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AI and ChatGPT Must Compensate for Using News Content: News Corp Australia CEO:



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News Corp Australia’s CEO, Michael Miller, has stated digital companies are using Artificial intelligence to take creative content, news, and information of original creators without any compensation. 

The creators believe they deserve fair wages for the content and news to be used to help improve their products, content, and more. Some even believe a media bargain code should be implemented to avoid tech platforms’ usage of news publishers’ content on their platforms without any reimbursement. 

AI and ChatGPT Must Compensate for Using News Content

Key Points: 

  • News Corp Australia’s CEO, Micheal Miller, believes it’s important for AI platforms to compensate original creators for using their content and information. 
  • Miller says it’s essential to place a law for AI platforms to compensate all original content creators appropriately for their work. 
  • Miller believes AI companies and content creators can achieve benefits together with an agreement. 

AI chatbots like ChatGPT must Compensate for using News Content 

Micheal Miller, the CEO of News Corp Australia, stated on 2nd April, “creators of original journalism and content” to avoid doing past mistakes that can “decimate the industries” by allowing tech companies to use their information and stories and gain profits without giving any compensation. 

AI chatbots are software that gains data, information, and news from various sources to generate responses or outputs to users’ queries. These chatbots mimic human speech to provide human-like responses. One of the most notable AI chatbots currently in the industry is OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which was released in November. 

According to Michael Miller, generative AI’s rise is a powerful step by digital companies to generate “ A new pot of gold to maximize revenues and profits by taking the creative content and information without remunerating them for their original work.”

Using OpenAI as an example, Miller stated that the company has rapidly established a business worth about $30 billion by utilizing others’ original content, information, and creativity without compensation and attribution. 

A new media bargaining code was implemented in 2021 by the Australian federal government. The code obliged tech platforms and companies in Australia to compensate news publishers for the original news and information made accessible or linked on their platforms.  

Miller says a similar code or law is also essential for AI platforms so all original content creators are appropriately compensated for their work and content. 

Original creators such as journalists, authors, historians, musicians, and more have the right to be rewarded for their hard work, which gets constantly used by Artificial intelligence platforms. 

An open letter was signed by more than 2,600 tech leaders, including Elon Musk, showing their urge to place a temporary pause on further AI development (systems that are more developed than GPT-4), fearing it could be a “profound risk to humanity and society” 

Meanwhile, a temporary ban has been issued on OpenAI’s ChatGPT in Italy by a watchdog in charge of data protection due to privacy concerns. An open investigation is taking place to suspect the breaches of data privacy rules. 

Miller believes there is a potential for both AI companies and content creators to gain benefit with an agreement instead of simply placing an outright block or banning the tech, which would bring no benefit to either AI companies or original content creators.

He stated, “Appropriate guardrails,” Artificial intelligence contains a possibility of becoming a valuable journalistic resource. It can be a great asset in generating the content, “gathering facts” faster, helping publish content on numerous platforms, and might accelerate video production in the future. 

The crypto industry also seems to gain AI interest and is likely to use AI benefits in more projects. Although currently, they are in the initial stages. 

According to Miller, AI platforms are likely to face risk in their future success if they cannot persuade the audience that the information and data they distribute are trustworthy and reliable. Therefore, AI platforms can use original creators to confirm the published content’s reliability, which can help gain users’ belief and trust. However, must reimburse the creators for publishing their content and work. 

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