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Boston Dynamics puts ChatGPT in a robot



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Santiago Valdarrama recently posted a video where he integrated ChatGPT with Boston Dynamics’s Robot dog “Spot” for query information, which allows users to ask natural questions to the robot. The video showcased Robot dog Spot answering various questions asked by Valdarrama such as “What is your battery level?”, “Spot, Are you standing?” and much more. 

Key Points: 

  • AI expert Santiago Valdarrama integrated Robot Dog “Spot” and OpenAI’s ChatGPT for query information. 
  • To vocalize the answers, they utilize Google’s text-to-speech AI to generate an amazing way to answer queries.
  • This video resulted in a few people raising concerns about the usual apocalyptic concerns of AI and robots. 

Integration of ChatGPT in Boston Dynamics Robot 

Boston Dynamics is an engineering and robotics design company that has received massive recognition for its videos on social media platforms displaying its futuristic robots performing a number of feats such as parkour. 

Recently, Boston Dynamics’s Robot Dog, named “Spot” was integrated with ChatGPT by an AI expert named Santiago to create an experimental machine to help better process the raw data that these machines gather on missions. Santiago integrated ChatGPT with Robot Dog for query information and uses Google’s text-to-speech AI to vocalize the answers. 

A video shared by Santiago Valdarrama on the Youtube Channel showcasing a Boston Dynamics robot dog named Spot answering various questions and performing a number of tricks that includes artificial intelligence. 

The duration of the video is 1:56 minutes, where the robot dog is seen answering natural language questions like “Are you standing?”, “What is your battery level?”

The robot was even able to walk backward when Valdarrama raised a request saying, “Spot walk backward”. 

By the end of every mission, the ChatGPT-integrated robot Spot was able to catch up to lots of data. he stated. Stating there isn’t any simple way to help query all of it on demand. That’s where OpenAI’s ChatGPT enters. 

In addition, he also said, We show the arrangement files and results of the mission. We then ask various questions using that context. After that, we pull all of that together along with a voice-enabled interface. Which helps provide an excellent way to query our data.” 

The video takes place at Levatas’ lab, where Spot has been displayed answering various questions such as “Spot, How many inspections in your next mission?” to which Spot answers, “My next mission involves 20 inspections”. 

The spot was capable of carrying about 14kg of equipment that can perform repeatable missions, navigate different terrains, gather data and information, detect radiation, conduct thermal inspections, and more. 

The integration of AI and robots’ advanced capabilities was able to cause few people to jump towards the usual apocalyptic concerns regarding AI and robots. Santiago Valderrama took to his Twitter stating the concerns raised by people and putting it to rest. 

Addressing these concerns he posted a tweet saying, “90% of the comments in the video I posted yesterday were about the end of civilization”. 

“Meanwhile about 99% of data scientists are still trying to wonder how to split their tabular datasets.” 

He further also tweeted, “In case you didn’t see the video, Here it is”

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