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Copy ai is a copywriting tool and content writing assistant to create high-conversion copies.

About Copy ai

Copy ai is based on an advanced GPT-3 model to generate genuine human-like written content. This AI content generator tool produces premium long-form content in just a few minutes. To get started, select your content type, enter related descriptions & words, select a single result, and edit to produce the final output. It’s a perfect tool for marketing companies and copywriters to simplify the content production process and close more sales. 

It can automatically produce highly targeted sales copies focusing on the needs & pain points of diverse customer segments. 

Copy ai Features

Copy AI has over 90 templates & tools to level up your copywriting game 10X faster. Here are the Amazing features of Copy ai-

  • Copy ai writes SEO-optimized blog posts in a short period.
  • Copy ai can produce long-form sales copy to convert your potential audience into sales.
  • Copy ai can generate eye-catching digital ad copies for marketing campaigns.
  • Copy ai can produce engaging social media content.
  • Copy ai generates high-quality product descriptions and e-commerce copies for websites.
  • Copy ai lets you directly paste the final output to your publishing platform.
  • Copy ai offers over 30+ free AI-based writing generators to level up your marketing efforts.
  • Copy ai allows you to select pre-designed temples from the following categories – Business, HR, marketing, real estate, personal & sales.
  • Copy ai has its own AI chatbot known as “ chat by”  ( alternative to ChatGPT ) that delivers updated responses by extracting real-time data.
  • Copy ai chatbot lets you sum up Linkedin profiles into crisp bullet points.
  • Copy ai can create copies in over 29 languages making it an accessible tool worldwide.
  • Copy ai can generate SEO-friendly content to increase the ranks.

Copy ai Use Case – Real-World Applications.

Copy ai has emerged as a game changer for Small-to large businesses, email marketers, bloggers, social media creators, and teams. Here are some real-world applications of copy ai.

  • Businesses utilize copy ai to create personalized sales copy, long-form posts & product descriptions faster for their sales campaigns.
  • Copy ai assists in personalized cold outreach over emails and LinkedIn.
  • Copywriters can utilize copy ai to write compelling and high-converting emails for email marketing.
  •  Bloggers use copy ai for blogging to produce high-quality blogs & articles by simply entering titles & keywords.
  • Social media managers can write posts in bulk for over a month.
  • Copy ai chatbot assists market researchers by offering prebuilt prompts.
  • Youtubers can use copy ai’s chat feature to extract data for their Youtube videos.
  •  Copy ai chatbot assists in lead generation on LinkedIn.

Copy ai Pricing

Copy ai has a free plan that lets only one user write only 2000 words monthly. Here are two premium plans of Copy ai.

1. Pro Plan ( $36/month )

  • Five users can use it simultaneously.
  • Access to chat by
  • No word limit.
  • Unlimited projects.
  • 29+ languages.
  • Access to new features.
  • Ideal for all copywriters.

2. Enterprise Plan

  • Customized plan 
  • Ideal for a team of over 5 users.
  • Chat interface.
  • Options to automate workflows.
  • SOC 2 security feature included.


Is copy AI free?

Copy ai lets a single user benefit from its feature through the free plan. To access the free plan, you can log in. The free plan allows you to write only 2000 words per month with limited access to new features.

Is copy ai better than ChatGPT?

Unlike Chat, Copy ai chat is trained with the latest real-time data. You can enhance your text quality by using copy ai prebuilt prompts, which are not there in ChatGPT. Copy ai can collect and summarize website information & data which is missing in ChatGPT. Further, Copy ai can also search the latest LinkedIn posts.

How to make money with Copy ai?

By learning copy ai, you can open the door to endless earning opportunities by becoming a blogger, freelance writer, or copywriter. You can write blogs, emails, social media copies, e-commerce product descriptions, etc., to earn 5 to 6 figures. You can use copy ai in affiliate marketing for writing product pages. 

Is copy AI better than Jasper?

Copy ai is better than Jasper ai primarily regarding less usage and pricing limits. You can cut down 83-92% of your monthly budget with Copy ai. Copy ai can generate unlimited words in its pro plan, while Jasper ai allows only 700,000. Copy ai offers 40+ more templates & tools than Jasper ai.

Will copy AI replace copywriters?

Copy ai has been designed to assist copywriters in fastening their work with 10X faster speed. Copywriters know how to add the element of empathy & emotions in their work which AI tools like copy ai cannot do as efficiently. Final editing work still requires human input. It’s most unlikely that Copy ai will replace copywriters.


Copy ai is the preferred AI writing tool for over 7000,000 teams & professionals worldwide. Copy ai constantly gets updated with new features, including more content types. Copy ai is a budget-friendly, must-to-have content generation tool for businesses. You can start with the free plan if you still need time to invest in Copy ai’s pro plan. 

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