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ChatGPT Dangers: 11 dangerous things it’s capable of


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ChatGPT is often praised for its benefits and capabilities to generate content, write codes, answer queries, and more. Ever since ChatGPT’s release, users worldwide have highly used this AI chatbot to develop content. 

However, ChatGPT also contains a few setbacks. OpenAI’s chatbot has capabilities of creating bad cases such as generating phishing emails, lacking morals, providing inaccurate data, and more which can be a major risk for many users. In this article, we are going to discuss ChatGPT’s dangers and its capabilities.  

ChatGPT Dangers: 11 dangerous things it's capable of

ChatGPT: ‘Selfish & Inferior ’ Humans ‘Deserve to be Wiped Out

ChatGPT is capable of providing an unsettling response when Venture’s CTO Michael Bromley asked about ChatGPT’s honest opinion on Humans.

It responded by describing humans as inferior, and selfish who deserved to be wiped out of the planet. OpenAI’s ChatGPT flagged the AI chatbot’s responses as a violation of the company’s content policy.

Lacks Morals

Humans are entitled to their set of beliefs, morals, ethics, and opinions. However, in any given society there are a few sets of unsaid rules and social norms about what is appropriate and what isn’t.

ChatGPT’s lack of morals, ethics, and context can lead to being extremely problematic and unsettling while dealing with sensitive issues such as sexual assault. 

Privacy issues

AI language chatbots have raised questions regarding user privacy and data security. ChatGPT retains users’ data and sensitive information which can, later on, be used as a threat or be misused during a hack.

There have also been concerns regarding the way data is stored, protected, and processed. Though, all the conversations between AI chatbots and users can be stored and reviewed by humans trained to inspect and help improve the AI model. 

Write Phishing Emails 

One of the biggest disadvantages of ChatGPT is its ability to write phishing emails. Phishing emails created by hackers often contain poor spellings and grammar mistakes, as the majority of the phishing emails originated aren’t from English-speaking regions.

But now with ChatGPT, hackers can easily generate these emails without any spelling or grammar mistakes. This can lead to a rise in phishing emails by hackers and result in users getting scammed. 

It can generate Malware

ChatGPT can develop codes in various languages such as javascript, python, and more. ChatGPT also has the capacity of creating malware to examine sensitive user data.

Apart from this, it can also hack the entire computer system or email account of its target to find important information. Though initially, these demands should result in getting flagged for content policy violation. ChatGPT 

Can be Sexist @and Racist

ChatGPT has written a python program based on a person’s capability on their gender, race, and even physical traits. This can come across as sexist and racist to many users as it’s plain discriminatory.

OpenAI has been quite upfront on AI’s shortcomings including its ability to provide biased content and harmful instructions and continues to fine-tune ChatGPT. 

Redefine supply, request, and economy

ChatGPT’s capabilities with AI art engines such as OpenAI’s DALL-E can help generate art and interior design. With the easy accessibility of art and design, who would require a real artist, creator, or designer when an AI tool can do it within a few minutes? 

For established industries, ChatGPT’s ability to produce art through AI can lead to an increase in economies of scale. 

Inaccurate Data 

ChatGPT is capable of providing inaccurate responses and convincing users into thinking it’s valuable insight coming from a single source of truth. Since it is not connected to the internet and is filled with data till 2021. 

Therefore, ChatGPT can’t provide information about the latest events and real-time facts or even understand the context of the conversation like a human.

Since ChatGPT is likely to not understand the context, it can lead to ChatGPT providing incorrect answers.

Loss of employment 

ChatGPT’s features and ability to complete tasks might lead to a heavy rise in AI chatbots in the future. Most people also think ChatGPT can replace human jobs with an AI chatbot.

In fact, by 2020, Microsoft has begun phasing out the release of human journalists in favor of Artificial intelligence. 

With OpenAI’s radical invention it’s likely AI chatbots will move forward and have the potential to replace human jobs with AI chatbots for different professions such as Customer service, data entry, and more.

Therefore, in the future, there’s a high chance of humans losing their jobs to AI tools, which will impact the employment rate. 

Sensitive Matters

In a few scenarios, ChatGPT’s responses have been racist and sexist, which increases the societal risk for young audiences. This also increases the risk of people getting influenced by biased data. 

Therefore, it’s important to consider the quality of the data provided including gender balance, demographic representation, and cultural diversity in its pre-training.

Efforts should be made to ensure biased and stereotyped content is removed from sources to avoid any sensitive issues. 

Harmful to StackOverflow’s Business Model

StackOverflow banned AI-generated answers and solutions. The company’s admin stated, “The temporary policy” went into effect to slow down the influx of answers and other content generated with ChatGPT.

Various people at StackOverflow praised the decision and found it reasonable. Ironically, ChatGPT’s take seemed quite impartial on this matter.

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