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Chat GPT-5 Release Date Prediction


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Are you interested in knowing about GPT-5 Release Date?

After the release of GPT-4, Open AI fans are eager to know what the company plans to bring to the world in its upcoming version GPT-5. Open AI released its new language model, GPT-4, earlier this month. The company is currently working on GPT-4’s advanced version to improve its functionalities.

According to rumors, GPT-5 will complete training by the end of 2023 and be launched worldwide soon. Several other predictions regarding Open AI’s upcoming model and release are running on the internet. If you are wondering when GPT-5 will launch, continue reading this guide to learn more about GPT-5’s launch.

GPT-5 Release Date Predictions

As per the experts and Users predicted that GPT-5 might be released somewhere in 2025 onwards. Openai has officially predicted that GPT-4.5, the step up from the current GPT-4, will be “introduced in September or October 2023 as an intermediate version between GPT-4 and the upcoming GPT-5.”

GPT-5 Release Date Prediction

What Do We Know About GPT-5?

There is limited information regarding Open AI’s upcoming language model GPT-5. Recently, a developer claimed on Twitter that GPT-5’s training will complete in December 2023. The model will come with AGI functionalities. AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) enables AI to perform or complete tasks like humans.

If an AI tool is trained with AGI, it becomes nearly impossible to distinguish between human and robot capabilities. It can speed up human tasks by saving them from performing repetitive activities. But it has several downsides, which may cause threats to humans.

Ultimately, it cannot be said whether GPT-5 will possess AGI until the officials declare the same. But it’s anticipated that the model will come with mind-blowing functionalities compared to its previous ones.

Again, several researchers claim that AGI won’t be released worldwide until 2032. So, we will have to wait until GPT-5’s launch to see whether Open AI successfully trains its model with AGI.

When Was GPT-4 Released?

GPT-4 is the current Open AI language model. It was released on 14th March 2023. Currently, users can experience GPT-4 features by subscribing to ChatGPT Plus. The model is also available on Microsoft Bing.

GPT-4 is a multimodal model. It accepts text and image input and emits videos and images as output. The model offers extensive features over its previous one. However, it is less efficient than humans in several real-world situations.

GPT-4 is safer and more aligned than GPT-3. It also detects and removes inappropriate, irrelevant, and inaccurate data. GPT-4 produces 40% more appropriate factual data.

When Was GPT-3 Released?

Open AI introduced GPT-3 in May 2020 and launched it for beta testing on June 11, 2020. GPT-3 uses deep learning to respond to its users in a human-like tone. GPT-3 was used to train ChatGPT to produce high-quality content and interact with humans. Currently, ChatGPT uses GPT-3.5, a slightly advanced version of GPT-3.


It’s impossible to give the final release date of GPT-5 since Open AI hasn’t announced it yet. However, the model is anticipated to launch in the upcoming one or two years. Open AI will also release an intermediate version of GPT-4.5, possessing more advanced features than GPT-4. For more information regarding the final release date of GPT-5, keep checking Open AI’s announcement page.

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