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AI Recruiting Guide for HR Professionals


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Are you having difficulty in choosing the right candidate because you are not able to track the candidate’s performance his data sources or anything about the candidate? Then AI recruiting tools are the solution to your problems.

Recruitment of candidates through AI has many advantages as it will save time for the recruiter and he will be able to recruit the right candidate. In this modern world the success of any business depends upon the employees and recruiting good and talented employees poses a challenge to the employer.

However, as the world is growing, along with new problems new solutions are also emerging, and hence artificial intelligence comes into play. Read further to get the complete guide regarding recruitment through AI for human resources professionals.

What is AI Recruiting?

AI Recruiting means an application that will help the employer shortlist candidates, track their records, collect and analyze their information, do the manual listing, and in the end, recruit the appropriate candidate for the post. With the help of artificial intelligence, now it is possible to recruit candidates without any biases and discrimination.

With the help of such machine learning tools, only the deserving candidates get the post and also it reduces the burden on the employer’s head and helps in decision-making. This software assists in recruiting candidates by providing numerous ways to automate the process.

How can your business benefit from AI Recruiting?

  • Enhanced quality of candidates: The most important advantage of using AI in recruiting candidates is that the quality of candidates will be improved. Only the deserving candidates will get the post and when the best people get the job they will do the work more efficiently which automatically leads to the growth of the business.
  • Save recruiter’s time:- Recruiters spend a lot of time recruiting candidates and still, they are not able to hire the right candidates with the help of AI. By learning about the AI recruiting process, it is possible to save time as AI can easily analyze the data and it can easily make a list and therefore it is easy to recruit the candidates.
  • Reduced bias and discrimination: There are many complaints from candidates regarding bias and discrimination while employing the candidates. With better analytics information, this problem is also solved by AI as the results will be made without any bias.
  • Reduced workload and better time management: Another benefit of this application is that the burden of a recruiter will be reduced and they will be able to devote their time to other important functions and think about plans for the growth of their business.

What are the best AI recruiting Tools available?

1. HireEZ

HireEz was earlier known as Hiretual. This AI tool is the perfect tool for recruiting candidates as its features include data analysis, sourcing, and engagement. Also, HireEz has the feature of sending automatic emails to the candidates so it will save a lot of time and effort of the recruiter.

2. Jobvite

Jobvite is the perfect partner if you want to simplify the entire recruitment process. The best part of this AI is the wide range of features that are available on this platform.

3. Greenhouse

Greenhouse’s distinct features such as screening, scheduling, and interviewing make this unique from other AI Recruiters. It is the perfect platform for hiring talented candidates.

4. Manatal

If you are looking for a budget-friendly AI recruiter then this is the perfect match for you. Manatal also offers a free trial to users before buying their advanced plan so that users can ensure that this AI tool works properly for them.

5. Toptal

If you want to search for the world’s best and most talented employees then Toptal is a good option for you. This AI tool is much more efficient than other AI tools.


Advanced sourcing, screening, and scheduling:

With the help of AI now it is possible to conduct the sourcing, screening, forecasting, and scheduling of the candidates in just a few clicks and because of this feature, the prospects of this platform are higher.

Engagement of candidate:

Another application of this platform is candidate engagement as it is now possible to update the candidate with a single post and also helps in circulating several notices which will save time in this busy world where the future is going to be busier, this AI tool proves to be the best alternative.

Fewer errors in recruiting:

If the recruitment is done based on Artificial Intelligence, then there will be fewer errors in recruitment as all the work will be done by machines and there will be no mistakes in data analysis and data collection.

Provide insightful Feedback:

Another important feature is that after recruitment this application also provides insightful feedback and information to the employer so that he/she can make changes such as in advertisement etc accordingly.

Pros and Cons of Using AI Recruitment


  • AI recruitment will save a lot of time for the recruiter and they can invest their time in doing something productive for their business.
  • This will help reduce the workload of the recruiter as it is a huge burden on the employer to employ the best employees for the business.
  • AI recruitment will help in ensuring that only talented candidates will get the post as the entire recruitment system will be machine-based. As more and more people get hired, it will help the candidates progress in their careers.
  • By using AI Recruitment there will be no chances of biases and discrimination which will result in a fair and just recruitment.


