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Writing essays can be stressful and often students might find themselves stuck or unclear about how to write a perfect essay for an assignment, college admissions, and more.

This is where AI essay generators enter, these tools help create well-structured essays for students. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence to analyze your topics and acquire reliable information to generate high-quality and accurate essays for you.

In this article, we will list down the best AI essay generators that can help you craft excellent essays within a few seconds. 

Best AI Essay Generator

There are a variety of AI essay-writing tools available in the market that are capable of writing AI essays.

However, it’s crucial to select the best tool that will provide your best results. Here are the best AI essay generators that can help you generate high-quality and reliable AI essays. 

1. Good AI 

Good AI is a leading AI platform that can help you write high-quality essays and articles. This tool has been trained by millions of well-written and accurate essays which can help generate unique and thorough content for you.

To generate essays using Good AI users need to choose a topic and the website will instantly write down an informative essay on your selected topic. 

This tool utilizes advanced AI technology to analyze your topic and help create useful content or essays for you. It can further help edit your content and assist users with grammar, style, structure, etc. to ensure the generated essay is perfect.

Good AI contains a simple interface that makes it easy for users to generate and outline essays on the platform. So, if you are a student, blogger, or freelancer Good AI can help you create high-quality essays on vast amounts of topics effortlessly. 

Features of Good AI: 

  • It contains an Essay outline tool that can generate a structured plan or outline for your essay during your writing process. 
  • Allow users to input the total word requirements for the essay using the Word count slider. This is a useful tool for university and school students who require a specific word count. 
  • It offers an AI auto-complete feature through which users can efficiently complete their pending work. It uses AI technology to suggest sentences, words, and phrases that can perfectly fit your content. 
  • Users can perform a human intervention on their generated content or essay by using the document editing tool. 

Pricing of Good AI: 

Good AI offers a free plan through which users can generate high-quality essays. The premium plan is available at $5/month which provides access to additional features and benefits.  

2. Editpad 

Editpad is a text editor and word processor that offers a range of tools for text formation, essays, and editing. With this tool, users can generate engaging and informative essays quickly.

Its Essay generating tool can help students write their assignments within a few seconds. To generate your essay through Editpad, you need to start by entering your topic in the input box. 

Then, you need to click on the ‘Write My Essay’ icon, The advanced AI algorithm of Edipad will analyze your topic and based on it will generate an engaging essay for you.

You can copy the generated output by clicking on the copy icon or save it by using the download icon. 

Features of Editpad: 

  • Editpad is capable of creating essays in 20+ languages such as English, Dutch, French, Italian, and more. 
  • Editpad also contains a grammar-checking tool that you can utilize to identify grammatical mistakes in your essays. 
  • It contains a paraphrasing tool that can help you rewrite the entire sentence or paragraph to enhance the quality of your content. 

Pricing of Editpad: 

Pro Student Pro Monthly Pro Semi Annual Pro Annual 
7 days validity 30 days validity 180 days validity 365 days validity 

3. My Essay Writer 

My Essay Writer is another tool that can take your essay writing skills to the next level with the most polished outlining tool.

This tool is capable of generating high-quality essays and outlines for students in a few minutes that can help them achieve academic success.

It has been trained using millions of high-quality and well-detailed essays and articles. That can produce accurate plagiarism-free content for you on a vast amount of topics. 

My Essay Writer contains a simple and intuitive interface. Users need to select their option ‘AI essay writer’ or ‘AI essay outline’, fill out the brief and that’s it, your content is ready.

It is powered by innovative technology that can combine the proficiency of professional writers with the top accuracy and speed of AI to deliver excellent writing assistance. 

Features of My Essay Writer: 

  • It is capable of generating well-detailed and high-quality essays on a wide range of topics in a few minutes. 
  • This tool can automatically generate outlines and content for your essays. 
  • Allows users to review and learn from their AI-generated content and helps improve their writing skills by providing an in-depth understanding of the topic. 
  • It utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to analyze and interpret complex information and topics. 
  • This platform can help generate multiple types of essays such as descriptive, narrative, persuasive, argumentative, and more. 

