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Users Reported ChatGPT Cursor Blinking Issue? Here’s some Fixes


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While using ChatGPT, most users experience trouble in their AI chatbot, where ChatGPT stops replying to inputs and the cursor starts blinking. At times, users might notice a low speed and the website freezing. It happens when the Answer gets too long, blinking cursor, can’t interact.

There can be many reasons behind this issue, such as the Server being down, the Query being too long, technical errors, and more. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about ChatGPT Cursor Blinking in detail and provide useful methods to try to fix the cursor blinking issue. 

ChatGPT Cursor Blinking? Try These Fixes

Why is the ChatGPT Cursor Blinking?

There can be many reasons behind the ChatGPT Cursor blinking; sometimes, it might be due to the server being down or the query provided being too long, ChatGPT’s answer gets too long, the website updating, and more. Recently many users have experienced this issue where ChatGPT stops replying, the cursor starts to blink, and the website freezes up. Here are some of the reasons why your ChatGPT Cursor is blinking. 

Your Query Is Too Long

Most users have witnessed the ChatGPT cursor blinking when a complex query is asked by the AI chatbot which requires a detailed answer. This might be because the question asked to ChatGPT requires an output that is too long and triggers the network error prompt. You might witness responses like “Something went wrong”, “Failed to load” and more when ChatGPT stops working. 

OpenAI is one of the best AI chatbots in the market. However, it’s still a website and can face technical errors, glitches, etc. Therefore, when you ask a long query that requires a long detailed answer, it’s likely for the ChatGPT processor to overload, which can lead to technical errors and cause the cursor to blink. So, you might want to rethink before entering a long query, as it can cause overload errors, especially when ChatGPT is still relatively new and learning. 

Server Issue

If you experience an online issue when trying to reach out to any website or using a webpage, there is a high chance that the website service is down. Some of the most common reasons for servers to down are caused due to power outages, maintenance, overload IP card, and more. 

It’s common for servers to go down, and a specific error code is often issued. Although this down necessarily says the error code always appears whenever the server is down. 

Users are unable to access the website until the server is back on. This is what might be happening with ChatGPT. 

Although cursor blinking can be considered a good sign considering the website is trying to load in what you are attempting. If the issue is really with the server, you might need to wait for a short time until the server is back on. The internal server error often lasts for a short period, maybe about twenty minutes, and you can use ChatGPT effortlessly again. 

ChatGPT is Going Through Its Database to Find You an Answer

There is a possibility that the reason your ChatGPT cursor is blinking is that it’s going through its database to look for the most suitable answer. ChatGPT contains a database that gathers all the data about various queries. ChatGPT utilizes the GPT language model, which requires a large textual training to process. About 10 billion words and 8 million documents were utilized to train the GPT-3 model. 

This model learns and generates content and output using natural language processing using large amounts of text. Therefore, with such large-scale data available, ChatGPT can take longer to find the most relevant and suitable answer for your input.

There’s a Bug on Their Side

Bugs, glitches, and malfunctions are highly common in technologies as they aren’t perfect and sometimes face technical errors, especially in services being worked on. Therefore, if you ever face trouble while using ChatGPT or witness cursor blinking, it might be due to technical bugs. 

A technical bug is an error that needs to be fixed from the system’s side. Therefore, if you ever witness a technical issue in the system, you should contact the help center and report it so they can pinpoint and look into the trouble. This will not only resolve the bug but will also ensure such trouble won’t occur again. 

Fix1: Wait for the Bug to Be Fixed

Issues, bugs, errors, malfunctions, and more cannot be fixed from your end. You need to report these issues to the help center so OpenAI can work on them; until then, you need to sit back and wait. Although you can ask the help center regarding the issue and how long it will take for the bug to be fixed. But unless you are a developer, you have no option but to wait. 

Fix2: Contact Their Support

If you are unclear about the problem behind ChatGPT Cursor blinking, you might want to contact ChatGPT’s help center. This is the best solution if you are unclear about the issue. There are two ways to contact ChatGPT support: click on the “Help” button on the website and begin chatting with customer support, or write an email to explaining the issue. ChatGPT’s customer support will then contact you with a solution to resolve your issue. 

Fix3: Wait for an Update

ChatGPT is a web platform that requires updates regularly to improve and develop, similar to any other app. ChatGPT was released last November. Therefore, this AI chatbot is still pretty new and figuring its capabilities and features out.

Therefore, OpenAI and the help center are still working on updating, resolving, and improving their services regularly to enhance users’ experiences; this includes fixing errors, dysfunctions, and more. 

So, most of the time, users must patiently wait and let the system figure out its features and capabilities for its development. ChatGPT is bound to issue updates for resolving issues, features, characteristics, and more. Therefore, you might want to wait for an update for ChatGPT. 

Their Server is Down

Most of the time, online website issues could be due to the server being down. Users cannot visit and use a website when the server is down. Power outages, maintenance, and IP overload are some of the reasons behind server going. Usually, server issues don’t last longer than twenty minutes, so in such cases, you need to patiently wait for a short period of time and try again. 

Fix: Wait for Their Server Issue to Be Resolved

If a website’s server is down. Then users have no other option than to wait until the server is back on and the issue is resolved from their end. But cursor blinking can be considered a good sign as this suggests the website is trying to load. Usually, the server isn’t down for more than twenty minutes. So, you might want to try reaccessing ChatGPT after twenty minutes. 

There’s an issue with the Browser

Browsers can sometimes face latency which means slow performance, loading issues, or crashes which can result in cursor blinking in ChatGPT and showcase errors like “We’re experiencing high demand”.

Fix: Use Another Browser

If you believe your browser is the reason behind your having trouble in ChatGPT and you need to change your browser. There are tons of browsers available that you can choose, such as Opera, Safari, Firefox, and more. Choosing another browser might help solve your issue if the trouble was with the browser.

This method might even work if the issue arose from high demand or traffic in the ChatGPT server. Since switching from one browser to another might provide enough time to solve the overload issue. 


ChatGPT Cursor blinking can occur due to a variety of reasons. Above, we have mentioned all the causes of this issue with explanations and solutions that can help you fix this issue. We hope this article was beneficial for you in fixing the Cursor blinking issue. 

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