ChatGPT users can now turn off chat history & export data

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ChatGPT has introduced a new way to manage your data, by allowing its users to turn off their chat history and give users the ability to choose which conversations can be used to train the AI models.

Users can now disable their chat history on Settings and turn it on whenever they want, any data or conversation that took place while Chat history was disabled will not be utilized for any training purpose by OpenAI. 

A screenshot of ChatGPT settings that shows the "Chat History & Training" option.
A screenshot of ChatGPT settings that shows the “Chat History & Training” option.

Key Points: 

  • Starting on 25 April, ChatGPT users can turn off their chat history through settings and restrict OpenAI from utilizing that data for training their models. 
  • OpenAI is likely to release a new business subscription for professionals, who seek more control over their data. 

Users can now Turn off Chat History 

On 25 April, OpenAI shared a blog introducing the ability to turn off chat history in ChatGPT. If users have turned off their chat history and placed any conversation with the AI chatbot, those chats won’t be utilized by OpenAI for training the model and it won’t appear in the history sidebar.

ChatGPT’s conversation history got OpenAI in hot water in March due to a bug that temporarily exposed some ChatGPT users’ chat histories to other people.

These new controls are rolled out to all the users and users can turn off their chat history in the ChatGPT settings option and can be changed at any time. Providing ChatGPT users more control over their data and conversations with the AI chatbot.

OpenAI also stated in their blog post, when a user disables their chat history, the new conversations are retained for 30 days and they only review them only when needed to monitor for abuse before deleting them permanently. 

Earlier, ChatGPT was temporarily banned by Italian watchdogs in the entire country due to concerns revolving around the breach of personal data and utilization of users’ data for training their models.

Apart from Italy, many other European countries also raised questions over the lack of explanation regarding the usage of data for training their AI models.

The introduction of turn-off chat history control can be an excellent move by OpenAI considering the recent questions raised by countries regarding the use of users’ data by ChatGPT.

With the ability to turn off chat history users now can decide whether the following conversation should be used for training the AI models or not. 

A screenshot of an email from OpenAI providing a link to exported ChatGPT conversation history.
A screenshot of an email from OpenAI providing a link to exported ChatGPT conversation history.

On Tuesday, OpenAI added a new feature called “export” to the ChatGPT settings. This feature enables users to export their ChatGPT data as files on their personal computers. After clicking on the “Show” option next to “Data Controls” in ChatGPT Settings, we utilized the export function to receive an email that contained a compressed HTML file alongside several JSON files, holding the stored conversation history of our interaction with ChatGPT. The available conversation history only goes back to the last time we deleted it.

ChatGPT Business Subscription 

Apart from this OpenAI has also stated in their blog post, they are working towards a new ChatGPT Business subscription for professionals. This new subscription will allow more control to its users over their data and conversations along with enterprises looking to manage their end users. 

The new subscription for professionals will follow the same API’s data usage policies, which implies that the data of end users won’t be utilized by the company to train the models. OpenAI’s Business subscription is likely to be made available in the coming few months. 

The new Export option in ChatGPT settings makes it flexible to export your data and understand what information has been stored by ChatGPT. Users can receive a file with all their relevant data and conversations through email. 

OpenAI is developing a new subscription called “ChatGPT Business” for professionals and enterprises who want more data control. This subscription will have model training turned off by default, as stated in OpenAI’s Data Controls FAQ. ChatGPT Business will be released “in the coming months,” according to OpenAI.

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