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Chinese firms working on ChatGPT-style AI technology



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ChatGPT’s capabilities have taken the world by storm which has resulted in a vast range of companies and organizations creating their own version of AI chatbot including China. Various Chinese tech giants are working towards building ChatGPT-style AI technology.

The AI chatbots built by Chinese firms are using these chatbots for performing tasks such as social interactions, Customer services, generating texts, and more. 

Chinese firms working on ChatGPT-style AI technology

Key Points: 

  • After Microsoft and Google, Chinese firms are now working towards creating ChatGPT-style AI technology in the country. 
  • Both major tech giants like Alibaba and Smaller start-ups have been working on these AI-powered chatbots for years. 
  • Chinese AI chatbots are mainly focusing on building AI chatbots for tasks such as social interactions, customer support, and more. 

List of Chinese Firms working on ChatGPT-style AI technology 

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has created a major buzz around the world, and that buzz has now spread in China as well. Various AI-related firms have been shoring up stocks and producing a flurry of domestic firms to establish rival projects. 

Let’s look into the list of Chinese firms that have made an announcement on ChatGPT-style AI technology: 

Baidu Inc

On March 15, Baidu Inc revealed they are launching their AI-powered chatbot called “Ernie Bot.” For now, the chatbot is limited to users who apply for access codes. 

Baidu is looking forward to utilizing Ernie Bot to revolutionize its search engine, by far the most dominant in China. 


On May 6, it was announced by Chinese AI firm IFLYTEK they are launching a large language model which will be known as “SparkDesk.” The large language model will demonstrate various tasks such as generating texts, solving complex math problems, and critiquing handwritten essays. 

It was also stated by the company, they would carry out a variety of updates for the model this year, which they hope would enable it to exceed ChatGPT in comprehending Chinese and to achieve the same level of OpenAI chatbot in English. 


Alibaba first showed off its Artificial Intelligence large language model named “Tongyi Qianwen” Alibaba Group on April 11. The company even stated that in the near future, it would integrate all its apps into its AI language model.

Initially, Tongyi Qianwen will be integrated into DingTalk, a messaging app for the workplace, and Tmall Genie, a voice assistant. The registrations for Tongyi Qianwen begin on April 7.


On April 10, SenseTime, a Chinese AI firm slew of new Artificial Intelligence powered products including an image generator and a Chatbot based on its AI model called “SenseNova.”

Tencent Holding 

A development team was set up by Tencent Holding to create OpenAI’s ChatGPT-like chatbot known as “HunyunaAIde” with research on ChatGPT-tool technology.  

Fudan University Team 

A ChatGPT-like chatbot called “MOSS” was developed by a group from China’s Fudan University. Although, an apology was stated by the team after a surge in traffic resulted in a crash in the platform after its launch. They stated it was an immature model that has a long way to go before reaching ChatGPT’s level. 


On Feb 10, JD.Com an e-commerce company stated they are planning to launch an AI chatbot similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT which will be called, “ChatJD.” The main aim behind this AI chatbot will be to serve other businesses.

China Telecom 

It was stated by domestic media on Feb 18, that China Telecom Corp is generating an industrial version of the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. The corporation is looking forward to using Artificial Intelligence in some of its customer support functions. 


NetEase is a Chinese gaming firm that is highly known for providing online services for content, community, commerce, and communication. The company plans on deploying large language model technology for serving its educational business. 

360 Security Technology Inc

On Feb 8, it was stated by 360 Security Technology Inc, that they are possessing large language model technology. However, they were not able to provide a clear indication regarding the same including when the company will launch similar products. 

Kuaishou Technology 

Kuaishou Technology said on Feb 9, the short video app is performing various research on large language models with the motive to improve its products including AI customer servers.

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