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AI Dungeon Alternatives


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Are you looking for AI Dungeon alternatives? You’ve landed in the right place!

AI Dungeon is a text-based AI adventure game. That means the game responds to the text you type. You can create custom scenarios, plots, and characters and define the game rules. Everything is made using AI as per your instructions. You only have to type sentences to play.

But is AI Dungeon the only text-based AI game?

Obviously not! This guide shares some AI Dungeon alternatives. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

AI Dungeon Alternatives

AI Dungeon Alternatives – Top 15 Games Similar to AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon is a popular AI-based game with a unique concept. The game has unmatchable features and gives an exceptional gaming experience.

However, the internet has a few other games offering similar features to AI Dungeon. So, let’s see what the AI Dungeon alternatives are:

1. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Cataclysm is a game where you must survive for a long time amidst violence and terror occurring in your surroundings.

The game requires you to use your skills to secure food and water while ensuring your safety. Cataclysm is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. You can download the compiled versions of this game on github.

2. Dreamily.AI

dreamily ai

Dreamily.AI is not really a game but a creative writing tool for creators. The app allows you to create a new world and interact with its characters.

You can define a genre and writing style and let the app do the rest. Dreamily.AI is a go-to app for writers seeking a companion. It can create an entire story in a few minutes. So, if you struggle to find new words, try this app!

3. Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is another AI Dungeon alternative that keeps you hooked to your mobile device all day! The game is based on the Dwarven era, where you must keep your dwarfs safe.

You must also keep your fortress safe while searching for wealth and treasure across the mountains. Dwarf Fortress is a single-player text-based game. So, you can control your character and handle obstacles by typing sentences only.

4. HyperWrite


Do you want to speed up your writing? Do you often get stuck while finding words? You should try using HyperWrite. This AI Dungeon alternative provides long paragraphs or text based on the topic you ask it to write for. You can also try using this tool to communicate with other websites.


5. InferKit


Inferkit is another AI-based text generator. The tool reads the text you initially type in and then generates paragraphs or text of what it thinks will come next.

It is an excellent tool for novelists seeking inspiration while writing. You can also use the tool to generate poems or autocomplete sentences. You can write a few characters initially and hit the generate text button to instruct the tool to complete the text.

6. Infinite Story

Infinite Story

The next AI Dungeon alternative on our list is Infinite Story. This website allows you to read and write endless stories collaboratively. You can write a story in various genres like Science and fiction, Romance, Thriller, Fantasy, Drama, Action, etc.

It also allows you to create interactive workflows, prototypes, and image adventures. You can also create an account and use its features like private messaging, image uploading, private stories, etc.

7. Magium


Magium is a mobile adventure game available for iOS and Android users. The game has some features exactly similar to AI Dungeon.

This text-based adventure game requires the character to join a mage tournament against powerful mages to fulfill his dream of becoming a powerful mage.

It has over 100 spells with several enemies to fight with. It has an epic storyline that enhances the gaming experience.

8. NovelAI


NovelAI is another artificial intelligence-based tool that assists you in writing articles. The app uses efficient AI algorithms that produce human-like articles immediately.

You can customize the editor to give it a personalized look. It also offers various writing styles to choose from while writing articles. And if you are worried about someone reading your text, relax. Novel AI encrypts all the articles it writes to ensure they remain private and safe.

9. Philosopher AI

Philosopher AI

Philosopher AI uses GPT 3 like AI Dungeon. The tool helps in generating texts on various topics. That means when you give it a text, it will predict what will come next and develop the upcoming text accordingly.

The software is available online, and you can use it without downloading or installing it on your device. Go to the website and start generating text!

10. Project Electric Sheep

Project Electric Sheep

Next on our list of AI Dungeon alternatives is the Project Electric Sheep game. It is a simulation game built with Open AI’s GPT 3. The game allows you to enter a text to define your dream world, and it creates characters accordingly.

You can then play the game by writing dialogues. It’s a fun text-based adventure game like AI Dungeon. However, it’s only available online, and you must subscribe to the game to play it.

11. ShortlyAI


If you are struggling with Writer’s block, ShortlyAI is a worth-trying app. This website helps writers generate almost every type of content.

Whether you need help writing a novel or a blog post, ShortlyAI will get you sorted! You only have to write down your thoughts or tell ShortlyAI what content you want. And it will take care of the rest!

12. TextSynth


TextSynth is yet another text-generating tool that functions similarly to AI Dungeon. Of course, it’s not a game, but it generates text based on your thoughts. Like other text-generating tools,

TextSynth takes your text as input and tries to complete it using its neural network. The tool can do tasks like completing the text, answering questions, translating, etc.

13. Twine


If you are bored with the simple text-generation tools, try using Twine. Twine is an open-source tool used to create interactive, non-linear stories.

The platform generates stories and extends them with conditional logic, variables, images, CSS, and JavaScript. It directly publishes them in HTML so you can post your work anywhere.

14. Write Holo

Write Holo

Are you looking for an app to write novels or eBooks? You should try using Write Holo. The app has a user-friendly interface and supports end-to-end encryption.

This app can generate text for almost every writing type. Whether you want blog posts, novels, short stories, etc., this app can write it in a snap! You only have to share your requirements by typing or speaking and let the app take care of the rest!

15. Write With Transformer

Write With Transformer

Write With Transformer is a web app that uses GPT 2 to generate text. You can start by writing a text; the app will auto-complete it using a neural network.

Write With Transformer is not a game like AI Dungeon. However, it supports similar text generation features like AI Dungeon.

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