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Craiyon is a Free online AI image generator from text by OpenAI.

About Craiyon

Craiyon is an AI image generator (previously known as DALL-E mini ) that generates & draws stunning drawings, art & photos from any text prompts.

Craiyon AI model functions by combining its existing knowledge & user prompts to produce unique images. It lets newbie artists bring their creativity onto the screen by simply describing their images via words. 

Craiyon allows users to generate images without spending a penny. As craiyon is an ad-supported software, you should disable ads-blocking softwares on your devices.

It welcomes users to share their feedback or requests on more features added. Craiyon’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to generate beautiful images without prior experience & skills.

Craiyon Features

Craiyon is an impressive tool for professional artists to discover their creative skills.

Here are some notable features of Craiyon.

  • It utilizes ChatGPT to offer suggestions on new prompts.
  • It offers an “Enhance” option to generate images in higher resolutions.
  • It always displays nine images as output.
  • It has added a “negative words” option to remove certain non-desired concepts or elements from the image.
  • It offers advanced Customization options, including diverse styles & parameters.
  • Has an exceptional capability to detect an image’s content accurately and can reproduce with mesmerizing resolution.
  • It’s printing service, which let you print your creations on t-shirts by placing orders.
  • You can join an active community where artists can share their works.

Craiyon Use Case – Real-World Applications

Being a simple tool, Craiyon’s real-world applications are limited.

  • Professional artists can generate digital paintings for their portfolios.
  • Freelancer designers can leverage Craiyon features to create art for clients.
  • Social media creators can generate simple graphics for their marketing campaigns.
  • Craiyon is also a valuable therapeutic tool to relieve stress.
  • Engaging and enjoyable platform for kids to test their artistic skills.
  • Craiyon’s high-quality printed images can be used as frames, digital banners, greeting cards, or more.
  • NGOs can utilize Craiyon to create banners for their social media campaigns.

Craiyon Pricing

Craiyon’s basic plan is available at an affordable price for individuals to explore the beautiful art world. The free plan has more limited features than the paid ones. Here are three premium plans of Craiyon.

1. Supporter Plan ( $5/month )

  • Faster image creation duration of 45 seconds.
  • Unlimited images.
  • No ads & watermarks.
  • Private art generation option is available.

2. Professional Plan ( $20/month )

  • Faster image creation duration than the support plan of 15 seconds.
  • Unlimited images.
  • No ads & watermark.
  • Private art generation option is available.
  • Quick access to the latest features.

3. Enterprise Plan ( customizable )

  • Ideal for large teams.
  • Access to Private servers.
  • Dedicated support. 


Is Craiyon free?

Yes, The Craiyon model is free to use for non-commercial purposes but sponsored by ads. It is trained using the Google PU Research Cloud (TRC). The free version comes with more ads & longer image generation time. The premium plans overcome these limitations by removing ads and reducing image generation time to less than a minute.

Does Craiyon have a mobile app?

No, Craiyon do not have an app.

What are the limitations of Craiyon?

Craiyon’s generated images may exhibit societal biases and can include unavoidable stereotypes. Craiyon constantly works to limit the depth of such limitations in its AI model documentation. Craiyon has discussed these limitations in depth in the DALL-E mini model card.

Can I use images from Craiyon?

The images can be used for personal, academic, or commercial use. The company does ask free users to credit the images to, as is good practice whenever one is using or building upon work that should properly be cited. 

What happened to Craiyon’s old model?

Craiyon’s old DALL-E model is available on the “Hugging Face Spaces” website. Craiyon’s also modified its previous name after OpenAI requested it. 


Craiyon should use advanced AI for more realistic and professional-looking images, like other AI image generators. Its features and applications are limited. However, its simple UI, good image results, and great AI are worth trying for new artists. Yearly plans on Craiyon come with extra discounts.

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