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| Updated on: is a versatile AI chatbot that can work as your personal assistant, advisor, virtual companion, and more. 

About is an advanced AI tool that allows users to create a personalized AI assistant that can fulfill all your tasks for you. This platform was specially built to make users’ lives easier by providing a more productive and organized tool for its users. is basically your personal assistant, advisor, and companion all merged into one. It can perform a variety of tasks such as setting reminders, scheduling meetings, researching, and creating reports, and is ready to help users 24/7. 

The best part about is that this platform is extensively adaptable and allows users to integrate into almost any system or platform. Whether it’s your mobile app, social media, website, or anything else it can provide excellent assistance and interaction.

Having integrated into your platform is almost like having a virtual representative who is accessible 24/7 and can interact with your audience any time of the day.

However, for now is not available for public use but users can visit the official site of and provide their email for early access requests. Features

  1. User-Friendly Interface provides a simple and straightforward interface through which users can access the platform and perform various tasks. 

  1. AI Assistant

This platform allows users to generate their own AI assistant and customize it to provide a more personalized experience. Users can customize a variety of aspects such as selecting a bot’s name, Avatar, branding, and much more. 

  1. Automated Responses allows users to set automated responses to messages on this platform to ensure all the queries generated by users are answered on time with details. 

  1. Integration with other platforms 

Another excellent feature of is its ability to allow users to integrate the platform with other platforms and increase its productivity. 

  1. Perform a variety of tasks can work as a personal assistant, advisor, companion, organizing tool, and more. can effortlessly fulfill a variety of tasks such as scheduling meetings, performing research, creating reports, reminders, and much more. – Use Cases 

Personal Assistant can help work as a personal assistant who can help fulfill all your professional tasks on your behalf. This tool can be extremely beneficial for companies or organizations as this platform can work as your advisor, companion, friend, and more.

It can assist users in various personal and professional tasks and help increase the overall productivity level. It sets your reminders, schedules meetings, performs research, creates reports, and is ready to help users 24/7. 

Conversations with virtual characters 

Users can build a virtual character for themselves and then indulge in fun and engaging conversations with them. Users can share their personal thoughts, feelings, emotions, and more and receive human-like responses and emotional support from the AI-generated tool. 

Customer Support 

This chatbot can be integrated into other platforms and websites. Users can even set proper automated responses to messages on this platform for all users’ queries and doubts. 

How to use 

Here’s how you can use 

  • You need to start by signing up on official site 
  • Now generate your AI chatbot by choosing a custom name, avatar, and branding 
  • After this, you need to properly instruct your bot in plain language and train in on any data source such as Google Docs, PDF, URLs, and more
  • Now your personalized AI assistant is ready and you can talk, share, or integrate it with other platforms and use it for various tasks 

Pricing of 

As of now, the pricing of is unknown. However, the platform is currently allowing early access to its users by providing their email IDs. Alternatives (Free & Paid) 

Here are the top alternatives of 

  1. ChatGPT 

ChatGPT serves as an outstanding alternative to This tool excels at delivering precise and comprehensive responses to all your inquiries and can even function as a virtual personal assistant.

ChatGPT’s versatility extends to a wide array of tasks, including content generation, acting as a search engine, assisting with coding, generating various scripts, and much more.

Pricing for ChatGPT:

ChatGPT offers a complimentary plan, while the premium offering, “ChatGPT Plus,” is accessible for $20 per month.

  1. Botsify

Botsify is an online platform designed for users seeking to create, configure, and deploy AI chatbots. These chatbots can seamlessly integrate with platforms such as Facebook Messenger, websites, and more.

As a result, Botsify’s chatbots are adept at handling basic customer interactions, processing orders, providing customer support, and more. Overall, it stands as a compelling alternative to

Pricing for Botsify:

Botsify provides a basic plan priced at $49 per month, with a professional plan available at $149 per month.


Is there a free version of 

As of now, is not available for public use. However, users can gain early access to the platform by providing their email address on their official website. 

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