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ChatGPT for Slack: Here’s How to integrate and use it


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Recently, the AI chatbot ChatGPT has been integrated into the Slack platform. It will be available on Slack along with 2600+ other integrated apps. Slack users can employ ChatGPT to draft messages and replies within seconds. The move is important and advantageous for businesses that intend to serve their customers better.

The integration of Slack and ChatGPT will open up opportunities for automation, accelerate business growth, and improvise the overall workflow for industries heavily dependent on Slack for their efficacy. 

ChatGPT for Slack

Introducing the ChatGPT App for Slack

The collaboration between companies Salesforce and Open AI has made it possible to introduce ChatGPT App on the Slack platform. Slack will integrate the AI chatbot to provide written assistance, research tools, and summaries of the conversations.

The move is intended to optimize communication between business professionals and save time by speeding up the communication process. As the ChatGPT app for Slack is in its beta version, it is not easily available on the platform.

However, users can apply to get ChatGPT on slack and they will be waitlisted till their request is accepted. 

How to Use ChatGPT with Slack

We have mentioned the step-by-step guide to Using ChatGPT with Slack. Learn more about how OpenAI uses Slack and the ChatGPT app here.

How to sign up or Join ChatGPT app for Slack waitlist

The AI chatbot, ChatGPT on Slack App is still in its infancy stage and under development. Thus, you will be waitlisted after you have signed up for  ChatGPT. Here’s how to sign up or Join ChatGPT app for the Slack waitlist:

  • Open the web browser on your phone or desktop.
  • Go to the page ChatGPT app for Slack waitlist
  • Fill in the requisite details and once you are down choose the “Join Waitlist” option visible at the bottom of the screen. 
  • You have now been waitlisted. Wait until your request to join ChatGPT app for Slack is accepted. 

How to summarize conversations with ChatGPT on Slack

  • Open the Slack app and “Login” to the workplace you want to use.
  • Next, you will see a menu on the left-hand side. Choose the channel whose conversation you want to minimize.
  • Now hover the cursor over that conversation. Next tap on the “three-dot” menu icon. 
  • Thereafter, choose “Summarise thread ChatGPT” and a response drafted by ChatGPT will appear. 

How to draft responses with ChatGPT for Slack

Here’s how you can draft responses with ChatGPT for slack:

  • Open the Slack app and “Login” to the workplace you want to use. 
  • On the left-hand side you will notice the person or channel from which you have received a question. 
  • Now hover the cursor over that conversation. Next tap on the “three-dot” menu icon. 
  • Thereafter, choose “Draft reply ChatGPT” and a response drafted by ChatGPT will appear. 

How to ask ChatGPT questions in Slack

One can ask ChatGPT questions in Slack and the answers will be in the same conversational tone ChatGPT uses. This is also the same as other AI chatbots such as Bing Chat. Here’s the step-by-step process:

  • Open the Slack app and “Login” to the workplace you want to use. 
  • Now ask any questions you want and ChatGPT would answer them in a conversational tone. 

ChatGPT app for Slack

ChatGPT Slack Intergration

Step 1: Register an app with Slack and obtain tokens

  • Open the Slack app and “Login” to the workplace you want to use. 
  • Next open the Slack API website.
  • Locate the option “Create an App” and tap on it. Next, choose the option “From Scratch”. Name your app and choose Slack workspace. 
  • Now go to “Basic Information” and there choose “Add features and functionality”. 
  • Next, select “Permissions”. You can now add certain token scopes such as channels: read; chat: write. 
  • Go to “Settings” and choose “Socket mode”. Now once it is enabled, give it a token name. Make sure to copy the Bot App token of Slack starting with “xapp”. 
  • Again go to “Basic Information” and there choose “Add features and functionality”. Next click on  “Event Subscriptions” to turn it on. 
  • Look for the option “Subscribe to bot events” and thereafter tap on “app mention”. 
  • Next, save changes and proceed to go to the “OAuth & Permissions” section. 
  • Install the chosen app in the Slack workplace. 
  • Finally copy the Slack bot token. It will start with “xoxb”. 

Step 2: Obtain the OpenAI API key 

In order to integrate ChatGPT into Slack, you will have to get the OpenAI API key to use GPT-3 API. Here’s how to do that:

  • Open the Open AI API website and “Login”. 
  • Locate the API Key section. Next, make a new API key. 
  • To obtain the Key, copy it. 

Step 3: Install necessary dependencies

You will not have to install important applications. Firstly, you need to install Slack-bolt which allows you to run Slack applications easily. You can get API to build bots, run Slack’s features, and undertake custom integration. You will also need the OpenAI and Slack applications. 

Here’s the command you will require to install dependencies:

  • For Slack-bolt: “pip install slack-bolt”
  • For Open AI: “pip install openai”
  • For Slack: “pip install slack”

 Step 4: Run the application

Now once you have installed the dependencies, you will have to use the 3 tokens that we created in the previous step in the following script:




import os

import openai

from slack_bolt.adapter.socket_mode import SocketModeHandler

from slack import WebClient

from slack_bolt import App

# Event API & Web API

app = App(token=SLACK_BOT_TOKEN)

client = WebClient(SLACK_BOT_TOKEN)

# This gets activated when the bot is tagged in a channel   


def handle_message_events(body, logger):

   # Log message


   # Create prompt for ChatGPT

   prompt = str(body["event"]["text"]).split(">")[1]

   # Let the user know that we are busy with the request

    response = client.chat_postMessage(channel=body["event"]["channel"],


   text=f"Hello from your bot! :robot_face: \nThanks for your request, I'm on it!")

   # Check ChatGPT

   openai.api_key = OPENAI_API_KEY

   response = openai.Completion.create(







     # Reply to thread

   response = client.chat_postMessage(channel=body["event"]["channel"],


                             text=f"Here you go: \n{response}")

if __name__ == "__main__":

SocketModeHandler(app, SLACK_APP_TOKEN).start()

Once you have followed the script, you will see the message “Bolt app is running” which means that the app is now active. 

 Step 5: Test out

Now all you need to do is test whether ChatGPT has been properly integrated or not on Slack. Put any query and if you get an automated answer, you have successfully integrated ChatGPT into Slack. 

ChatGPT app for Slack Benefits for customers

  • Draft messages or responses: ChatGPT will provide customers with AI-powered writing assistance helpful in drafting prompt messages, replies, status updates or even meeting notes. So say goodbye to drafting all the messages manually and welcome AI-driven communication.  
  • Summarize with a Click: ChatGPT on Slack will assist customers in keeping up with whatever is happening. Every communication will have a summary feature so that customers can briefly know important details in any conversation.  
  • Effective research tools:  Business professionals can now research and acquire vast knowledge using the research tools inbuilt-in ChatGPT app forSlack. 
  • Automate workload: Outsourcing work to ChatGPT on Slack would allow users to focus more on important tasks and better streamline their work priorities. 

Conclusion – Be the first to try the ChatGPT for the Slack app

ChatGPT for Slack App offers many novel benefits and opportunities useful for every professional out there. Many IT leaders have lauded the integration of ChatGPT within Slack, terming it a powerful and innovative initiative. Automating work, reducing workload, and streamlining the workflow are all features that will improve the overall efficiency of business and take them to new heights. So, we advise you not second to guess anything and be the first to try the ChatGPT for Slack app. 

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