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Generate a personalized cover letter with the power of AI in just a few seconds.

About AI Cover

AI Cover Letter is an artificial intelligence powered tool that crafts professional cover letters for job seekers to land their dream job faster. The tool analyzes the candidate’s information and job description to create a personalized cover letter using AI. It uses Open AI’s GPT language model to understand the user’s requirements and generate relevant cover letters.

AI Cover allows users to create, download, and share cover letters in just a few minutes. The platform is safe and secure for job seekers. It doesn’t share the user’s information with third-party websites or agents.

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AI Cover Features

AI Cover offers a plethora of features for job seekers to create professional cover letters faster. Some of its useful features include the following:

  • It has a simple and easy to use interface.
  • It creates cover letters using little information from users and tailors them according to the job requirements.
  • Users can download the cover letter without watermark.
  • It uses GPT to understand and respond to user questions in a better way.
  • It keeps the user’s information confidential and doesn’t share it with others.
  • It accepts several payment methods, including debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, etc.

AI Cover Use Case – Real-World Applications

AI Cover can be used by job seekers to speed up their job search process. It can be helpful for the following purposes

  • Job seekers can use it to generate cover letters.
  • Resume and cover letter building companies can use it to generate cover letters for their clients.

AI Cover Pricing

AI Cover is a paid tool offering plans based on the user’s requirements. It also has a free plan offering one credit, which is equivalent to one cover letter. Users can test the platform using the free plan before purchasing a subscription. The pricing plans for AI Cover are as follows:

  • Pro plan – $5 for 10 credits.
  • Ultimate – $10 for 25 credits.


Is there any limit on the number of cover letters I can generate with AI Cover?

You can generate unlimited cover letters using the AI cover letter generator. The platform allows users to generate one cover letter with one credit. After exhausting your credits, you need to purchase new ones to keep generating cover letters.

In which format can I download the cover letter on AI Cover?

AI Cover allows users to download cover letters in PDF format. This allows users to download and share the file on job application sites faster.

Do I need to buy an AI Cover subscription to create a cover letter?

You can try AI Cover for free using its free trial plan. The plan allows users to create one cover letter for free and test the platform’s functionalities. If you find it worth your money, you can get one of its paid plans to keep using the platform for generating unlimited cover letters.

Can I use cover letters created by AI Cover for job searches?

Yes, the cover letters created by AI Cover can be used for job searches. Employers won’t penalize candidates for submitting such cover letters. Besides, the cover letters are carefully crafted using AI to help job seekers land jobs faster.

Will AI Cover leak my personal information?

No, your information is 100% safe with AI cover. The platform doesn’t share its user’s information with third party apps and businesses for money. You can share your information on AI Cover, and it will remain safe and private.

AI Cover letter generator is a powerful tool for job seekers. It can craft professional cover letters in just a few minutes. It saves candidates time and money with its affordable pricing solutions.

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