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Why is Character AI Not Working: Fix It Now



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Character AI is one of the leading AI chatbots that allow users to create AI Characters and have conversations. Recently many users have expressed they are facing errors while trying to access Character AI.

Some of the common causes behind Character AI not working can be technical issues or glitches, poor internet connection, the server being down, and more.

In this article, we will talk about why character AI is not working in detail and mention the top 10 solutions to resolve this issue. 

Why is Character AI not working?

There can be a variety of reasons why Character AI is not working, which we have mentioned below:

Server is Down 

One of the potential reasons why Character AI is not working is because the server is down. Such interference can occur due to server maintenance. In such scenarios, users are advised to try accessing Character AI a few moments later, once the server is resumed.  

Geographical reasons

At times, Character AI might be restricted or banned in certain areas or regions due to overloading or other reasons. In such scenarios, users can try bypassing the restriction by using a VPN and changing their IP address. 

Bad Internet Connection 

Another potential reason why Character AI is not working is due to a weak internet connection. A slow internet or wifi connection can lead to trouble in loading or connecting to Character AI’s page.

Thus, restricting users from accessing Character AI. Since Character AI requires a fast and steady connection to access the website or app. 

Corrupted browser cache

Outdated files and corrupted cache or cookies can cause connectivity and functionality issues. Not clearing the browser cache can lead to slow page loading and might cause interference while loading Character AI websites.

Therefore, it’s important to get rid of the corrupted cache from your browser to regain speed. 

Character AI not working: How to fix it in 10 steps?

Here are the top 10 solutions to fix Character AI not working issue: 

1. Verify your internet or WiFi connection

Weak internet or WiFi connection can cause trouble in accessing Character AI. Thus, you should check your internet or WiFi connection and ensure there are no connectivity issues.

We recommend switching to a different connection with a faster speed to avoid the occurrence of such an error.

2. Monitor server status

The first thing you should do if Character AI is not working is check the server’s status. High maintenance or overloading can cause the server to temporarily go down.

You can check the server status of the Character by visiting Isitdownrightnow. Visit this site and enter Character AI’s website and the status history will appear on the screen. You must stay patient during this process and wait until the server resumes. 

Usually, it takes around 15 to 30 minutes for the server to be available for access again. Usually, Character.AI’s social media channels also inform users when the server is down. Therefore, you can keep a close eye on its Twitter account to get further updates on Character AI. 

3. Clear browser cache

Try clearing your browser data and cache. Since outdated files and cache can lead to functionality issues and cause page loading issues.

Therefore clearing the cache might help you access Character AI again without any trouble. Here’s how you can clear the browser cache on your device: 

Here’s how you can clear browser cache and cookies on Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome 
  • Click on the “Three Dots” option 
  • Tap on “More Tools” 
  • Select “Clear browsing data” 
  • Now, Select a time range from the dropdown 
  • Tap on all three options available: “browsing history”, “cached images and files”, and “Cookies and other site data”
  • Lastly, Click on “Clear Data”

Here’s how you can clear browser cache and cookies on Safari:

  • Tap on Safari 
  • Select “Preferences” using the dropdown menu
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • On the menu bar choose the “Show Develop” menu checkbox
  • Exit Preferences
  • Tap on the “Develop” dropdown menu
  • Select “Empty Cache”
  • Select “History” and choose “Clear History” to empty your browser history

Here’s how you can clear browser cache and cookies on Firefox:

  • Tap on the three lines available on the right side of your screen 
  • Select Preferences
  • Choose Privacy & Security 
  • Select Clear Data under the Cookies and Site Data option
  • Tap on cached web content 
  • Click on the “Clear” option
  • Exit the Preferences page 

4. Disable browser extensions 

Another possible reason behind Character AI not working could be a corrupted or outdated extension. If you have an extension installed on your device, then you should disable it and try browsing Character AI.

Here’s how you can disable the extension on your device:

  • Open Chrome
  • Tap on the three dots at the right corner 
  • Click on “More Tools” 
  • Select “Extensions” 
  • Now, turn of extension 

If you have more than one extension installed on your device. You can try disabling one extension at a time and check whether Character AI is working or not. Do this until you find the extension with fault and uninstall it to avoid any further trouble. 

5. Switch browsers

Your web browser can be a potential cause behind Character AI not working. Sometimes your browser can cause connectivity issues or glitches which lead to slow performance and page loading issues.

Thus You should try utilizing a separate browser, for example, Edge, Safari, or any other available browser. This is also a great way to examine whether there is a problem with your primary browser or not. 

6. Disable firewall or antivirus software

At times a firewall or antivirus software available on your device can be a reason behind Character AI not working. Since such software is capable of causing disputes and preventing the internet from working properly.

Therefore, you should consider turning it off or disabling it to avoid trouble while trying to access Character AI. 

7. Restart your device

Another method to resolve Character AI’s not working issues is by restarting your device. This can help get rid of any temporary glitches or connectivity issues causing trouble accessing Character AI. This solution has worked for several users, thus this is a must-try method. 

8. Check for updates

If you are accessing Character AI through its official website on your Android or iOS device. Then, you may be facing a Character AI not working error because you haven’t updated your app.

Accessing an outdated version of Character AI can cause certain glitches and functionality issues while accessing the app.

Therefore, you should check the available updates for Character AI by visiting the App Store or Play Store on your device.

Here’s how you can update Character AI’s app: 

  • Go to the Play Store app
  • Tap on the profile icon 
  • Select “Manage apps & Devices” 
  • Scroll down and find the “Character AI” app
  • Click on the app and select “Update” 
  • Wait until the app is successfully updated 
  • Open the Character AI App and now you can begin chatting or creating characters 

9. Try a different device

At times, there can be an issue in your device, which is causing trouble in accessing Character AI. Therefore, if it’s possible you must try switching to a different device and try using Character AI to check whether you are facing the same problem on a different device as well or not. 

10. Use a VPN

Character AI might have placed a ban on certain areas or regions that might restrict users from accessing the website. You can try using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to avoid this restriction and access Character AI without any limitations.

For this, you need to download a good VPN on your device that contains a wide range of location availability and good speed.

Some of the best VPNs to access Character AI are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and more. Once you have installed the VPN, set up your account and choose an IP address from the available locations.

After changing your primary IP address visit Character AI’s website and start accessing the platform. 

11. Contact Character AI’s Team 

Lastly, if you have tried all the above methods and are still facing the “Character AI not working” issue. Then, you should contact Character AI’s Team and address your issue.

You can connect with Character AI’s customer support team by following these steps: 

  • Visit Character AI’s Help Center using this link
  • Then, click on “Submit a Request.”
  • Choose your issue from the Dropdown Menu
  • Enter your Email and Subject
  • Further, explain your issue under the “Additional Information” option, you can also add attachments or images as proofs 
  • Click on “Submit” 

Final words

Character AI might be facing overloading or maintenance issues which can cause the server to be down. However, this issue should be resolved in a few minutes. But If you are constantly facing Character AI not working error even after trying all the above solutions.

Then you should contact the customer support team of character and address your issue in detail. We hope using our methods your Character AI issue has been resolved and you can access the platform without any troubles.  

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