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A VS code Extension that uses AI to explain your code within the editor.

About CodeGPT


With CodeGPT, developers can improve their coding skills using the power of AI. This tool integrates GPT-3 functionalities into your VS editor, allowing developers to create high-performing programs faster. It explains the code written within the IDE in a simple and understandable language. The tool was created by developers for developers. It helps developers find issues in the code and write code faster.

CodeGPT is powered by various AI providers. Developers can choose their preferred platform and connect the related API key to start using CodeGPT.

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CodeGPT AI Features

CodeGPT AI is a helpful tool for developers of all levels. It has various features that help programmers write code efficiently. Some prominent features of this AI tool include the following:

  • Developers can use GPT-4 to interact with the platform.
  • You can train your own AI agents with CodeGPT.
  • It offers various AI providers like OpenAI, Cohere, AI21, Anthropic, GPT4All, and HuggingFace, or you can even create or use your own AI provider.
  • It is a multilingual tool that supports 16 languages.
  • It can identify issues, explain codes, and even modify them.
  • It offers detailed documentation and StackOverflow support.
  • It saves users time by generating efficient codes faster.

CodeGPT AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

CodeGPT can be used by coders to write programs or modify them. Other applications of this AI tool are as follows:

  • Programmers can use it as an AI assistant while writing programs.
  • Students can use CodeGPT AI to learn programming or enhance their coding skills.
  • Freelancers can use CodeGPT to code websites and applications for their clients.

CodeGPT AI Pricing

CodeGPT is available for free for starters. The free plan gives access to various AI providers and limited functionalities. It also offers paid plans for companies or developers seeking premium features. The paid plans are as follows:

  • Plus – $9.99 per user per month; – Everything on the free plan, access to GPT-4, and access to priority new features.
  • Premium – $14.99 per user per month; – Everything on the Plus plan, including access to GPT-4, and 24×7 connection to AI agents.

CodeGPT allows users to begin using the tool for free and later pay for the features they use.


Which AI service does CodeGPT use?

CodeGPT uses various AI providers, including GPT4All, HuggingFace, Cohere, AI21, Anthropic, and Open AI. It is also adding new providers to the platform. If you have an AI provider suggestion, you can suggest it to the developers.

What does CodeGPT do?

CodeGPT can be used as a coding assistant by developers. It explains codes written in the VS editor, gives suggestions to improve them, or helps in finding errors in the code.

Is CodeGPT available to the public?

Yes, CodeGPT is now available to the public. However, only the free plan is accessible to all users. To use the Plus plan, users have to join the waitlist. If the application is shortlisted, users can use the Plus plan. Otherwise, they have to wait until the app is officially launched worldwide.

Is CodeGPT free?

CodeGPT offers a free plan with limited functionalities to users. You can use the free version by visiting the official CodeGPT website. For premium features, you will need to join the Plus or Premium plan, which costs $9.99 and $14.99 per user per month, respectively.

Does CodeGPT only understand English?

No, CodeGPT is a multilingual platform. It supports 16 languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, etc.


CodeGPT is an essential tool for programmers and non-programmers willing to learn programming. The tool can help understand programs, edit codes, or give suggestions to improve the code. You can use it as your AI-assistat to code powerful, efficient, and high-performing programs. The tool let’s you select your AI-provider ensuring you get the best suggestions based on your requirements. Start using CodeGPT for free or pay for what you use.

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