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Caktus AI is an alternative to OpenAi’s powerful ChatGPT. Caktus AI has created a new wave among users, with more than one million active audiences since the beginning of the year. It performs tremendously in generating various student-based texts and other opportunities, which is the cause of its immense popularity among students! 

Let’s see how users can take advantage of the enormous features provided by Caktus AI, which claims to synchronize the individual needs of per student and excelling their particular skills.

What is Caktus Ai

What is Caktus Ai?

Cactus AI certainly is the first artificial intelligence specially designed for classroom programs. It can generate researched essays within a few minutes, thus, is a student’s companion in assisting with homework and assignments.

In addition, Caktus AI is preferential in generating codes, essays, CV bullet points, cover letters, and lots more! Generally, various other platforms provide daily limited credits to their active users Caktus users get plenty of free credits after joining Caktus AI’s platform. It is another benefit that a Caktus user gets. 

Caktus has taken the initiative to provide a liberal hand for better classroom programs with its interactive chatbots. These advanced bots are efficient in answering inquiries and providing factual information.    

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How to Use Caktus AI?

Before learning to operate Caktus AI, let’s first understand the simple steps to sign in to join the service. Here are the easiest illustrated steps to follow:-

  • Visit your web browser.
  • Search Caktus’s official website at 
  • Tap on particular boxes and add the information asked that include username, email address, and password.
  • Tap on the green-colored option- Sign up to proceed forward. 
  • Select the desired feature from the provided options and give the prompts to start exploring the various qualities of Caktus AI.

After signing up for Caktus AI, you can smoothly operate the service and use advanced features to get an incredible output. Follow the given steps and start exploring:-

  • Open Caktus AI’s official website and fill in the email credentials.
  • Tap on “Create new essay” and fill in the email credentials. 
  • Provide the prompt and start generating texts, codes, etc.

NOTE: Once the free prompts get over, there is no easy way to get them back. You have to apply for the Caktus AI Premium plan for further active service of the program. For more information, read Caktus AI’s terms and conditions earlier. 

caktus ai

Exploring the capabilities of Caktus AI

Explore the incredible capabilities of remarkable artificial intelligence Caktus AI for your classroom programs and use it best! Users can access the service to generate texts and codes effortlessly. Right after the sign-up, users get free credits for various prompts to start exploring text generation and codes.

Caktus AI can write blog posts, poems, emails, essays, summarization, grammar fixers, coding (Python, Java, Typescript writer, etc), language tutor, STEM, science, fun, problem-solving, etc. If you are excited to use better artificial intelligence and improve text quality- Caktus AI can be a huge deal maker for this purpose!

Is Caktus AI capable of composing essays?

Caktus AI is a spectacular tool capable of composing essays on different topics. Users can get a text-based essay, blog posts, stories, poems, and other write-ups simply and in less time (one minute). Further, it can add citations (based on your preference) within the essay. According to a source, Caktus AI is capable of generating nearly 519 words within a minute! 

The ideal prompts feature allows users to choose their particular writing genre and the tool will take care of the rest! Caktus AI is one of the best text-composing tools in the market, laying a strong foundation for improving educational aspects. The free credits to get prompts and high-quality work are the trademark for its excellency! 

Is there a cost associated with using Caktus AI?

Absolutely! Caktus AI is a cost-associated subscription plan. It does not allow you to try the service without registration or has no free trial service plan. You must pay to get the product if you want to use the service! 

Currently, Caktus AI has two subscription plans for users:- The Monthly Premium Plan and the Yearly Premium Plan. The benefits of the plans are fairly the same where the users get:

  • Unlimited credits 
  • Advanced AI to write sophisticated texts (essays, posts, stories) and codes
  • 20+ Templates for studies and Flashcards
  • Guaranteed unique product

The cost associated with each subscription plan is:

  • Monthly Plan-    $9.99
  • Yearly Plan-      $59.99

After successful registration, users get 20,000 free credits to use and get the desired top-tier product within a few minutes. On referring to Caktus AI, the referral and user (both) get 10000 credits to generate high-quality, unique, and error-proof texts.

Who Owns Caktus AI

In May 2022, Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang co-founded Caktus AI, the technology to strengthen the education system and help millions of students and educators reach their goals. 


Caktus AI is a powerful alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT found on a student-based tool’s foundation. It has millions of users and works efficiently in generating text-based essays, posts, and stories with coding, language tutoring, and other advanced features. 

After signing up for the service, users get free credits to start their high-quality and authentic essay-writing journey within a few minutes of work done! The individual prompts for separated writing fields provide a more synchronized user experience and top-tier product. Read this comprehensive article and get a deep understanding of how this can be a suitable switch for students. 


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