Pricing of My Essay Writer: 

My essay writers provide a free trial to their users, while the premium plan begins at $4.99. 

4. Essay Genius 

EssayGenius utilizes cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to write detailed and high-quality essays for you. It is capable of generating ideas, rephrasing sentences, outlining essays, and more.

It also contains an in-built plagiarism checker that ensures the generated content is unique and 100% plagiarism-free. 

To generate essays using this tool, you need to start by providing your topic and clicking on ‘Start Writing.’ Within seconds Essay Genius will create a high-quality essay for you based on your provided topic.

Further users can edit or rephrase certain sections of their generated output to create their desired essay. 

Features of Essay Genius: 

  • It comes up with sentence completer and rephrase through which users revise and edit their sentences. 
  • This tool contains an in-built plagiarism checker that ensures the created content is 100% plagiarism-free and unique. 
  • Its structure generator helps begin the essay writing process by creating essential points of the essay such as title, sub-title, supporting arguments, and more. 

Pricing of Essay Genius: 

Essay Genius contains a free plan that allows users to access limited features on the platform. 

The Academic Monthly Plan is available for $9.99/month which allows users to create 10 pre-written essays a month. 

5. College Essay AI

College Essay is the most advanced Essay writing tool that can help streamline your writing process using Artificial Intelligence. This tool has been powered by advanced AI algorithms like natural language processing.

It’s extremely easy to craft essays on this platform, You need to start by entering your topic and CollegeEssayAI will instantly scan extensive sources to generate the most relevant information for your topic and create an essay. 

Users can further customize the essay based on their preferences and perform plagiarism and grammar checks. Once you are satisfied with the results users can download it and use it for their assignments. 

Features of College Essay AI: 

  • Contains an in-built plagiarism and grammar checker. 
  • Provides unlimited essay assistance and downloads.
  • It Includes an auto-writing tool that can automatically write and complete your sentences.  

Pricing of College Essay AI: 

This tool allows users to generate high-quality essays for free without any sign-up or credit card. 

6. Classace 

AI Essay Writer by Class Ace is a world-class writing assistant that will help you create first drafts of essays on almost any topic. ClassAce’s Essay writing tool is powered by a state-of-the-art transformer.

It is capable of crafting drafts on almost any topic at a fast speed. It provides grammar suggestions, and reliable content and avoids repetitive language to make your essay more comprehensive. 

To generate essays on ClassAce, you need to begin by describing your topic. Then, select the length requirements of their essay, the free version provides a maximum length of 2053 words.

After this, you need to click on ‘write’ and ClassAce will generate your essay. 

Features of Classace: 

  • Powered by a state-of-the-art AI transformer to craft high-quality AI essays for your assignments and projects. 
  • Provides grammar suggestions to help generate error-free essays. 
  • Allow users to select their essay length. 

Pricing of Classace: 

Classace provides a 7-day free trial to its users while the premium plan is mentioned below: 

Individual Plan Parent Plan Teacher Plan 
$5.99/month $6.99/month $19.99/month 

7. Perfect Essay Writer AI

Perfect Essay Writer is an AI-powered essay writing tool that is specially designed for students across all ages and academic levels. This tool is capable of crafting various high-quality essays with accuracy, ease, and efficiency.

It can help the entire writing process for students by assisting them in brainstorming ideas and outlining the structure of essays. 

By leveraging machine learning and natural language processing it helps adapt unique writing styles and requirements. It also contains a wide range of essay templates which makes the writing process more efficient and easier.

Users need to simply select a tool, and input their requirements, and high-quality essays will be generated for you instantly. 

