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ChatGPT Bad Gateway Error 502 – How to Fix it


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Here’s how to fix the Chat GPT Bad Gateway Error…

Earlier this week, ChatGPT faced a bug issue, which forced OpenAI to shut down ChatGPT until the issue was resolved. This shutdown lasted for about five hours, causing major frustration among free and paid subscribers of ChatGPT. 

Even after the issue was resolved, ChatGPT subscribers still face a “Bad gateway” error while accessing the chatbot. Most subscribers are unfamiliar with this error and wonder its causes and how it can be fixed. Therefore, in this article, we will explain the ChatGPT Bad Gateway error and how to fix it.  

ChatGPT Bad Gateway Error - How to Fix it

ChatGPT Bad Gateway Error – How to Fix it

A Bad Gateway error is an error caused due to a network or server. However, at times there can also be an issue from the customer’s front, which can cause trouble accessing ChatGPT. Although, you can still fix this issue by following the few methods mentioned below: 

  1. Visit OpenAI’s status page 

If you face an error while trying to access ChatGPT, then the first thing you should do is visit OpenAI’s status page. This will provide a clear indication of whether there is an error with the server or whether there’s an issue from your front. You can also visit OpenAI’s official Twitter to check whether there’s any notification regarding any server issue. 

  1. Sign-out and sign-in 

Another thing you can do is log out of your OpenAI account and wait for about fifteen to twenty minutes; overloading can cause trouble accessing ChatGPT. Therefore, you should wait a few minutes and try logging in again.  

  1. Reload your page 

If you face a Bad gateway error on ChatGPT, you should try reloading your page. There’s a high chance the server might be overloaded at the current moment. So, reloading the site might help you come back. 

  1. Clear Corrupted data and files 

Corrupted data and files can cause errors in browsers. Therefore, you should try to clear these corrupted data by following these methods: 

  • Launch your browser 
  • Click on three dots at right-corner 
  • Tap on “More tools” and select “Clear browsing data”
  • Under clear browsing data, choose your preferred time range and tick all these options (cached images, browsing history, and cookies & others) 
  • Now, click on “Clear Data” and your cookies will be removed from your browser. 
  1. Remove extensions 

At times, third-party extensions can be corrupted or contain bad code, which can cause the cancellation of scripts and queries by the server. By deactivating these extensions, you can troubleshoot this issue. 

If you have more than one extension on your browser, you can start deactivating them one by one and identify the one causing trouble. Once you find the corrupted extension, you can permanently remove it from your device to avoid any future trouble. 

ChatGPT Bad Gateway 502 Explained

ChatGPT didn’t face a Bad Gateway error. Rather it faced a Server-side issue or capacity issue on 20th March. It faced a bug issue that could expose users’ chat history, threatening the privacy of OpenAI’s customers. OpenAI decided to shut down the site until the issue was resolved. 

This lasted for about five hours, affecting both free and premium subscribers of ChatGPT. Though this was not taken well with the users, many expressed their frustration on Twitter regarding the sudden shutdown of ChatGPT even after purchasing the ChatGPT Plus plan. Although, users claim they still face issues operating ChatGPT as they receive errors stating “Bad gateway.”

How to Fix ChatGPT Bad Gateway Error?

If you are facing a Bad Gateway error on your ChatGPT Account, then you can fix it using the following methods: 

  1. Firstly, you should check OpenAI’s server to identify whether there’s an issue with the server or the trouble is from the user’s end.
  2. Check OpenAI’s Twitter (If there are any issues with the server, they will be tweeted out by OpenAI on its official Twitter account) 
  3. Clear Cache – Corrupted data and cache files can cause trouble in browsing, so you should clear all the corrupted files and data from your browser. 
  4. Reload your page – Technical difficulties can sometimes cause trouble in operating websites. Therefore, you should try reloading your page. 
  5. Remove extensions from your browser as times, extensions are corrupted and cause conflict while trying to access websites online. 

Bad Gateway is on Premium Account

ChatGPT Plus claims it helps users access AI chatbots even during high traffic. However, the case wasn’t the same when many Twitter and GitHub users reported error “502” which is Bad Gateway and “at capacity.” Users were not pleased with the sudden appearance of these errors and expressed their frustration at OpenAI. 

OpenAI immediately shut down ChatGPT, which led to these errors in ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus users. It is reported that the sudden shutdown by the AI chatbot ChatGPT was caused by a bug exposing the user’s chat history. This is a server-side issue rather than a bad gateway or max capacity issue. 

What does Bad Gateway Mean?

A 502 “Bad Gateway” error means the server you are operating is receiving an invalid response from an inbound server. Each time a user tries to launch the website, your browser will send a request to the web server. Then web servers process those requests, and once it has been processed, they will deliver them back to the source request with an HTTP header and HTTP status code.

HTTP status code is only visible when there is something wrong, so it’s a server’s way to notify users that something is wrong, along with a code on how to diagnose it. 

What Causes Bad Gateway?

There are three potential causes of Bad Gateway, which are as follows: 

Browser Issues

Sometimes there can be an issue with your browser, like using outdated versions of the browser or cache files and corrupted data which can lead to a bad gateway. Therefore, you should ensure you have updated your browser and cleared all the corrupted files for a smooth run. 

Server Overload: 

This is probably one of the most common reasons for causing a bad gateway. Servers can often run out of resources and crash, which can cause triggering an HTTP, which leads to a bad gateway. An unexpected spike in traffic is the primary reason for it. 

Firewall blocks: 

Your firewall might have located unwanted traffic and false threats, leading to blocking your device’s internet providers and IP addresses. 


Bad Gateway is an error caused in the network/server which restricts users from accessing the site. These troubles can often be caused due to browser issues, server overload, and firewall blocks.

Above we have mentioned all about Bad gateway errors and beneficial methods to help users fix this issue. We hope these solutions help you fix 502 Bad gateway errors on your device.

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