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7 Best AI Tattoo Generators to Get Unique Tattoo Designs (2024)



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Looking for a new tattoo but can’t find your desired Tattoo design? Well, now you can create one on your own by using AI Tattoo Generator, where you can transform your ideas and imaginations into realistic tattoo designs. 

If you are a tattoo artist or enthusiast looking for your next custom design, then you can use Artificial Intelligence to unleash your creativity and generate a particular piece just for you. AI Tattoo Generators allow users to upload a tattoo image alongside prompts to create a 100% unique design.

In this article, we will mention the best AI Tattoo Generator that can help you create stunning tattoo designs using simple methods. So, let’s begin. 

Can AI generate tattoo designs?

Yes, AI can generate tattoo designs. The algorithms in AI Tattoo generators can utilize existing art to find different patterns and designs and generate stunning Tattoo designs. Users can upload a photo alongside a prompt explaining their desired tattoo design. Based on the photo AI tattoo generator will create a similar but new custom tattoo design just for you. 

7 Best Free AI Tattoo Generators

The 7 Best Free AI Tattoo Generators are as follows: 

1. Fotor

Fotor is an excellent AI Tattoo Generator that can create stunning and unique designs using advanced artificial intelligence technologies. Users need to describe their desired tattoo image and upload an image of an existing design or tattoo to inspire.

Once you have uploaded the image of your design, Fotor will begin its magic and generate your tattoo. This platform is capable of generating a variety of fresh concepts and ideas based on your uploaded image. 

This way users can create a new unique design for themselves without copying the original tattoo design. Apart from this, Fotor also contains a wide range of styles that allow users to create a personalized tattoo design. Overall, if you are looking for an AI Tattoo Generator that can create a unique and personalized tattoo design for yourself, then you should try using Fotor. 


  • Available on web application, iOS, and Android 
  • Allow users to share their images on the Fotor network and win challenges
  • Multiple editing tools and features 
  • User-Friendly Interface 


  • The free version contains too many advertisements 
  • Hard to retouch images 
  • The website can be slow at times 

Pricing of Fotor: 

Users can access “Fotor Basic”, the free version of this AI Tattoo Generator. This version allows users to access the basic editing, design, collage, and layout features. Fotor Basic allows users to generate Non-HD Tattoo designs and images which can be downloaded with watermark. However, to access additional features, HD image quality, and no watermark on Fotor users need to purchase its premium plan mentioned below: 

Fotor Pro Fotor Pro + 
$8.99/month $19.99/month 
100 extra credits 300 extra credits 

2. NightCafe

NightCafe is another excellent AI Tattoo Generator you can access to create stunning Tattoo designs and images. You can turn your photos into unique Tattoo designs in NightCafe. This tool can analyze, manipulate, and create tattoo images using different styles. NightCafe utilizes several machine learning algorithms such as DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, CLIP Guided Diffusion, Neural Style Transfer, and more. 

This platform can work on both the web and Android/iOS. It contains a user-friendly interface, through which users can easily generate stunning AI tattoo images. The best part about NightCafe is its Community.

If you ever get stuck or confused about new ideas, then you can join the community and gain inspiration by looking at other artists’ creations. A large number of users have already created several AI Tattoo images and designs on NightCafe which can be helpful for users. 


  • High-quality tattoo generations 
  • Multiple styles and art generation modes are available 
  • Free five credits are available every day 


  • Contains long queues for image generation 
  • Require prompt crafting skills 

Pricing of NightCafe: 

Users can access NightCafe for free. Each user receives a free five credits after signing up through which users can create an AI Tattoo using one credit. Every day at midnight (UTC) users get an additional five credits. However, to create more AI tattoos on NightCafe users need to subscribe to their premium plan which is mentioned below: 

AI Beginner AI Hobbyist AI Enthusiast AI Artist 
$4.79/month $7.99/month $15.99/month $39.99/month 
100 Credits 200 Credits 500 Credits 1400 Credits 

3. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is an AI-powered Art generation tool from Adobe that allows users to create stunning AI Tattoo images. This tool allows users to experiment, imagine, and generate stunning tattoo designs and images effortlessly. It utilizes multiple AI models that can be used for tattoo creations and various other cases such as illustrations, logos, ads, etc. To generate AI Tattoos on Adobe Firefly, users need to provide detailed prompts or short descriptions. 

Firefly will analyze your prompts and generate your AI Tattoo image which can be further refined or modified using commands. Users can edit, add, and remove elements or objects from the generated images by adding another prompt on Firefly.

This tool contains a parent-level content type which can be art or graphic for tattoo generation. Users can access their tattoo designs through different perspectives by changing the lighting or composition of the image. 


  • Simple and intuitive interface 
  • Multiple AI models 
  • Enhance creativity 


  • Compatibility issues 
  • Lack of control 

Pricing of Adobe Firefly: 

Adobe Firefly is available for free by joining the Beta of Adobe Express. 

4. BlackInk AI

BlackInk AI is an AI Tattoo Generator that can create stunning flash tattoos within a few seconds. This tool allows users to create custom tattoo designs using AI. To generate your unique design users need to enter a prompt explaining their desired tattoo and select a tattoo style. That’s it, BlackInk AI will now analyze your prompts, select a style, and generate a custom tattoo design within 30 seconds. 