Features of Perfect Essay Writer AI: 

  • This tool provides users with personalized assistance that can help analyze their input and generate customized results that are tailored to your style and needs. 
  • Its advanced AI algorithm ensures your generated essay is accurate with no grammatical errors. 
  • It provides an efficient workflow and saves you valuable time by using various tools that can help streamline your essay-writing procedure. 
  • Its user-friendly interface makes it easier for anyone to access the tool even with limited writing experience. 

Pricing of Perfect Essay Writer AI: 

This tool contains a free trial option. While the monthly subscription begins at $29.99. 

8. EssayBot

EssayBot is an AI-powered essay-writing assistant that can create accurate and high-quality essays for users in seconds. You need to simply provide a title or prompt, and EssayBot will generate high-quality essays based on your topic.

Apart from this, it also contains additional features such as paraphrasing sentences, plagiarism checkers like Turnitin, and more to ensure the generated content is unique and plagiarism-free. 

It can not only generate excellent Essays but also create content for social media, marketing, websites, and more. Overall, EssayBot is a good essay-writing assistant for content writers, students, markets, and more. 

Features of Essaybot:

  • Contains an in-built plagiarism checker to ensure error-free essay generation. 
  • Allow users to further modify the generated essay to craft their desired results. 
  • Is capable of generating content for various platforms and uses such as social media, marketing, websites, etc. 

Pricing of Essaybot: 

EssayBot contains an introductory plan available for a $2.49/week trial. While the monthly plan begins at $9.95. 

9. Smodin AI

Smodin AI is an AI essay writing assistant that utilizes advanced AI algorithms and machine learning capabilities to generate college-level essays.

Its AI algorithms help search for relevant sources for your provided input with their built-in research tool which can generate a wide range of essay types such as descriptive, expository, and more. 

To access users need to enter five or more words and click on ‘Get my Essay.’ will then analyze your provided input and it will generate accurate and well-detailed essays based on your prompt.

This tool also ensures the generated essay is 100% plagiarism-free and maintains academic integrity which makes it an excellent essay generator choice for school and university students. 

Features of 

  • Contains an in-built plagiarism checker that ensures the generated content is unique. 
  • It supports various languages such as English, Chinese, German, Italian, etc. 
  • Provides a rewrite tool through which users can efficiently ask AI to rewrite certain sentences to get their desired results. 

Pricing of

Essentials Plan Productive Plan 
$10/month $29/month 
100 writing credits a month 500 writing credits a month 

10. ToolBaz

ToolBaz is an advanced AI tool that can assist writers and students in writing essays on a variety of topics. The tool utilizes cutting-edge technology to craft accurate and reliable essays tailored to your requirements.

It can analyze your provided input and generate detailed content for you while providing insights and editing tips to help improve your writing and help brainstorm ideas. 

ToolBaz is capable of generating various types of essays such as Argumentative, Expository, Narrative, and more.

It contains an intuitive interface along with an extensive library of resources. That makes it easier for users to generate their desired essays that can help them excel in academics.

Features of Toolbaz: 

  • Utilizes cutting-edge technology to generate high-quality and accurate essays. 
  • Capable of crafting various types of essays such as Argumentative, expository, Narrative, and more. 
  • Can identify grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, wrong word choices, etc. to ensure the crafted essay is error-free. 

Pricing of Toolbaz: 

Toolbaz is free to use the AI Essay generator. 

11. Tutorbin

Tutorbin is a platform that provides top-notch essay writing services for students to gain academic success. This tool offers essay services through experienced writers who can help users write high-quality essays.

This tool ensures the generated essay is well-composed, unique, accurate, and flawless which can help you gain those extra scores in your academics. 

To generate your essay using Tutorbin, you need to start by selecting your education level like High school, Freshman, Sophomore, Master, etc.

After this, you need to enter your essay topic, select the total number of words, choose a deadline, pay your amount and that’s it. Based on your selected deadline you will receive a professional written essay. 

Features of Tutorbin: 

  • Allow users to customize their essays based on their requirements and choices.
  • Is capable of writing essays from scratch by professionals. 
  • Provides proofreading, editing, and plagiarism-checking tools.
  • AI-generated suggestions that can help improve your essay structure. 

