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Inferkit AI is a one-stop solution for people seeking an AI tool to generate text. The tool is ideal for novelists, individuals, business owners, and app developers. In plain English, regardless of your industry, Inferkit will amuse you with its ability to generate text.

Inferkit takes the text you provide as input and generates output based on what it thinks will come next. It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to predict the best output. If you are wondering whether to start using Inferkit or not, read this guide for a detailed review of the Inferkit AI tool.


What is Inferkit?

Inferkit (formerly known as Talk-To-Transformer) offers a web interface and API for text generation. The platform takes textual input from its user and auto-completes the text based on what it thinks would come next. Inferkit is widely used by web developers, novelists, and scriptwriters. The app has something for everyone!

To use Inferkit, you need to create an account. After successful account creation, enter any text as a prompt and wait until Inferkit generates the relevant output.

The tool is trained to produce text of any length for almost every topic. However, users have reported that it stops after generating nearly 3000 characters. The tool will skip the beginning if you want to create longer text.

Besides, be careful while using this tool. It is prone to make errors and generate offensive or sexual content.

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Inferkit Pricing

Inferkit offers two paid plans for its users:

  • Basic ($20 per month) – This plan offers 600,000 monthly characters and $0.28 per 10,000 extra characters.
  • Premium ($60 per month) – This plan provides 2,500,000 monthly characters and $0.12 per 10,000 extra characters.

Using the free trial, you can also test the platform before purchasing a plan. The free trial offers up to 10,000 characters per month.

Remember, when you buy Inferkit plans, the characters left every month won’t be carried forward to the following month. So, make sure you exhaust the character limit every month.

Inferkit Features

Now that you know about Inferkit, let’s dive into its features:

Rapid text generation

Inferkit uses a modern neural network based on the LTSM language model for text generation. This model allows it to guess words in a fraction of a second. It also helps in generating longer content without losing the flow.


Hiring content writers is not an affordable solution for all companies, especially startups. Inferkit is bliss for such companies. They can generate content using Inferkit at a much lower cost than content writers.

Boosts productivity

Inferkit can be used to speed up the writing process. If you are uncomfortable with using this tool for generating entire articles, use it as a companion. You can get ideas using this text-generation tool to speed up your writing process and draft more content in less period of time.

Text generation options

Inferkit offers three text generation options – Include these words, the length to generate, and start beginning. You can modify these settings based on your requirements to create creative responses.

Supports batch requests

Inferkit can generate text in batches. This feature is helpful for writers who need to produce bulk content at a time. It speeds up the writing process to create accurate content faster.

Company Behind Inferkit 

AdamDanielKing established Inferkit as Talk to Transformer. The company was later renamed Inferkit. Currently, the platform is not owned by any organization. However, it has reached millions of users within its initial years of development.

How Does Inferkit Work?

Inferkit is a simple and easy-to-use tool. It takes input from the user and produces the output using GPT. The model uses the LTSM language model to generate the most accurate response for every question.

Inferkit can be used using its web interface or API. You need to provide input to the tool, adjust settings based on your requirement, and hit the Generate button. Then wait until Inferkit generates the text. If the platform stops midway, hit the Generate Text button, and it will continue generating text.

What can you do with Inferkit?

Inferkit is an excellent platform for text generation. It can help scriptwriters or novelists eliminate their writer’s block. Other uses of Inferkit include the following:

  • Inferkit can be used to autocomplete paragraphs or sentences.
  • It can be used to autosuggest answers to questions in forums or other platforms.
  • Inferkit can generate scripts for writers and novelists.
  • It can generate AI stories across different genres, including comedy, horror, adventure, etc.
  • It can write computer codes.
  • Inferkit can be integrated into a chatbot to collect data from users or customers automatically.

Final Thoughts

Inferkit is one of the best AI tools for text generation. You can use it for your business or entertainment. The tool is budget friendly and generates impressive text within a few seconds of receiving the prompt. You can try Inferkit for free by visiting its website and later subscribing to its paid plans.

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