BlackInk contains a special community for tattoo lovers. Where users can browse and explore tattoo designs generated by other creators and gain inspiration. Users can explore and add different elements to create a custom design.

The BlackInk AI community contains more than 100,000+ designs to choose from. The best part about BlackInk AI is that it creates a completely new tattoo design from scratch for each user. Even if you add the same prompt and style, you will receive a new tattoo made specifically for you. 


  • Generates 100% unique tattoos 
  • Easy-to-use Interface 


  • You cannot use tattoo designs for commercial purposes
  • Cannot generate written tattoos in other languages except English

Pricing of BlackInk AI: 

BlackInk AI provides a free 5 credits to each user, that can be used for generating 20 images. Through free credits, users can access the style and tattoo suggestion directory. To further access BlackInk AI users need to subscribe to a premium plan. 

Users can purchase one-time credit available for $5 which provides 100 credits. Users can also purchase a subscription plan available for $15/month. This monthly subscription allows users to generate unlimited tattoo designs. 

5. Midjourney

Midjourney is a leading AI Art generator that can create stunning Tattoo designs using artificial intelligence. This tool is an impressive AI Art generator that allows users to unleash their creativity and generate unique Tattoo designs through prompts. To access Midjourney, you need to visit its official website and Join Discord.

Navigate to the newbies channel and then type in the message “/imagine.” Now, you need to enter your text prompt describing what kind of tattoo you are looking for and click on “Enter.” 

Midjourney also allows image-to-image Art generation, where users can provide an existing image alongside a prompt to generate a custom tattoo design. Midjourney will then analyze your prompt and generate four stunning tattoo designs in a grid for you. Users can further fine-tune the generated design to get their desired output. Midjourney also contains a community section that allows users to explore various tattoo designs generated by other users. 


  • Allow users to refine images 
  • Can mimic desired artistic styles
  • Allows text-to-image and image-to-image tattoo generation


  • Poor customer service
  • Only available through Discord 
  • Generated images are public 

Pricing of Midjourney: 

Unfortunately, Midjourney doesn’t have a free trial available for now. Therefore, to access Midjourney users need to subscribe to a premium plan mentioned below: 

Basic Plan Standard PlanPro Plan Mega Plan 
$10/month $30/month $60/month $120/month 

6. TattoosAI

TattoosAI is an AI-powered tattoo artist that allows users to create unique tattoo designs within seconds. This tool allows users to explore their creativity, so if you have an idea but are unable to find the perfect design, then you can turn to TattoosAI. Based on your likes, TattoosAI can generate flawless designs that suit your personality and style. 

This tool contains a tattoo gallery that includes thousands of high-quality designs, and ideas. It contains a variety of style options such as lettering, surreal, watercolor, and more. It even provides a 3D option that allows users to see how their desired tattoo would look on a body.

To access TattoosAI, users need to visit its official website and sign up for a free account. Then you need to explain your desired tattoo idea, size, style, meaning, and location. That’s it, TattoosAI will now analyze your requirements and generate your tattoo design in a few seconds. 


  • Fast speed 
  • Allow users to access their tattoos in 3D 
  • Contains a variety of style options 


  • Doesn’t contain a yearly plan
  • Only available through the web 

Pricing of TattoosAI: 

Users can sign up for TattoosAI for free and generate up to 8 tattoos for free. To continue using TattoosAI, users need to subscribe to a 7-Day Pass available for $9.99 for unlimited tattoo designs for 7 days. Users can also purchase a 30-Day Pass available for $24.99 which provides unlimited tattoo design generation for 30 days. 

7. Photoleap

Photoleap is an AI image-generating tool that has recently implemented a new “AI Tattoo Design” feature. This feature allows users to generate stunning tattoo designs using Artificial Intelligence. Not only does it allow users to create their custom tattoo designs but also applies them to your photos.

This way users can get an idea of how their desired tattoo would appear in real life. Photoleap is capable of applying your desired tattoo perfectly on the selected angle and proportions. 

To use Photoleap, users need to download the official app on their iOS/Android devices. Sign in and navigate to the homepage. Now, you need to select an AI creation tool. There are two AI creation tools available “text-to-image” and “sketch-to-image.” The sketch tool is more useful for tattoo creations as it provides a more specific idea of what you are looking for. After this, you can add your text prompt and Photoleap will generate your AI tattoo design within a few minutes. 


  • Supports “text-to-image” and “sketch-to-image”
  • Allow users to create custom tattoo designs 
  • Supports iOS/Android 


  • Sometimes generate unsatisfied results 

Pricing of Photoleap: 

Photoleap provides a free trial for 7 days. For further access, users need to purchase a premium plan starting from $6.99

Conclusion – What is the best AI generator for tattoo designs?

The best AI generator for tattoo designs is BlackInk AI and TattoosAI. Both these AI generators are specifically built for tattoo design generations and focus primarily on generating 100% unique tattoo designs that are generated just for you.

BlackInk AI allows users to generate 20 images for free, while TattoosAI allows users to create 8 images for free. Overall, if you are looking for an AI Tattoo Generator that is completely free then you can access Fotor or NightCafe

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