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An AI-powered tool that lets you interact with your favorite characters from movies, books, events, etc. as if they are talking to you for real.

About ChatFAI

ChatFAI uses artificial intelligence to create a realistic experience and setup for users to chat with their favorite characters. It can imitate a character from movies, drama, TV shows, historical events, or generate fictional characters.

Users can ask questions to their favorite characters and the AI responds to them as if a real human is answering back. The platform also allows users to indulge in discussions with the characters.

ChatFAI gives users a realistic experience of interacting with celebrities and other characters. It keeps the chat secure to ensure no one misuses your conversations. You can also add new characters to the platform, if your preferred one is unavailable.

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Company NameChatFAI
Launch Date2023
CategoryFun tools

ChatFAI AI Features

ChatFAI is an incredible tool for those seeking entertainment. Some features of this tool include the following:

  • It talks with users in an engaging and conversational tone making the discussion feel like real.
  • It adopts the behavior and style of characters to makes users feel as if the character is next to them.
  • ChatFAI keeps your conversations 100% private and secure. No one can listen to or access them.
  • You can create a new character and add it to ChatFAI.
  • ChatFAI is on Discord. You can team up with your friends on Discord and interact with your favorite chcarcter simultaneously.

ChatFAI AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

ChatFAI can be used by any internet user seeking entertainment. Some real-world applications of ChatFAI are as follows:

  • Children can use it to interact with their favorite comic or TV characters.
  • Adults can use the webapp during their leisure time to interact with their favorite personalities.
  • It can be used as therapy for those feeling lonely and looking to chat with someone.

ChatFAI AI Pricing

ChatFAI offers various plans for users. The plans vary depending on the number of simultaneous chats, number of messages allowed, and memory usage. Below are the plans offered by ChatFAI:

  • Free – $0 per month – 100 monthly messages, limited memory, 4 simultaneous chats.
  • Basic – $8.25 per month or $99 per year – 1500 monthly messages, limited memory, 10 simultaneous chats.
  • Premium – $24.17 per month or $290 per year- 5000 monthly messages, good memory, 10 simultaneous chats.
  • Deluxe – $49.17 per month or $590 per year- Unlimited messages, Maximum memory, 50 simultaneous chats.


Is ChatFAI AI a paid tool?

Yes, ChatFAI is a paid tool. Its basic plan starts at $8.25 per month. You can upgrade to other plans based on your requirements and usage. ChatFAI also has a free version with limited features and only 100 messages per month.

Is ChatFAI safe?

ChatFAI is a legit platform. It is officially available as a webapp and recently launched for Android users on the Google Play Store. You can download the app on your mobile device or use it online without worrying about hackers or malware.

Can I cancel my ChatFAI subscription plan?

It is possible to cancel your ChatFAI subscription plan at any time from your account. You can also upgrade or downgrade to other plans after every billing cycle. Remember, after you cancel your plan, it will still remain active until the current billing cycle ends.

How do I contact the ChatFAI support team?

You can connect with the ChatFAI support team anytime via email or Twitter. You can also troubleshoot your issues by discussing them with the Discord or Reddit communities. Visit the ChatFAI help page for more information.

Are the ChatFAI characters real?

No, ChatFAI uses AI to create real or fictional characters. You can choose a character from the existing ones or create a new one and chat with it. The characters respond using AI in a conversational tone to give you a realistic user experience.


ChatFAI is one of the best AI-powered entertainment applications. The app can be used during leisure time to interact with renowned personalities. It can also be used to create a custom character to chat with during free time.

The app is secure and safe to use. It ensures that the user’s conversations are not leaked or shared with others. You can use ChatFAI to chat with your favorite characters and share your story with them.

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