ChatGPT Plus Plan Features Review – Worth the Upgrade?

ChatGPT Plus is an upgraded version of the popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT. OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus contains additional features and improvements, including enhanced language processing capabilities that can help users generate faster and more accurate content. But with a free standard model already existing, is it worth upgrading to a paid ChatGPT Plus? 

In this article, we will look into the ChatGPT Plus Plan, its features, its comparison with ChatGPT, and the major question: Is ChatGPT Plus worth the upgrade? 

ChatGPT Plus Plan Features Review – Worth the Upgrade?

ChatGPT Plus VS Free: The difference


The major attribute that sets ChatGPT Plus apart from its standard version is its performance. OpenAI claims ChatGPT plus can provide responses at a faster speed compared to the standard version. 

Speed Test

The standard version of ChatGPT is capable of generating responses quickly, however, ChatGPT Plus can respond three times faster. So, in the speed test, the winner is ChatGPT Plus. 

Apart from speed and performance, here is a table showcasing the differences between ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT: 

ChatGPT Plus  ChatGPT 
$20/month Free
Available even when demand 

is high  

Unavailable when demand is 


Fast Speed  Average Speed 
Advanced Features  Basic Features 
Unlimited usage  Limited Usage 
Early access to new features and improvements  Regular model updates 


ChatGPT Plus Plan: The Features You Can’t Live Without (Or Can You?)

Now that we have understood the difference between ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus. Let’s look at the features delivered by the ChatGPT Plus plan and decide whether you can live without it or not. 

  • Advanced NLP/LSI/TF-IDF Keyword Processing

ChatGPT Plus’s Advanced NLP/LSI/TF-IDF keywords process is one of its major selling points right now. This feature in ChatGPT Plus allows users to talk or convey their message in a way only robots understand. Making you feel like a part of a special club of language experts. 

  • Enhanced Text Generation

ChatGPT Plus contains enhanced text generation abilities that can make the AI-generated texts appear less robotic and more human-written. With this feature, your content will appear exactly the way a person has written it with accuracy. 

  • Improved Error Correction

Typos or errors are quite common while developing the content, but with the ChatGPT Plus plan, you don’t need to worry about any incorrect spelling or mistakes.

ChatGPT Plus contains an improved error correction that can rectify all your mistakes and hand over error-free texts. 

  • Faster Processing Speeds

ChatGPT Plus is proficient in providing faster responses and answers to users’ input, compared to the standard version of ChatGPT.

This is a beneficial feature for customer service and technical support users, as it can save the majority of their time.  

The Pros and Cons of the ChatGPT Plus Plan

ChatGPT’s features might come across as quite beneficial and appealing. However, it’s important to look at the pros as well as the cons of ChatGPT Plus, before purchasing a premium plan. Therefore, the pros and cons of the ChatGPT Plus plan are as follows: 


The pros of ChatGPT Plus are as follows:  

  • Accessibility at peak hours 

One of the best features of ChatGPT Plus is its capability to work even during peak hours. The standard version of ChatGPT would become unavailable or slow down when a high number of users operate at the same time, reaching ChatGPT capacity. 

But with ChatGPT Plus, users don’t need to worry about the capacity or the peak hours, as this AI chatbot is available for premium users all the time without slowing down. 

  • Faster responses 

ChatGPT Plus contains enhanced algorithms and processing capabilities that can help generate faster responses and content for its users.

OpenAI has claimed the speed of ChatGPT Plus is way faster than the standard version, which can enhance user experience as well as save time. 

  • Language processing capability

ChatGPT Plus has upgraded the AI chatbot with advanced NLP algorithms and enhanced LSI. Through these language processing capabilities, the model is able to understand the user’s input better and help provide more accurate and relevant responses. 

  • Early access to new features and improvements 

ChatGPT Plus subscribers are provided the advantage of accessing all the newly added features, along with early access to the upcoming features and improvements.

So, the ChatGPT Plus users are the first ones to gain all the benefits of this AI chatbot. 


Here are some of the cons provided by ChatGPT Plus: 

  • Higher Cost 

ChatGPT Plus pricing plan of $20/month can be expensive, which makes the premium plan less accessible for many users, especially when there’s a free basic plan available. 

  • Lack of visible improvements 

The improvements provided by ChatGPT Plus aren’t that rewarding compared to the standard version. Since the premium plan is mainly designed for those users who are looking for improved language capabilities.

Therefore, users who were using the standard plan might not switch to a paid plan considering there aren’t any major changes or improvements provided. 

  • NLP, LSI, TF-IDF Keywords 

NLP, LSI, TF-IDF, and Keywords were initially added to ChatGPT Plus, to make it easier for the model to understand the context of the queries raised by users.

At times, these keywords result in providing incorrect outputs due to a lack of subtext. This can lead to ChatGPT Plus providing only partial answers to the question raised by the user. 

How Much Does ChatGPT Plus Plan Cost?

The cost of the ChatGPT Plus plan is $20/month. ChatGPT Plus is currently only available in the US and you need to join the waitlist to access the new AI chatbot.

However, OpenAI has stated, soon they will make ChatGPT Plus accessible in more countries.  

Is ChatGPT Plus Worth it?

If you are someone who uses ChatGPT on a daily basis, then ChatGPT Plus is definitely worth it for you. The additional features, such as faster response, accessibility at peak hours, accuracy level, and improved error correction are highly beneficial for students and working people. 

Therefore, paying $20 for such features and improvements might be worth it. But, if you use ChatGPT occasionally, and not for a major purpose, then paying $20/month for ChatGPT Plus might not be worth it.

However, you can generate content, chat, and raise questions with the standard plan. 

 Why is ChatGPT Plus doesn’t Worth the Upgrade?

Even though the claims and features provided might sound impressive and appealing, ChatGPT Plus isn’t always able to deliver these claims, making the upgrade not worthy enough. 

The Claims vs. The Reality

The claims made by OpenAI on the new ChatGPT Plus were unable to live up to the expectations and here’s why:  

  • Lack of Significant Improvement

The major drawback of ChatGPT Plus is its inability to provide noticeable differences in its language processing. Even though ChatGPT Plus has advanced features like NLP and LSI technologies, still the model is unable to translate better responses. Making the upgrade not worth enough.  

  • Price vs. Value

Another drawback of ChatGPT Plus is the price charged by OpenAI. Paying $20 every month might not be possible for everyone, especially when the regular version is available for free. 

Also, the additional value provided by ChatGPT Plus might not satisfy many users into paying such an amount. If you’re paying more, users do want significant improvement that can truly be helpful for the user, which the premium version simply doesn’t provide. 

  • Limitations with TF-IDF Keywords

Using keywords like TF-IDF in ChatGPT Plus enhanced the response relevance, which can help increase the model’s capability to understand the context of the input better. 

Instead, the use of keywords makes it harder for the model to understand the context of the input provided by the user. This leads to delivering incorrect answers that lack subtext and nuance while providing only partially correct output.


ChatGPT Plus upgrade could be completely worth it for regular users, especially with the new features added to the premium version.

However, for people who use ChatGPT rarely, for them this upgrade might not be worth it, considering the cost charged. 

We have mentioned above everything about ChatGPT Plus, its features, pros, and cons, etc. We hope through this article, you were able to make a decision on whether to go for ChatGPT Plus or not. 


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