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Boost your website rankings with the most powerful AI-based SEO optimization and link-building tool and WordPress Plugin.


About CTRify AI

CTRify is a revolutionary AI tool and WordPress Plugin that helps in creating SEO optimized articles. The platform takes keywords as input from the user and produces SEO-optimized content. It boosts the organic CTR, dwell time, SERP rankings, and Pogo sticking. The tool can drive millions of real user traffic from mobile and desktop devices worldwide.

CTRify AI also has a separate website builder capable of creating a 40 page website. The feature asks for basic information regarding your business and builds a website from scratch. The tool tracks and analyzes the website performances. It provides feedback on how to improve the website.

CTRify is the perfect AI tool for business owners seeking to automate SEO and focus on creating high-quality content for their audience.

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CTRify AI Features

CTRify has several features and advantages making it a go-to option for business owners and individuals. Some highlights of this AI-based SEO tool include the following:

  • Increases organic reach of websites by driving real traffic from different countries.
  • It regularly tracks and monitors the website’s performance and provides suggestions for improvement.
  • It can rank any website on Google with a single keyword.
  • It offers a WordPress Plugin for more control over the CTRify content.
  • It is a multilingual platform supporting languages like French, English, German, Filipino, etc.
  • It generates fast-loading websites with minimum information regarding the business.

CTRify AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

CTRify has various applications. It can be used by the following people and industries.

  • SEO professionals can use CTRify to rank their website or their client’s website on the internet.
  • Digital marketers can use CTRify to increase the organic rankings of websites.
  • Content marketers can use CTRify to produce content that ranks higher.
  • Website builders can use CTRify to build high-ranking websites.
  • Bloggers and affiliate marketers can use CTRify for link building.

CTRify AI Pricing

CTRify offers a free pricing plan with limited benefits and features for users. It also offers two pricing plans for users to enjoy premium benefits.

  • For individuals – $ 197-lifetime validity – 550 monthly credits and maximum 250 daily actions.
  • For Agency – $ 497-lifetime validity – 1100 monthly credits and unlimited daily actions.

Users can use CTRify for free by signing up for a new account. However, for access to paid plans, users need to apply for an invitation first.


Is CTRify generated content original?

The content generated by CTRify is original. You can use it commercially without worrying about copyright issues. However, CTRify is an AI tool so you should use plagiarism checkers to verify the uniqueness of the content. Also, it is recommended to modify the content to give it a human touch instead of using it directly on your website.

Can SEO professionals use CTRify to provide service to their customers?

Yes, SEO professionals can use CTRify to offer SEO services to customers. They can use it to audit client websites, provide SEO suggestions, research keywords, link building, etc. However, SEO professionals cannot resell access to their CTRify account since it is against their policies.

Is CTRify free?

Yes, you can use CTRify for free. However, this plan has basic features and only 50 daily actions. It also allows only one additional free credit. If users want unlimited access to CTRify, get the paid plan starting at $197 with a lifetime validity. The plan offers all features and unlimited additional credits.

Does Google penalize CTRify users?

Not at all. Google doesn’t restrict people from using CTRify for SEO optimization or boosting their rankings. CTRify produces original content and this content has been accepted by advertising platforms like Adsense. Google and other search engines also index CTRify-generated content.

Do I need to create a CTRify account?

Yes, CTRify asks users to create an account before using the platform. You need to provide basic personal information to create your CTRify account for free. By creating an account, your work will remain private and secure since CTRify prevents unauthorized access.


CTRify AI is an ideal platform for SEO professionals, individuals, and business owners looking to boost their online rankings. The tool offers various features that increase the website’s SERPs. It also generates SEO-content and websites and ranks it on the internet using a single keyword.

If you are struggling with SEO optimization or want to boost your website rankings, CTRify is worth trying! The best part is that CTRify offers lifetime validity plans. You only have to pay for the credits used every month.

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