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An AI-powered tool that interacts with PDFs to pull out necessary information within a few minutes.


About Chatpdf AI

ChatPDF saves users’ precious time by chatting with PDFs to extract the desired information. It can read PDFs of one page up to thousands of pages within a few minutes and return the desired output on the screen. The tool reads and extracts information from textbooks, research papers, academic documents, business reports, manuals, historical documents, and contracts. It then returns relevant paragraphs after analyzing the PDF.

ChatPDF is safe and secure. It doesn’t keep your personal or confidential information. It stores data on the cloud for seven days but doesn’t share it with third-party apps and tools.

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Company NameMathis Lichtenberger 
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CategoryProductivity tools

Chatpdf AI Features

ChatPDF is packed with several features that allow users to interact with PDFs like humans. Some of the best features of this AI tool include the following:

  • It can extract information from PDFs of all lengths and types.
  • It uses the ChatGPT interface to process user queries and generate results.
  • It has a beginner-friendly interface.
  • It quickly extracts information from PDFs saving the users from going through lengthy PDFs.
  • It is a multilingual tool.
  • Users can ask the bot questions based on the PDF and it will answer accordingly.

Chatpdf AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

ChatPDF is designed to help people working in various industries. Some of its real-world applications include the following:

  • Students can use ChatPDF to read academic essays, research papers, and journals and summarize their content.
  • Business organizations use ChatPDF to extract information from proposals, training manuals, legal contracts, sales and project reports.
  • ChatPDF can be used by anyone looking to summarize or extract information from PDFs like historical documents, brochures, literature, user manuals, etc.

Chatpdf AI Pricing

ChatPDF offers a free and paid plan to users. The free plan reads up to 3 PDFs per day, each not exceeding 10 MB and 120 pages. It responds to 50 questions per day. Alternatively, the paid plan costs $5 per month. It can read up to 50 PDFs per day, each not exceeding 32 MB and 2,000 pages. The paid plan answers up to 1,000 questions per day.


ChatPDF is a helpful tool for everyone looking to save time while extracting information from lengthy PDFs. The tool returns relevant paragraphs on the user’s screen within a few minutes. It also highlights the responses related to the question. ChatPDF can read various documents and answer questions related to them. It is an affordable PDF information extraction tool ideal for students, teachers, or business professionals.


Does ChatPDF support multiple languages?

Yes, ChatPDF supports several languages. You can ask it to read PDFs in English, French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Polish, etc. It supports all languages. You can also tell ChatPDF to translate an answer into your preferred language.

Does ChatPDF read images and tables?

Unfortunately, ChatPDF doesn’t read or interpret images, tables, or other visual data. It only reads textual information.

Which GPT version does ChatPDF use?

ChatPDF uses GPT-3.5. Developers are planning to add GPT-4 to the platform in the coming months. Currently, GPT-4 is not available for free or paid users. However, if GPT-4 is added to ChatPDF, it will be available for paid users only.

Does ChatPDF allow interaction with multiple files in one chat?

No, you cannot chat with multiple files in a single chat. ChatPDF only allows users to interact with one file at a time. Developers will add this feature to the tool in the future.

Can I cancel my ChatPDF subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your ChatPDF subscription at any time. ChatPDF’s plans are billed every 30 days. If you no longer want to renew your plan, you can cancel it before the next billing period. Remember, your plan will remain active until the next billing cycle. The option to cancel your plan will be under the My Account page on your dashboard.

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