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How to buy Stock? What’s the Price, Prediction?


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Are you interested in AI stocks? Then this article is for you, as in this article we’ll go through the (NYSE:AI) an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software provider for accelerating digital transformation. is an American company based on enterprise AI. Read further in this article, to know more about

What is (NYSE:AI) is an AI software that provides a C3 AI suite for developing, establishing, and using large-scale AI, predictive analytics, and IoT applications for any enterprise. offers a model-driven artificial intelligence architecture that provides better application enhancement and data science. provides over 40 turnkey AI applications that meet the business-required requirements of global enterprises in various sectors.

Who owns C3 AI? is owned by Thomas M. Siebel. Siebel founded in 2009, who is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the company.

There are various shareholders of like BlackRock In, Baker Hughes Holdings LLC, and its biggest shareholder Vanguard Group, Inc with 9,731,314 shares who own the company.

The ‘C’ in the company’s name was a reference to ‘carbon’ 3 was a reference to ‘measure, mitigate and monetize ‘because the main goal of the company was to help manage corporate carbon footprints.

Is C3 AI a good investment?

Currently, C3 AI is not turning out to be a good investment due to various factors like the revenue has been sluggish over the past year. No strong revenue growth is expected from stocks currently. Below there is some recent news about the C3 AI stock.’s stock price has fallen by 26% in August 2023 and by 7.8% after the latest quarterly results. 

The average analyst rating is “HOLD” for and its average 12-month price target is lower than its current price.

  • Price target- $28.36
  • Current price- $31.45

It has been observed that some analysts believe that has a strong value position while some believe that’s valuation is too high.

How to Buy Stock?

As is a publicly traded stock, it is available for everyone on different platforms. In this guide, we’ll see how you buy stocks on eToro as it is a very simple and easy-to-use platform.

1. Download the eToro app on your device or you can directly go to the website from here.

2. Sign up for an account: Create an account on eToro. You can also create a demo account as eToro offers a demo account for people who want to practice before investing real money.

3. Available assets: It offers different platforms using which traders can get linked with different markets.

4. Deposit funds in your account: On eToro there is a minimum deposit between $200 and $500 and it will depend upon the trader’s conditions. You can deposit money by different methods like using credit cards, debit cards, Visa credit cards, etc.

5. Buy the stock: Now you can search for the stock on eToro and invest accordingly as per the current situation of the stock. Create a watchlist, so that you can stay updated with your investment in the stock.

What is Stock Price? is currently trading at $27.61 per share and has 118,201,764 shares, last updated on 7 September 2023. You can check the price of stock prices here over time.

Latest News about Stock

1. C3 AI announces Fiscal first quarter 2024 Financial results which ended on July 31, 2023.

  • Revenue for this quarter was $72.4 million.
  • Subscription revenue was $61.4 million which is 85% of total revenue.
  • Gross profit for this quarter was $40.5 million which represents a 56%gross margin.
  • The current RPO was $170.6 million.

Net loss per share: GAAP net loss per share was $0.56 and Non-GAAP net loss per share was $0.09 per share.

2. The shares of have fallen by 12.1% this week as per the data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

3. The shares of fell 26.1% in August 2023 as per S&P global market intelligence.

Why has C3 AI stock dropped?

C3 AI stock dropped due to the management withdrawing its advice to reach adjusted positive earnings by the end of 2024.

When the company dropped the results of the last quarter, it showed a larger full-year loss than previously expected. The company’s one more forecast which was to reach NON-GAAP profitability by the end of 2024 was also withdrawn by the company. Stock Price Prediction in 2025

Expert analysts predict a hooping $100 per share price for Stock, while other analysts think it to be around $32.5 or between $40 to $50 in 2025. The recent collaboration of with Alphabet’s Google Cloud is a new hope in these tough times for

The price of the stock depends upon several dynamics, advancements, and the company’s performance over the years. There can only be estimates regarding an increase or decrease by seeing the current performance of the price of the stocks.

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