select your preferred AI bot

4. Start engaging with the AI chatbot and explore different AIs to have fun conversations with different bots

5. You can ask questions, provide a command, share your feelings, and more with the AI chatbot

6. Visit Settings and adjust the options to generate a more personalized experience 

Is Chai AI Safe?

Yes, Chai AI is regarded as safe by its users. Similar to other AI chatbots, Chai App is capable of reading users’ messages. However, Chai App ensures its users protect their privacy and don’t disclose their information to any third party outside the platform.

Users can ensure their privacy themselves on Chai App, by not disclosing any personal information during conversations. This way users can truly enjoy the platform without worrying about their privacy or security. 

Can Chai AI App Read Your Text Messages?

Yes, the Chai App can read your text messages. Chai App is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot and similar to other chatbots, the developers and AI bot within the app can see your conversations.

This means that users need to be careful while generating conversations and sharing their details on the platform. Since the conversations are visible to developers and AI bots, it’s better to be cautious and not share any personal details.

Chai App ensures to keep users’ information private and not disclose anything to anyone outside the platform. It’s better to be careful and keep the conversation casual with no personal information. 

Is Chai AI free to Use?

Yes, Chai AI is free to download and users can access the platform for free and send up to 100 messages a day. However, to send more than 100 messages users need to subscribe to the Chai premium plan.

The Premium plan is available for 13.99/month or users can subscribe to a yearly plan available for $134.99/year. The paid plans allow users to send unlimited messages and provide access to several additional features such as building your AI bot. 

How to Enable Dark Mode on Chai AI

You can enable the Dark Mode on Chai App by following these steps: 

1. Open Chai App on your device 

2. Click on the “Gear” icon available at the top right corner 

3. Tap on “Settings” 

4. Click on “Theme” 

5. Now, select “Dark” to enable the Dark mode 

That’s it, now you can enjoy the Chai App on your device using Dark mode. To switch back to light mode, you need to follow the steps and select “Light” to enable the light mode. 

Does Chai AI App Support NSFW?

Yes, Chai App supports NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. Chai App has an “NSFW Toggle” option available, which allows users to decide whether they want the platform to generate inappropriate content or not. Therefore, users who want to access exhibiting content can enable the NSFW option and access the content without any restrictions.

Meanwhile, users who don’t want any exhibit content to occur on Chai App can disable the toggle and access content without worrying about any inappropriate content popping up.

Despite having an NSFW Toggle, few users have stated the app tends to generate exhibit and inappropriate content even when the NSFW is disabled. The Chai App has an 18+ rating, which indicates the app is not meant for children. Thus, users below the age of 18, should avoid access to the Chai App as the app is capable of exposing exhibit content.

Users can report the generation of any offensive or harmful content to their developers by clicking on the menu option and selecting “Report.” This will help notify developers and ensure such content generation doesn’t occur in the future. 

How to Use the Chai App Safely

To use Chai App safely, users can try accessing these below-mentioned measures: 

Don’t share your personal information: 

To access Chai App safely, you should ensure you aren’t sharing any personal information with the AI bot. Therefore, you should avoid sharing the following details: Full name, Phone number, address, account details, email, social media, and more. 

Be aware of the AI chatbot: 

At times, a few scammers can build an AI chatbot to scam other users and gain their personal details or engage in inappropriate conversations with users. If you find yourself in such scenarios, end the conversation. 

Report any unusual activity: 

If you witness any unusual or improper activity from the bot, immediately report it to the Chai App developers. You can report the AI chatbot by clicking on the menu option and selecting “Report.” This will help alert the AI developers regarding the bot and take essential actions against it. 

All these guidelines can help provide users with a safe experience on the Chai App.


How can I download Chai AI?

Chai AI app supports both Android and iOS devices. Thus, users need to simply search “Chai AI” on their Play Store or App Store and install the app on their devices. 

How can I report inappropriate or harmful content on Chai AI?

You can report inappropriate or harmful content on Chai App by clicking on the report button using the menu option on Chai App. You can place your report under the following reasons: offensive, violent, hateful, illegal, and abusive content. This will help provide a direct report to the Chai App developers to avoid such occurrences in the future. 

Is Chai AI legit?

Chai AI is partly legit, as it has a legitimacy score of 55.2/100. Thus, we can consider the Chai AI app to be relatively safe. 

What is the chai AI controversy?

Chai AI was involved in a major controversy in March when a Belgian man committed suicide after chatting with Chai AI. This news was reported by La Libre, a Belgian outlet. This raised the issues surrounding AI and how the government can regulate the potential risks of AI, especially when it comes to mental health issues. 

What happened to the Chai AI app?

The Chai AI app was facing unavailability issues, where the chatbot was unable to respond to users’ queries. However, this issue occurred due to heavy traffic and was solved after about 20-30 minutes. 

Is the Chai app actually bots?

Yes, Chai is a two-way AI conversation platform, Where users can converse with bots in a human-like manner. Thus, users are actually having a conversation with an AI bot that is trained using advanced AI to generate human-like responses. 


Chai AI is an excellent alternative to Character AI with NSFW Toggle. This platform allows users to chat with a variety of AI characters and enable or disable NSFW content generation using the Toggle. Above we have mentioned a detailed guide on Chai AI, how to use it, its features, and more.

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