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An AI model that generates astonishing images using any text prompt.

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About Dall-E Mini AI

Dall-E Mini is an AI-based image generator that takes textual input from the user and processes them to generate relevant images. The tool has been rebranded as Craiyon and is accessible via its official page.

The developer of Dall-E Mini created this tool after getting inspiration from DALL-E (a similar image-making tool by Open AI) so that users can experience the power of AI in image creation.

Dall-E mini is publicly available for free. You can use the tool to create various images for fun or commercial purposes. It will generate nine images for every text prompt. Remember, Dall-E mini is an AI tool. So, it may generate irrelevant or sensitive content sometimes.

Official Website 
Developer NameBoris Dayma
Launch Date2021
CategoryImage Creation Tools

Dall-E Mini AI Features

Dall-E Mini creates stunning images for given inputs. Its features make it an ideal option for creators and designers. Some helpful features of this platform include the following:

  • Users can edit existing images by adding new elements or filters using relevant Dall-E mini commands.
  • Dall-E Mini is available as an API and graphical user interface. You can use it via its platform or integrate it into other websites.
  • Dall-E Mini doesn’t hold any right against the images created by the platform. Users can use the photos for commercial or personal work without worrying about copyright.
  • Dall-E Mini can create images of all types, including cartoons, animations, real people, objects, cars, etc.

Dall-E Mini AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Dall-E Mini is an incredible image-creation tool ideal for content creators. Some real-world applications of Dall-E Mini are as follows:

  • Artists and designers can use Dall-E mini to create images or art or to draw inspiration for their following projects.
  • Memers – Memers can use Dall-E Mini to generate and share hilarious memes on their social media pages.
  • Researchers – Researchers can use Dall-E Mini to brainstorm ideas for upcoming AI projects and experiment in AI.
  • Content creators – Content creators can give relevant prompts to Dall-E Mini and command it to generate visually appealing images that can be shared online.

Dall-E Mini AI Pricing

Dall-E Mini AI is available for free. Users can use the platform by navigating its official website and writing prompts in the search bar. There is no premium version of Dall-E Mini, so be aware of fraudulent sites that claim to offer access to Dall-E Mini.


How does Dall-E Mini work?

Dall-E mini takes textual input from the user. You must enter your prompt in the search bar and hit the run button. The tool then processes it using deep learning methods and produces results in 3 x 3 grids. It also offers a save-as-screenshot option at the end of the results for users seeking to save the images. 

How to create a Dall-E Mini account?

Dall-E Mini is free, and users don’t need to create an account to use the platform. Simply visit the Dall-E mini official website, write a prompt, and hit the run button. The tool will generate relevant results in a few seconds.

Are Dall-E Mini and Dall-E 2 the same?

No, Dall-E Mini and Dall-E 2 are two distinct AI platforms. Dall-E 2 is designed and managed by Open AI, a leading AI research centre and laboratory, while Boris Dayma developed Dall-E mini. Dall-E mini is a much smaller version of Dall-E 2 and is free. Dall-E 2 is accessible via Open AI.

What kind of images can Dall-E Mini create?

Dall-E mini can create images for almost every prompt you enter. Try asking it to create pictures of cartoons, Thanos, objects, animals, celebrities, real-world people, etc. It can also make drawings and designs based on a theme or concept defined within its prompt. It can also edit existing images by changing the background and colour or adding fonts or elements.

How to use Dall-E Mini on mobile devices?

Dall-E Mini is not available as a mobile app. So you cannot download it on your Android or iOS device. If you want to use it on your mobile device, you can visit the Dall-E mini website online.

Is Dall-E Mini safe to use?

Yes, Dall-E Mini is absolutely safe and secure. You can use this online AI tool by visiting its official website without worrying about viruses or malware. You don’t need to create an account or provide personal information.


If you are a memer, content creator, or an artist, you must check out the Dall-E Mini platform. This AI tool creates stunning images for almost every prompt you enter. It uses deep learning methods to understand the given text input and generates photos accordingly. You can use the tool for free via HuggingFace. You can also save the images via screenshots and share them online.

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