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Can Google Bard Generate Images?



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Google has announced several new updates to its conversational AI chatbot, Google Bard, at the Google I/O conference in 2023. According to the news, Bard is available in more than 180 countries worldwide and accessible without joining the waitlist. Users can sign up for a new account and explore Google Bard features.

Not only that, but Google also promises to add new image-generation features to Google Bard. This functionality allows users to use image-based inputs to interact with the chatbot. Bard can also generate images as an output to user queries.

In this post, we will talk about the image-generation capabilities of Google Bard and how Google Bard generates images. So, without wasting time, let’s dive in!

Can Google Bard Generate Images?

Can Bard Generate Images?

Not really! In its blog post, Google says that the company plans to link Adobe Firefly with Google Bard so that Bard can interpret and generate images as outputs.

FireFly will allow Bard to take image-based input alongside textual input, interpret it, and generate relevant responses. This feature will come into effect after merging Adobe FireFly into Google Bard.

Currently, Google Bard cannot generate or understand images. The company plans to add the image-generation functionality to Bard in the upcoming months.

What can Google Bard do with images?

By adding image generation features to Google Bard, the platform can bring users’ ideas to visualization. Say you want to generate ideas for a wedding theme.

You can ask Google Bard for suggestions and show images representing the theme. This will give you a better understanding of what your theme would look like.

Bard will also generate image descriptions for the image-based inputs. You can also write relevant prompts instructing Bard to edit a given image.

Google will add the Google Lens feature to Bard, allowing the tool to generate visual responses. After interpreting the input prompt, the lens feature will directly take user image inputs and produce relevant outputs. With Google Lens and Bard, users can use visual outputs to boost their creativity and imagination.

Using the image generation feature, Bard can generate images, logos, art, designs, and other visual content. This functionality makes Bard ideal for creating social media posts, interior designs, etc. It can be used by graphic designers, photographers, fashion designers, artists, etc.

Further, Bard will produce stock images that can be used for personal or commercial purposes without worrying about copyright issues. However, you must read the licensing terms and use the images according to Google’s policies.

Can Bard create images with AI?

Google Bard cannot create images using AI at the moment. Google is yet to add the image generation feature to Bard. Bard only understands and generates textual output using various artificial intelligence algorithms.

Google is partnering with Adobe FireFly to add the image-generation option to Bard. After merging both platforms, users can experiment with the platform to generate stunning visuals in a few seconds. It will boost their imagination and creativity.

Can Bard create images with text?

No, Google Bard cannot create images for textual input. Google has announced its plans to add image-generation features to Bard in the upcoming months. This feature will allow Bard to produce incredible art, images, and designs.

The platform will take a textual, image, or a mixture of both input types, interpret it and produce image-based outputs in the future. But right now, it only supports and generates textual input-output.

Currently, if you try to ask Google Bard to create an image for a specific prompt, it will return a textual output describing the image. And not the image!

Bard Image Generator Alternatives

Bard is not yet an image-generator AI chatbot. That means it cannot generate images or accept images as inputs. However, various other AI tools are already supporting the image-generation feature. If you want to see how AI generates images, you can try the Bard alternatives. These apps support images as inputs and outputs.

Here is a list of Google Bard image generator alternatives:

  • Midjourney AI
  • DALL-E
  • Bing Chat
  • ChatGPT-4
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Leonardo.AI
  • Adobe FireFly

These applications take textual or image-based prompts from users and generate visually appealing images based on the prompts. Based on the app’s licensing terms, you can use the images for personal or commercial purposes.

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