What is ChatGPT Turbo mode for ChatGPT Plus Users?

OpenAI introduced ChatGPT Plus which is available for a monthly subscription at $20 in the United States. ChatGPT Plus tends to provide additional benefits such as faster response, accessibility at peak hours, early access to new features, and more.  

Recently, a few ChatGPT users claimed OpenAI has enabled a new mode known as “Turbo” in ChatGPT Plus. This new mode is said to be optimized for speed and for generating higher-quality content.

With this new mode available ChatGPT Plus subscribers can switch to default mode or turbo based on their preferences. 

What is ChatGPT Turbo mode for ChatGPT Plus Users?

Quick Facts

  • OpenAI enabled a new mode known as “Turbo” 
  • Turbo can provide high-quality responses at a faster speed (alpha) 
  • ChatGPT Plus users can switch to default mode and turbo mode

What is ChatGPT Turbo? 

Turbo is a new mode enabled by OpenAI for ChatGPT Plus users. Turbo mode tends to provide high-quality responses at an enhanced speed to plus users. A Reddit user has shared a screenshot stating Turbo mode is currently in the alpha phase and will be available for ChatGPT Plus users only. 

Right now, there are two modes presented to ChatGPT Plus subscribers: Default mode and Turbo mode. ChatGPT Plus users can swap between these two modes as per their choice.

In a few cases, Turbo Mode might get activated automatically by default, although you can switch back to default mode by selecting default on the mode option. 

However, regular users who operate the free ChatGPT version can only access the default mode. Few Reddit users have pointed out, Turbo mode has the capability of being faster, however, it is likely to deliver low-quality responses. 

Although, some suggest, turbo mode is initially designed to help deliver higher-quality responses. Others suggest Turbo mode is an advanced version of ChatGPT’s default mode, requiring minimal computational resources for real-time applications. 

Difference between Turbo mode and Default mode

ChatGPT Plus’s Turbo and default modes direct different configurations of the model and are utilized to fulfill different purposes depending on the requirements.

The turbo mode is used to increase the response quality in ChatGPT Plus. It is designed to ensure the input provided by ChatGPT Plus is of the most elevated quality, along with enhanced speed. 

Turbo mode is mainly considered in those applications where the goal is to obtain high-quality results and solutions.

For example, situations like research studies or development environments require data and reports that are reliable and of the highest quality. The main goal in such areas is developing content and responses at the highest quality.  

Only ChatGPT Plus users can access the turbo mode; ChatGPT free version users can’t access this mode. Nonetheless, many Reddit users have raised a complaint about the turbo mode due to its slow responses, and few even claim the results delivered by turbo mode aren’t of the highest quality compared to the default mode. 

Meanwhile, the default mode is used to balance latency and response quality. This makes it a suitable mode for AI chatbots where quick response is as important as high-quality answers.

You will find default mode in almost all AI applications due to the capability of providing faster results and quality results.

Since, this mode is highly resource-efficient, making it appropriate for low-latency environments. The default mode is accessible for ChatGPT Plus users and free-version users. 

ChatGPT users can choose between default and turbo modes depending on their requirements. If content and response quality is the main goal, then turbo might be a better choice, while if a fast response is critical, then default mode might be the best choice. 

Who can access ChatGPT’s Turbo mode? 

Users who have subscribed to OpenAI’s new ChatGPT Plus can access Turbo mode. Currently, ChatGPT Plus provides limited access to users in the US at $20/month. Users can request ChatGPT Plus access by visiting the site and filling out the form. 

However, OpenAI has said they will increase the accessibility of ChatGPT Plus in more countries and regions in the coming weeks. Till then users who have subscribed to the free standard version of ChatGPT can access the default mode. 

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