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A revolutionary AI tool that helps students study more efficiently.

About Cramly AI

Cramly AI is an artificial intelligence tool built specially for students. The tool is trained with massive data to help students in various manners, including studying topics, writing assignments, creating thesis and reports, and preparing for their career. It answers questions like Google but uses AI to make them more informative and efficient.

Cramly AI can generate unique, plagiarism-free content for almost every subject allowing students to focus more on studies. It saves students from spending hours behind assignments and essay writing. Eventually, students get more time to study and understand topics instead of cramming them.

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Company NameCramly
Launch Date2023
CategoryText generation tools

Cramly AI Features

Cramly AI offers various functionalities to automate writing tasks. Some of the essential features include the following:

  • The tool can generate long paragraphs on any topic and keyword.
  • The tool generates content that passes AI detectors.
  • The multiple choice question solver feature helps student solve MCQs.
  • The tool generates essays on any topic and customizes it according to your needs.
  • It summarizes lengthy content into shorter paragraphs.
  • It elongates sentences using relevant phrases and words.
  • It generates song lyrics for any given input.
  • It offers eight customizable templates.

Cramly AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Cramly AI is a helpful tool for students or individuals to write assignments and other content. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Students can use it to write essays and assignments on any topic.
  • Students can use Cramly AI to prepare for interviews.
  • Writers can use Cramly AI to generate outlines and content.
  • Students can use the platform to participate in discussion boards.

Cramly AI Pricing

Cramly AI offers affordable monthly and annual plans as mentioned below:

  • Monthly – $4.99 per month billed yearly – Improved AI, customizable templates, unlimited questions, longer essay generation
  • Annual – $9.99 per month billed yearly – Improved AI, customizable templates, unlimited questions, longer essay generation


Is Cramly AI content plagiarism free?

Cramly AI generates 100% unique content. It takes user input and processes it using Natural Language Processing. It generates unique content using advanced AI algorithms that can bypass AI detectors.

Is Cramly AI ideal for students?

Cramly AI is built specifically students. The tool is trusted and used by 50,000 students. You can use it for your highschool and college assignments without worrying about plagiarism issues.

Is there any Cramly AI affiliate program?

Cramly AI has an affiliate program offering high commissions on a recurring basis. The platform offers 70% commissions for life. Visit their official affiliate page for more details.

Can I cancel my Cramly AI subscription at any time?

Cramly AI allows users to cancel their subscription at any time. You can visit your subscription page to cancel your plan. However, Cramly AI doesn’t offer refunds for cancellations. So, your current plan remains active until the next billing cycle.

Which languages does Cramly AI support?

Cramly AI is available in English only. You can use it to generate content in English, verify it, and solve grammatical, spelling, or other errors within content written in English. It is not available in other languages.

Cramly AI is a helpful tool for students or writers seeking help in writing assignments, essays, or other content. The platform generates plagiarism-free content that bypasses AI detectors. It saves student’s time by automating writing tasks, allowing them to study efficiently.

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