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A cutting-edge AI-based essay generation tool capable of producing 10,000 words from just three words.

Charley.AI Essay Writer Review

About Charley.AI

Writing academic essays takes a lot of time, effort, and research. With Charley.AI, your efforts are reduced to less than half. 

Charley.AI is an essay generation tool that produces high-quality, plagiarism-free academic essays. It can produce upto 15,000 words long essays for any topic. The tool is powered by GPT-3 to produce engaging and unique essays.

Charley.AI allows users to input their preferred writing style, tone, expected word count, and grade level. The platform then generates relevant essays based on the topic and instructions given. It also offers ready-made templates for users to represent their work more convincingly.

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Company NameCharley
Launch Date2023
CategoryEssay generation tools

Charley.AI Features

Charley.AI is powered by GPT-3 to produce professional and academic essays. Many students use this platform to write their academic content or complete assignments. Below are some remarkable features of the Charley.AI tool:

  • Charley.AI produces grammatically correct content and provides feedback on improving the tone or writing style.
  • It offers several customizable templates.
  • The platform offers 24/7 support via email and telephone.
  • It is a cloud-based application allowing users to access their work from anywhere, anytime.
  • The platform provides citations and links to its sources.
  • It can write essays for various grade levels.
  • The tool is available for Android, iOS, and desktop devices.
  • It can write upto 15,000 words in less than 20 seconds.

Charley.AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Charley.AI is ideal for various industries. Some of its real-world applications include the following:

  • Students can use Charley.AI to generate academic essays or assignments.
  • Content creators can use Charley.AI to create content for their upcoming posts.
  • Individuals can use Charley.AI to practice writing essays.

Charley.AI Pricing

Charley.AI is a premium subscription-based service for students and professionals. The platform offers a free trial with limited functionalities for its paid plans. You need to get a subscription to access Charley.AI and write essays. Below is the pricing for different Charley.AI products:

  • Mini Plan – $13.99 per month – It generates upto 12,000 words monthly. Users can copy-paste content and share it with others.
  • Student Plan – $18.99 per month – It generates upto 35,000 words monthly. Users get 24/7 live chat support and suggestions for improving grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Ultimate Plan – $29.99 per month – It generates upto 100,000 words monthly. Users get all features in the Student plan with access to task sheets to streamline assignments.


Does offer a free trial?

No, Charley.AI doesn’t offer a free trial. It allows users to apply for a free trial but will add them to a waiting list. If you want to access the Charley.AI tool immediately, use one of its paid plans. Its basic plan starts at $13.99 per month.

Can I use to write my school essays?

Yes, you can use Charley.AI to write your school essays. The tool produces high-quality, error-free, and plagiarism-free essays for any topic. You can use it to write essays of all grades, but verify the information before submitting it to your teacher.

Is there any word limit while using

Charley.AI can produce upto 15,000 words long essays. It has no word count limits. However, the number of words you can generate monthly depends on your plan. The basic plan allows upto 12,000 words monthly, while the ultimate plan offers upto 100,000 words monthly.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your Charley.AI subscription anytime by contacting the legal support team. Email [email protected] or call 0484068606 and ask the support team to cancel your plan. Remember, the plan will remain active until the billing cycle ends.

What are some alternatives?

Several AI tools offer similar essay or content generation functionalities like Charley.AI. These include essay bot, prowriting aid, essay soft, writesonic, and Scribens.


Charley.AI is an excellent AI tool for students and professionals seeking essay-generation tools. The platform generates plagiarism-free, grammatically correct essays for almost every subject and grade level. It automates and speeds up students’ tasks allowing them to focus on other work.

You can use Charley.AI to write essays without restrictions. The catch is that its pricing is higher, and sometimes the results may lack accuracy. So, verify the facts before submitting them.

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