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Create stunning visuals with AI in just two clicks.

About Blend AI

Blend AI is a revolutionary image editing tool that offers several image editing options on a single platform. The tool is ideal for business owners, designers, and photographers seeking image editing services at a low cost.

It edits and resizes images in a single click, making them ready for upload on e-commerce platforms. The platform uses artificial intelligence to edit your images and designs without hurting their quality.

Blend AI saves the time and money of entrepreneurs, businesses, and content creators by offering image editing services in one place. Users can export and share the edited content on various other platforms with a single click.

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Company NameBlendit Studio
Launch Date2021
CategoryImage generation tools

Blend AI Features

Blend AI is an excellent application for photographers and individuals looking to edit images. The tools offer various features for their users to modify images seamlessly. Some of its key features include the following:

  • It offers an extensive template library for editing photos according to the requirements of social media platforms.
  • It edits and exports photos in high-quality.
  • It can remove and add text to images.
  • It can remove and add background to images. It also offers a background image library that can be added to existing images.
  • It offers one-click resize for different e-commerce platforms like Etsy, Shopify, etc.
  • It has an intuitive interface, making it ideal for beginners and professionals.
  • It has more than 100 fonts and backdrops for creating mesmerizing visuals.

Blend AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Blend AI is an image editing application for everyone. It can be used for various applications, including the following:

  • E-commerce business owners looking to edit images of their products.
  • Businesses looking for visuals to promote their services and products.
  • Content creators looking to create and edit graphics for their social media platforms.
  • Marketers looking to create visuals for their marketing campaigns

Blend AI Pricing

Blend AI is a premium tool offering a free and paid plan for users. You can use it for free to remove background images, edit, or resize an image. However, the free version has limited functionality. For premium features, you need to get a subscription at INR 499 per month, INR 799 for 3 months, or INR 999 for 12 months. The paid plan offers unlimited access to the platform and generates high-quality images.


Can I cancel my Blend AI subscription at any time?

You can cancel your Blend AI subscription at any time without incurring any additional charges. The platform auto-renews your subscription until you cancel it. If you cancel your plan, the current plan remains active until the next billing cycle.

Does Blend AI generate HD pictures?

Blend AI generates images in HD-quality for free. The image quality is not reduced, even after editing. You can share these high-quality images on various platforms.

Does Blend AI generate images for e-commerce stores?

Blend AI edits your images and converts them into designs for online stores. You can remove the background or resize the images for uploading to e-commerce stores.

Is Blend AI available on Android devices?

Blend AI is available everywhere. You can download the app from the Google Play Store on your Android device and from the Apple App Store on your iOS device. It is also available online for desktop users.

Does Blend AI deliver immediate results?

Blend AI uses artificial intelligence to deliver lightning fast results. It modifies images and shares the edited images in just a few seconds. Whether you want it to remove background, add font, or resize an image, upload the image, and the results will be on your screen in less than a minute.

Blend AI is a powerful image editing application for entrepreneurs and business owners. The tool can edit images and make them ready for upload on online platforms in just a few seconds.

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