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How to Enable ChatGPT on Opera GX Browser



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Opera GX browsers are now allowing users to add AI chatbots ChatGPT and ChatSonic into the browser to enhance their benefits. Opera has joined Medley which utilizes Generative AI-based services and helps users find data quickly. 

Opera uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT although it contains a different approach towards the interface along with the options it wants to offer. So, if you are wondering how to add ChatGPT to the Opera GX browser, then you have reached the correct place. In this article, we are going to provide a complete guide on how to add ChatGPT on Opera GX Browser, Opera Sidebar, and how to use Opera for a basic search.

How to Enable ChatGPT on Opera GX Browser

Does ChatGPT work on Opera?

Through Opera GX Browser, users can also access ChatGPT and ChatSonic in the browser’s sidebar. Users can use these generative AI platforms for idea generation, summaries, translations, itineraries, and more.

Opera adds ChatGPT and AI prompts into its browser

A sidebar integration option was developed by Opera to integrate AI chatbots like ChatSonic and ChatGPT. A new feature called smart “AI Prompts” was launched by Opera. This feature can be enabled by users by updating their Opera Browser and enabling the Easy Setup to toggle AI Prompts. 

Users will be able to see the chatbot option on their sidebar once they have enabled the chatbot on the browser. Although you do need to log in to access the Generative AI services in Opera Browser. Using the contextual AI prompts in the browser users can easily launch AI chatbots, which show up once you highlight a text on the website such as Shorten, Further Explain this, or write a tweet.  

This feature not only provides access to Generative AI services but is also capable of connecting with online content and providing relevant and accurate information on the latest topics. You can also generate creative content and ideas on a variety of topics along with generating conversation with AI services and asking your queries and getting quick responses. 

How to use ChatGPT in Opera?

First Add ChatGPT to Opera GX Browser?

To add ChatGPT on Opera GX Browser you need to follow these below-mentioned steps: 

  • The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of Opera GX browser on your device that is supported by AI prompts or ChatGPT. You can download the latest version of Opera GX browser via this link 

Add ChatGPT to Opera GX Browser

  • Now, Open Opera GX and click on the “Settings” or the “Cog Wheel” icon at the bottom left corner
  • Scroll down and click on the “Early Bird” option to get new builds earlier and test features that are still in development Tap on the Relaunch icon to relaunch Opera. 

  • Click on “Settings” in the upper-right corner of the Opera GX browser 
  • You need to Scroll down and find the “AI prompts” (Early Access) option 
  • Once found, click on and enable the AI prompts by toggling it 
  • “AI Prompts” will now be enabled at the right side of the URL Bar 

Then Enable ChatGPT in Opera Sidebar

Here’s how you can enable ChatGPT in Opera Sidebar: 

  • You need to download the latest version of Opera Browser to enable AI prompts features in Opera Sidebar
  • Now, you need to activate the early access by clicking on the “Easy Setup” button available on the right side and toggle “AI Prompts” to activate early access
  • To enable AI prompts in browser UI and AI services in Sidebar, you need to toggle “AI Prompts in Address bar” and “AI Prompts in the text highlight popup”
  • Click on the “Sidebar Setup” option available on the side of AI services in the sidebar  
  • This will enable Sidebar setup, now to enable ChatGPT you need to select “ChatGPT” and “ChatSonic” services 
  • To access these AI services, log in or sign up for your account. Users require a separate login or signup to access these AI services in Opera Sidebar. 
  • After this, you will see the “AI prompts” available in the Address Bard. 

Using ChatGPT and ChatSonic in Opera

Opera’s integration with ChatGPT and ChatSonic allows users to access the benefits and features of both tools and easily switch with the contextual prompts displayed by the browser. Using ChatGPT and ChatSonic in Opera users can generate conversations with AI services, summarize long-form articles, search content by simply highlighting texts, and more. 

Since ChatGPT contains limited information till 2021, ChatSonic can help users generate the latest information on all the recent topics as ChatSonic is connected to Google. Users can utilize ChatGPT for summarizing articles, blogs, and more content and further use ChatSonic for searching relevant content to enhance information and knowledge. 

Although users should note ChatGPT standard version is available for free access, while the premium version ChatGPT Plus requires a purchase of $20/month. On the other hand, ChatSonic is also a paid service that provides a few tokens for users to try out.  

How to Use Opera’s AI for a Basic Search

To perform a basic search on Opera’s AI, you need to first sign into both the AI services from the sidebar or when it is prompted during a search. 

How to use ChatGPT in Opera?

  • Open a webpage in the Opera browser 
  • On the address bar, click on “AI Prompts” 
  • The icons CG indicates ChatGPT and CS indicates ChatSonic. 
  • Based on your preference, select a prompt. For example, if you want to ask queries you can select ChatSonic, while for long articles, you can select ChatGPT
  • While browsing the article, users can highlight any given text to receive more contextual prompts
  • You will witness a change in prompts once you select a word, a sequence of words, or a paragraph. This is a great way to simplify difficult or complex paragraphs and sentences. 
  • Users can also choose to use their own prompt, by selecting the ChatSonic or ChatGPT shortcut in the sidebar to open the panels.


Which browser has ChatGPT?

For most users, Google Chrome is hands down the best browser for ChatGPT. This is because Chrome offers an endless number of extensions that allow users to customize and streamline their experience with apps like ChatGPT. But Now Microsoft Bing edge and Opera Gx browser has also enabled chatgpt like chatbots.

Wrapping Up

Integration of ChatGPT and ChatSonic in Opera GX browser will enhance users’ browsing experience and help users access its beneficial features such as summarizing content, searching for relevant information by highlighting the texts, generating conversations with AI services, and much more. We have mentioned a guide above to help add ChatGPT to the Opera GX browser and Opera Sidebar along with mentioning how to use Opera’s AI for a basic search. 

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