  • The biggest disadvantage of AI Recruitment is the absence of human touch, as all the processes will be done by machines there will be no emotional touch.
  • Also, we have to train AI for all these purposes and it is not easy to put a large amount of data in a machine.
  • AI bias is another problem that will be faced by using AI recruitment because if there is input to discriminate against transgenders then the machine will do the same.
  • Furthermore, these AI software are not advanced enough to deal with complex problems and will be stuck during the same.

How AI is a game changer for recruiting and retention at Salesforce and other companies?

In today’s modern world, AI has evolved over time and now it has made it possible to recruit candidates without human aid. With the help of AI now it is possible to examine and analyze a large amount of data in a few seconds.

AI not only provides help in analyzing data but also helps in examining the candidate’s resumes which will save the recruiters time to a large extent. Salesforce and other companies recruit a large number of employees and AI can be proved as a powerful tool for them in the following ways.

  • Save Recruiter’s time: Now by using this advanced technology it is possible to recruit candidates without the aid of human recruiters and hence it saves time for recruiters in recruiting the candidates and they can use their precious time in focusing on other aspects of the business.
  • No spending on human recruiters: Some advanced and modern companies hire some recruiters to recruit their candidates so that only talented candidates get the post and these companies spend a lot of money for the same. This new tool helps save money for these companies that they spent on hiring recruiters. 
  • Interviews with advanced technology: This AI tool has made it possible to recruit candidates hence now the interview process will be conducted by chatbots and only the talented candidates who have the requisite qualifications will be able to get the post. 
  • Employee candidates keeping in mind the strength of the firm: AI chatbots can also be used to look at the current strength and ability of employees in the business and recruit new candidates keeping in mind the other factors that will affect the growth of the business.

How AI-powered Tech Can Help Recruiters And Hiring Find Candidates More Quicker And More Efficiently

The advanced AI-powered tools are helping the recruiting landscape in the following ways:

  • The advanced software can find the potential ones who haven’t applied for the job but have the requisite skills and qualifications.
  • It can analyze a large amount of data easily and quickly like analyzing resumes of candidates to select them.
  • AI can use predictive analytics to analyze the candidate data, which includes their resumes, social media profiles, and online behavior.
  • The tool enables recruiters to engage with the candidates more effectively and save a good amount of time by automating routine tasks.
  • Using AI-powered video interviewing tools, pre-screening interviews can be conducted which will ultimately avoid the need for in-person interviews.

Overall, AI provides a great help to recruiters, streamlining the recruitment process which will result in no bias and the best candidates will be identified.

How Companies Are Incorporating AI In Recruiting

1. Amazon

Amazon has been using a different nowadays to recruit its workforce. It is now focusing more on recruiting employees based on the roles available in the company along with comparing the resumes of employees with the roles in the company and this is known as the Automated Evaluation System.

2. Hired

This platform recruits its employees by comparing their talent with the top companies and then recruits its employees based on the new needs of the company. As the AI can process large amounts of data it is easy for the company to recruit its candidates and is also a part of Adecco Group which is known as one of the best talent agencies.

3. Phenom

This emerging company recruits its employees by having a close look at their talents and assigning them roles that fit with their talents so that they can give their best to the company and lead to the growth of the company.

4. Beamery

Beamery first collects a large amount of data from the people who are seeking jobs in their company and then search for the talents that are needed by the company in this way with the help of AI they recruit candidates who have the right potential for the job.

5. HireVue

HireVue uses a unique system to recruit its employees. They record the video of the candidate seeking a job and then the AI compares the video of all the candidates and selects the best among them.

The Myth of AI Will Replace Humans

The idea that AI will replace humans is completely a myth. It is not denied that AI has the potential to automate certain tasks but it can not replicate the complex skills and abilities that humans possess.

AI will complement human skills and create various new job opportunities for people who require a range of skills.

As we look into a more AI-driven future, it is important to look at these changes and head towards a future where humans and AI can work together to achieve the ultimate shared goal. 

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