Pricing of Tutorbin: 

Tutorbin offers an essay writing service through professional and experienced writers at a starting price of $28.8. 

12. Tinywow

Tinywow is a free AI essay generator that is designed for students to help simplify the essay writing process. To access this platform, users need to enter their topic and then select the number of paragraphs they want in the generated essay. 

Users can select as many paragraphs as they want starting from 1 to 10. After this, you need to select your education level such as High School, College, or Graduate School, and click on ‘generate.’

Now, Tinywow will generate a high-quality essay based on your requirements, users can further rewrite it or download it from the platform. Overall, Tinywow is an excellent essay writing choice for school and college students. 

Features of Tinywow:

  • This tool is capable of rewriting the entire paragraph using a single click. 
  • It contains additional features such as a headline generator, blog post ideas, paragraph completer, blog outline generator, and more. 
  • Contains a user-friendly interface which makes it easier for users regardless of expertise level to access the platform. 

Pricing of Tinywow: 

Tinywow offers a free version which can be accessed by anyone. While the premium version begins at $5.99/month. 

What is an AI Essay Generator?

AI Essay Generators are tools that utilize advanced AI algorithms and machine learning to understand your provided inputs or topics.

This helps analyze your topic and create informative and engaging essays based on it. These tools also help outline and structure essays within seconds using AI.

Users need to simply provide their topic and word length, and within seconds the AI essay generator will create well-structured essays. 

How does AI Essay Generator work?

AI Essay generators work by using advanced Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and machine learning capabilities.

To analyze your essay requirements and help create high-quality essays that can meet your needs.

These tools are designed for school and university students to help them generate well-written and accurate essays efficiently which can improve their academics. 

How to use an AI Essay Generator?

To use an AI Essay generator you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

1. Start by selecting a good AI essay writing tool such as Good AI, ToolBaz, Editpad, etc 

2. Specify your educational background such as Freshman, Sophomore, Masters, and more

3. Enter your topic and provide a short description 

4. Select the word limit 

5. Click on “Generate”

That’s it, the AI Essay generator will now analyze your provided topic and create high-quality essays for you within seconds. 


How much do AI Essay generators cost?

The cost of Essay generators varies depending on what generator you are accessing. For example, Good AI contains a premium plan starting from $5/month, while Tinywow contains a premium plan starting from $5.99/month. 

What is the best free AI Essay generator?

The best free AI Essay generators are as follows: 

  • ToolBaz
  • College Essay AI
  • Good AI
  • EssayGenius 

Is it legal to use an AI Essay generator?

Using AI essay generators to complete an assignment or homework can be considered academic misconduct. Therefore, it’s suggested to access these AI generators within the guidelines set by your university or school. 

Can Turnitin detect AI Essay?

Yes, Turnitin is capable of detecting AI essays. Its AI writing detection capabilities can help teachers and educators upload academic integrity and ensure whether the submitted work is authentic or AI-generated. Turnitin contains a Similarity report that helps educators determine the integrity of student’s work.  

Is using AI for essays cheating?

Yes, using AI for essays can be considered as cheating and academic dishonesty, since the submitted work is your own work. Therefore, it’s important students utilize the AI essay writing tool responsible within the guidelines set by their school or university.  

Can universities detect AI-written essays?

Yes, universities can detect AI-written essays by using Turnitin, AI, and other plagiarism-detecting tools. Recently, more and more universities are using these AI-generated content detecting tools to identify whether the submitted content is genuine or AI-generated. 

Conclusion- What is the Best AI Essay Generator?

GoodAI and Editpad are the best AI essay generators that can craft high-quality essays for you by acquiring information from reliable sources.

It also contains various features such as outline, paraphrasing, auto-complete, and more which makes it an excellent essay-writing option.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a cost-effective or free AI essay generator then ToolBaz or College Essay AI are good options for you. 

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