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| Updated on: is an advanced AI tool that allows users to create a unique and personalized AI chatbot in just a few clicks. 


Botmake is a simple and easy-to-use no-code chatbot creation platform that allows users to create unique AI chatbots. This platform also allows users to chat with popular chatbots for free and engage in fun conversations with them.

Some of the popular free AI chatbots available in Botmake are Monika, Jennie, Loona, Jessica, and more. Botmake provides extensive customization options through which users can personalize the look and feel of your chatbot that can perfectly match your business.

Botmake’s capabilities aren’t limited to chat service, instead, users can further extend their chatbot with different apps available on the App Store. Allowing users to generate custom apps with a Name, URL, and priority information.

Overall, Botmake is a fantastic AI chatbot through which users can have fun and engaging conversations with their own custom-made AI chatbot makes it truly stand out. Features

  1. Smart auto-complete

Another excellent feature offered by is “Smart auto-complete.” This tool helps provide beneficial suggestions when a user types a query on the chatbot. This option allows users to explore various suggestions provided by the AI chatbot. Smart auto-complete can help improve interaction speed and make the entire process fun and user-friendly.  

  1. Easy Customization provides an easy customization option that allows users to modify the overall appearance of your AI chatbot. Users can alter color schemes, tailor chatting templates, and much more on this platform.

Users can also set up a custom name for their chatbot that can perfectly align with their company. This way users can select how their AI chatbot appears in terms of looks and functionality and ensure the identification matches the goals and motives of their company. 

  1. CSV Support 

Users can import or export their data and files on using the CSV format by utilizing any office software. This format ensures the users can experience a smooth and trouble-free transfer of data making it easier for users to maintain a comprehensive database. Use Cases 

Customer Support can interact with the customers on behalf of the company and send instant solutions to customers’ queries. Large organizations and websites can utilize to bring high customer satisfaction and reduce response time so customers don’t need to wait long hours for a response. This can also help decrease the support cost of the organization by simply integrating the chatbot. 

Automated Messaging 

Large companies and organizations can set up automated messages using that can help deliver important notifications, updates, and personalized messages to their customers. These automated messages can help ensure the customers are always well-informed and engaged with all the updates about the company.   

Unrestricted conversations

This platform allows users to have uncensored or NSFW conversations without any restrictions. Users can efficiently foster connections with their audience and indulge in fun and entertaining conversations about a wide range of topics. 

TikTok Integration allows users to efficiently generate chatbot videos seamlessly integrated with the popular social media platform TikTok. This way users can tap into completely new avenues to gain engagement from the audience. 

How to use Botmake: 

To access Botmake, you need to start by following these steps: 

  • Firstly, users need to visit the official site using this link 
  • Then you need to click on “Create Chatbot” 
  • Provide a name for your chatbot, email, and password
  • Now, click on “Register” and verify your email by clicking on the link sent to your email address
  • After this, users can access their AI chatbot and have fun conversations with it by clicking on the “My Bot” icon available at the left sidebar

Pricing of 

The premium plan of is available at €89.99 annually which can hide ads and provide access to various advanced features. Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Here are the alternatives to

  1. IBM Watsonx Assistant 

IBM Watsonx Assistant utilizes advanced AI technology such as natural language to understand and automate interactions with customers and help with any potential query on the spot without making the customer wait for long.

This tool works as a virtual agent across digital and voice channels. IBM Watsonx Assistant learns from its interactions with the customer itself and works on improving its ability to resolve queries faster.

Pricing of IBM Watsonx Assistant: 

IBM Watsonx Assistant offers a free plan, while the premium plan is available for $140 for 1000 users. 

  1. ChatGPT by OpenAI 

ChatGPT is another excellent alternative to This tool can generate accurate and detailed answers to all your queries and is even capable of working as a personal assistant. ChatGPT can perform a wide range of tasks such as content generation, search engine, coding assistant, help generate a variety of scripts, and much more. 

Pricing of ChatGPT:

ChatGPT offers a free plan, while the premium plan “ChatGPT Plus” is available for $20/month.

  1. Bostify 

Botsify is an online platform that allows users to generate, configure, and deploy an AI Chatbot. The generated chatbot can further be deployed on several platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Website, and more. Thus, this chatbot can handle simple interactions with customers, take orders on your behalf, provide customer support, and more. Overall, this is a great alternative to

Pricing of Bostify: 

Bostify offers a basic plan available for $49/month. While the professional plan is available for $149/month.  


Is there a free version of 

Yes, does provide a free plan through which users can generate up to 200 answers and 50 random answers. However, to access premium features such as visual preferences, smart auto-complete, and more users need to subscribe to its premium plan available for $19.99/month. The premium plan allows users to generate a total of 5,000 answers. 

Is Safe? 

Yes, is a safe conversational AI tool through which users can generate custom chatbots without any privacy or security issues. 

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