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A powerful AI-based coding assistant that helps developers write code faster.

About Blackbox AI

Blackbox AI uses artificial intelligence to autocomplete programs, saving the time of developers. The tool can copy, write, and edit text from images, videos, and PDF documents. It can write computer programs to create any software at a lightning fast speed. It converts any question into a code. The tool doesn’t need a high-speed internet connection; it works perfectly even when the internet speed is slow.

Users can enjoy a smooth coding experience with the efficient core CPUs. The tool can be seamlessly integrated into different IDEs. It is available as a Chrome extension. So, developers can use Blackbox features without leaving their editors.

Official Website 
Company NameCours Connecte, inc.
Launch Date2020
CategoryCode generation tools

Blackbox AI Features

Blackbox AI offers various features for developers to code efficient apps and software faster. Some of the helpful features offered by Blackbox AI include the following:

  • Blackbox AI supports more than 20 programming languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, C, C++, PHP, SQL, R, Swift, etc.
  • It can autocomplete, edit, and debug code.
  • It can extract code from images, videos, or other PDFs.
  • It has an easy to use and simple interface.
  • It is compatible with any web browser or IDE.

Blackbox AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Developers can use Blackbox AI for various purposes. Some of its applications are as follows:

  • Software developers can use Blackbox AI to copy code in various formats.
  • Programmers can use Blackbox AI to auto-complete programs.
  • Students can use Blackbox AI to learn or practice coding.
  • Businesses can use Blackbox AI to develop software or apps for their company.

Blackbox AI Pricing

Blackbox AI offers two pricing plans with a free trial. The free trial allows users to explore the platform without entering their credit card information. The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Good developer – $0.58 per week – 1000 code searches per month; 200+ languages; 1000 code autocompletes per month.
  • Awesome developer – $0.96 per week; – Unlimited code search per month; 200+ languages; Unlimited code autocompletes per month.


How many languages does Blackbox AI support?

Blackbox AI’s basic plan supports only 20 programming languages. However, if you want to use more programming languages, get the pro plan, which costs $0.58 per week. It supports almost all programming languages.

Is Blackbox AI a free tool?

Blackbox AI offers a free trial plan for developers to test the platform before purchasing a subscription plan. However, developers need to purchase one of its plans to use Blackbox AI. It is not a free tool.

How can I use Blackbox AI?

You can install the Blackbox AI Chrome extension on your device to start using it. The extension can be integrated into your web browser or editor with just a few clicks. After installation, create your Blackbox account and start using it.

How can I contact the Blackbox AI support team?

The Blackbox AI support team is available 24/7 via call, chat,or email. You can reach out to them using the chat icon at the bottom-right of the Blackbox AI home page. They will solve your queries in the shortest possible time.

What can Blackbox AI do?

Blackbox AI can perform various tasks. It can write or autocomplete code, debug programs, and copy-paste code from videos or images. It can be used to program software from scratch or find an error in the code. The tool also extracts text from images and videos, saving developers from manually typing lengthy codes. It boosts the programming speed of developers and helps them generate efficient programs faster.

Blackbox AI is an essential AI tool for developers. It increases the programming speed of developers and helps them program software faster. The tool also saves businesses money and time by building efficient and powerful software in less time.

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