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ChatGPT in vehicles- GM might start using ChatGPT in collaboration with Microsoft Corp


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ChatGPT has been highly operated by companies and organizations worldwide. Its high-functioning capabilities have made it one of the top AI chatbots in the market.

Customer care services, marketers, advertisers, students, writers, and more have been widely using ChatGPT to gain maximum benefits. 

Recently, GM has announced it might start utilizing ChatGPT in collaboration with Microsoft Corp as a virtual assistant on vehicles. It collaboration took place to help users utilize data and information on a large scale on how to use vehicles.

Through ChatGPT users will also be able to gain information on different functions and features of the vehicle effortlessly. 

ChatGPT in vehicles- GM might start using ChatGPT in collaboration with Microsoft Corp

Quick Facts:

  • General Motors Co. has started using ChatGPT as a virtual assistant in vehicles in partnership with Microsoft Corp. 
  • Microsoft has been boosting its maximum efforts to infuse more and more technologies into vehicles. 
  • General Motors partnered with Microsoft in 2021, to issue commercialization of driverless vehicles. 

ChatGPT’s collaboration with GM in vehicles

General Motors Co. has explored its interest in using OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT for a wider partnership with Microsoft Corp, stated a company executive to Reuters. 

Last week, GM Vice President Scott Miller quoted in an interview, “ChatGPT is going to be in Everything.” 

Miller said AI chatbots like ChatGPT can be utilized at an expansive range of scales to access information and data regarding how to use vehicle features normally.

Which can usually be found in the owner’s manual or instruction book, program functions like garage door code, or integrated schedule from the calendar.  

The virtual assistant installed in vehicles can help users gain maximum knowledge on how to operate and guide the users on the vehicle or feature throughout the process. Users can easily use virtual assistants to solve any vehicle-related queries or faults while operating the vehicle. 

Users can ask questions, clear doubts, gain information and more and ChatGPT will respond to all the queries within a few seconds.

Even though vehicle manuals or instruction books are equally beneficial for gaining information, a virtual assistant can be a more suitable option for delivering faster responses and solutions during intense situations such as a sudden issue with vehicle functions, brakes, or more.

With ChatGPT users can simply raise requests or ask queries to the virtual assistant through voice command and the assistant will deliver an accurate solution for you within seconds. 

A GM spokesperson said “The shift and accessibility of ChatGPT in vehicles is not about a single ability like the evolution of voice, instead it’s a beginning of what customers can expect in future vehicles.

Features and capability of vehicles are expected to be more capable, advanced, and fresh overall when it comes to emerging technology” 

So, with the collaboration of Microsoft Corp and GM, users can expect advancement, better functions, and more capabilities on emerging technologies in the coming future.  

The news of GM using ChatGPT in collaboration with Microsoft Corp was first reported by Semafor, which stated the American automaker is currently working on a virtual personal assistant which utilizes AI models behind ChatGPT. 

Microsoft’s multi-dollar investment in OpenAI

Earlier this year, it was reported Microsoft announced an investment in OpenAI which powered the AI chatbot, ChatGPT. An investment worth around a multi-billion dollar took place between the two companies Microsoft and OpenAI.

Microsoft Bing AI was a collaboration of Microsoft and OpenAI which was launched earlier this year and is considered one of the top AI chatbots in the market.

Microsoft aims to add all the benefits of AI chatbot technology into all its products. Similar to other big-tech companies and organizations, Microsoft has been extending its efforts to infuse more and more technologies into vehicles, from automated driving to infotainment systems to operating systems that can control battery performance and help multiple other features of the vehicle.

In 2021, it was announced GM and cruise have built a long-term strategic association with Microsoft to accelerate the commercialization of driverless vehicles.

Together the companies are expected to bring cloud computing abilities, hardware and software engineering excellence, manufacturing, and more to generate a safer, cleaner, and more accessible place for everyone.  

On Friday, it was reported shares of GM dropped about 2% amid a broader drop. 

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