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GetIdol is an AI-powered image and chat platform that encourages users to engage in uncensored conversations with Idols inspired by anyone.

About GetIdol AI

GetIdol AI is an ultimate fantasy destination that contains a wide range of AI idol characters with whom users can engage in uncensored conversations and unleash their desires without any restrictions. This platform contains different AI character categories such as Anime Trending, Fan Fic Special, Fantasy, Power Dynamics, and more through which users can select their favorite AI characters easily. Users can even design a personalized idol for themselves by customizing its appearance and personality for an enhanced experience. 

This platform is powered by advanced AI technology where players or users can explore an Open World of interactive stories and games. GetIdol encourages users to explore and indulge in role-play fantasies through the use of AI-generated Idols and images. GetIdol AI offers a simple and intuitive interface that can be easily accessed by both beginners and experts without any difficulties. 

Key Features

  • NSFW chat: GetIdol AI encourages users to unleash their desires and fantasies on this platform and have uncensored conversations without any restrictions.
  • Unique roleplay fantasies: Users can engage and explore a variety of role-play fantasies through the use of AI-generated Idols and images on GetIdol AI. 
  • Variety of Idol options available: GetIdol AI offers a large range of Idol options each with different looks and personalities. This way users can scroll and choose their desired idol and engage in conversations with them.
  • User-friendly Interface: This platform offers a simple and easy-to-use interface that can be easily accessed by anyone for chatting, image generation, or idol creation. 

Use Cases

Uncensored Conversations: One of the best use cases of GetIdol AI is that users can explore their imagination and fantasies on this platform and truly explore uncensored content without any restrictions or limitations. 

Roleplay: Users can explore roleplay with their desired AI Idol on this platform and enact different types of storylines and scenarios. This way users can create their own virtual fantasy world and talk about everything they desire. 

Creators can generate personalized idols: Creators can also explore their creativity on this platform and design a personalized idol by customizing its appearance and personality and engaging in chat with them. 

How to use GetIdol AI

GetIdol AI contains a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to chat on the platform. To use GetIdol AI you need to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the official site of GetIdol AI using this URL 
  • Click on the “Sign-In” option available on the left-side bottom of your screen 
  • Enter your email address and password and sign up on GetIdol 
  • Tap on the “Home” section and scroll down to access AI idol options 
  • Choose your favorite idol and tap on it to begin the conversations 

To create a personalized idol follow these steps: 

  • Click on the “Create Idol” option for the left-sidebar 
  • Enter the “Name” of your Idol and choose the gender: Male, Female, or Other 
  • After this, select the model type: Realistic or Anime, and tap on “Next” 
  • Share a portrait or image to inspire your Idol’s look
  • Next, enter a text prompt describing your idol’s appearance you can include details about clothes, style, mood, etc
  • After this, choose your desired hair style, body type, skin color, age, eye color, etc by tapping on the tags
  • Now, describe the personality of your Idol by writing down a short introduction 
  • Next, choose Tags (Optional) that describe your idol the best such as Male, Female, Anime, Fantasy, etc or you can also add a new tag of your choice 
  • Once done, create a scenario name and greeting (optional) 
  • Then enter an example conversation (optional) and state the visibility of your idol 
  • Lastly, click on “Chat now” and begin your conversations with your personalized idol  


GetIdol AI offers a free plan that allows users to access the platform with limited features and capabilities. Paid plans of GetIdol AI are mentioned below: 

Premium Plan VIP Plan 
$6.99/month $16.99/month 

Apart from monthly plans, users can subscribe to tokens by paying as you go:

  • 600 tokens – $4.99
  • 1400 tokens – $8.99
  • 2690 tokens – $12.99

Alternatives of GetIdol AI

1. GirlfriendGPT 

GirlfriendGPT is an excellent alternative to GetIdol AI. This platform allows users to engage in uncensored NSFW AI Chat with a variety of different AI characters. Using this tool users can discover, connect, and develop relationships with their AI friends. Users can also engage in NSFW roleplay and truly unleash their imagination and fantasies without any restrictions. 


The Premium plan of GirlfriendGPT begins at $15/month. 

2. Candy AI

Candy AI is another AI chatbot service that offers a wide range of AI characters in both Anime and Realistic styles with whom users can engage in conversations. Users can also generate their own personalized AI characters and chat with them on this platform by customizing their appearance and personality, hobbies, occupations, etc. Users can even request images from their AI characters for an enhanced conversation experience.


The monthly subscription plan of Candy AI is available at $12.99/month, while the annual plan is available at $5.99/month. 

3. Muah AI

Muah AI is another great alternative to the GetIdol AI platform. This app allows users to engage in uncensored conversations with AI companions and explore their fantasies and desires effortlessly. Muah AI also allows users to create their own personalized AI companions, have real-time calls and exchange photographs with them to enhance their experience online.


Muah AI is a free AI companion application that can be easily accessed by anyone. 


Does GetIdol AI offer a free plan? 

Yes, GetIdol AI offers a free plan through which users can send 50 messages a week and create up to 1 idol on the platform.

Does GetIdol AI allow users to engage in roleplay? 

Yes, GetIdol AI encourages users to engage in roleplay with their desired AI idol and enact a variety of different storylines and scenarios on the platform without any restrictions. 

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